Thursday, October 20, 2016

When It Comes to Jew Hatred, The Left Lives in Glass Houses

A friend of mine, no mean writer herself sent me some links from the likes of the New York Times and the New Yorker and flattered me by asking if I would write something about them. They could have been written by the same writer, had the same basic format and came out the same day as a number of other pieces by the usual suspects.

The topic? Sudden concern by the Left at the rise in anti-semitism caused by Donald Trump and carried on by his supporters on the alt-Right! Of course, they never had the intestinal fortitude to actually accuse Trump's campaign of anti-semitism, but both quoted one of their fellow Democrat leftists as saying that it was Trump who enabled it. The Times piece quoted Trump hater and Hillary supporter John Podhoretz as saying that “The best analogy I can give is that the campaign turned over a rock and a lot of stuff began crawling out from under it.”

“There were these code words and dog whistles that let it appear that people who had been doing things in the shadows could now start marching forward.”

The main focus was on the awful things people write on Twitter. Heaven forbid they would blame Twitter, which has a history of banning and shadow banning Republicans and conservatives like Milo Yiannopoulos and Professor Glenn Reynolds for far less! But Twitter, of course, is down for the agenda.

So, after I stopped laughing out loud at this nonsense, I started thinking...why get into this meme now, with the election only a few weeks away? After all, these folks have accused Trump of everything else. But before we go there, let's examine their central point, that Trump's campaign is what has unleashed Jew hatred....hint hint, nudge wink.

Jew haters always have a real disdain for candidates who have a history of being closely involved with Jewish causes, who openly embrace Israel as the true friend and ally of America it is, who have close Jewish associates of long standing, who have Jewish family members like a beloved daughter (especially if that daughter converted), a close son-in-law and Jewish grandchildren.

So if some Jew haters support Donald Trump, the reason can't be anti-semitism. And while it might be getting a pass by Twitter, it isn't getting a pass by Trump or his supporters. You can find a few of these Jew hating trolls (frequently they're Muslims, which we'll talk more about shortly) on plenty of threads in conservative media, but the reaction from the thread in a place like PJ Media or Breitbart is always to call them out and bombard them mercilessly. I've run into a few of them myself and after I dispose of them with a few facts and some well-honed ridicule, I always get a fair amount of up votes.

Yet there's one thing that can't can't be shrugged off. Jew hatred in America has definitely increased and it was noticeable long before Donald Trump ran for president. So what caused it?

Starting with the first Bush administration, we saw much closer and intertwined relationships with the Saudis and the Emirates and with the last Clinton administration and that of George W. Bush, those relationships got even closer. We saw these countries financing the Muslim Brotherhood and taking over America's mosques via the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT), we saw increased Muslim migration from countries where misogyny and Jew hatred were quite common and the virtual purchasing of Middle East Studies departments and foreign policy chairs in our major universities. In 2008, President Barack Hussein Obama was elected and he increased these trends on steroids. For the first time, America had a a president with major ties to the Saudis, the anti-semitic Nation of Islam and a 'spiritual mentor' who preached Jew hatred and anti-semitism from the pulpit.

While President Obama managed to cleverly finesse these issues with the help of a compliant media and of course Jewish apologists on the Left, once the votes were cast he reverted to type, announcing that he wanted to create 'distance' between America and Israel,  attacking its policies at every turn, protecting and enabling Islamists in America,  and actually rewarding and recognizing anti-semites......even partying with them as his intimates.

By 2012, President Obama had made a fair amount of progress towards making Israel a partisan issue in American politics. Remember how Obama saw to it that all the pro-Israel language from the 2008 platform was eliminated? And what happened at the convention afterwards when it didn't poll well? And when at least half (and probably more) of the delegates on the floor refused to vote for changes to include some of the former language. Listen to the reaction when those changes were shoved through over the obvious wishes of the assembled delegates in spite of not getting the required two thirds majority after three futile tries:

Those people, by the way, are not Trump supporters of members of the so-called 'alt-Right.' They're Democrats. And notice back then that Obama, at election time, was once again fooling Jewish Democrats by saying that Jerusalem was the capitol of Israel. Once the votes were cast, he 'evolved' again. Apparently our president isn't sure which country he was in for the funeral of Shimon Peres.

The members of the White House supported and Soros funded #Black Lives Matter movement are also Democrats on the Left. And anti-semites, who have made it a litmus test for Jews wishing to be 'part of the progressive movement' to denounce Israel or become pariahs. Even some far Left 'progressive' Jews couldn't cross the line when BLM labeled Israel an 'apartheid state' committing 'genocide.'

The Jewish students being assaulted and intimidated on America's campuses aren't being attacked by members of the 'alt-Right.' They're being attacked by members of the Islamist Muslim Students Association (MSA), Students For Justice in Palestine and similar BDS groups...Leftists all.

Hillary Clinton isn't a Trump supporter either. But aside from having no problem with Jews bring denied access to their religious sites while Secretary of State, she was also happy to take the advice of her campaign guru John Podesta and her campaign manager Robbie Mook not to mention Israel at any of her events except appropriate fundraisers.

And if that isn't enough, Mrs. Clinton has pledged to carry on President Obama's policy and do something guaranteed not just to make things more dangerous for Jews and increase the attacks on them but to have the same effect on young women. She wants to increase the wholesale importation of unvetted Muslim men from the most anti-semitic and misogynist countries on earth, simply because she knows they'll vote Democrat to keep the benefits and welfare payments coming in.

This is exactly what has happened in Europe. Do a search on rapes in Germany, Sweden, France, sex grooming in the UK and similar topics as well as the rise of attacks on Jews in Europe to see how that would work out in America if Mrs. Clinton gets her way.

If you're a woman without rape fantasies, a Jew who wants to be able to walk around in relative safety or a homosexual, voting for Mrs. Clinton is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders or a trout voting to bring more fishermen to your lake.

And what do you know? Both the New York Times,The New Yorker and the other down for Hillery media support that agenda!

Which tells us where the real anti-semitism is coming from, doesn't it? And it's done with the active aiding and abetting of the Left. Could these stories be coming out now because team Clinton has an inkling that some people are starting to figure this out?

The pitiful and disgraceful attempt to libel the most philosemitic and pro-Israel ticket in years to cover for their own tacit endorsement of Jew hatred and the anti-semitic groups mentioned is beneath contempt.

When it comes to Jew hatred, the Left lives in very shoddy  glass houses. For them to throw any rocks at anyone else is the height of hypocrisy.

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