Tuesday, November 08, 2016



According to the Real Clear Politics Map which takes feeds from all the major media outlets, Donald Trump just won Pennsylvania and passed the 270 electoral vote threshold !!!  Statistically,there's no longer any way Hilary Clinton can win. He will almost certainly end up with more  than 300 as Alaska, Michigan and Arizona come in. He leads in all three.

Get used to saying it..PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP.


Sing along, Patriots!

This is an upset unprecedented in American politics. Trump had the media, the Clinton machine and his own party working against him. He was out spent 100 to 1 and had every dirty trick in the book used against him. He was written off countless times...and he still triumphed.

The Republicans, is spite of numerous predictions to the contrary kept their majority in the House and the Senate, winning key races in North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. The only Democrat pickup was Illinois, where leftist radical Tammy Duckworth defeated Mark Kirk.*

I see in this G-d's divine mercy. This was a spiritual test for America, and praise G-d we have another chance to redeem ourselves and become again the nation who chose as a motto  'In G-d we trust.' It's something I prayed for to the Master of All Things, He who rules over the nations. And I was not the only one ...

We have a second chance America, to redeem ourselves. G-d frequently works through the most unlikely vessels. So may it be with President Trump. I also don't think it was any coincidence that the candidate who headed the most pro-Israel ticket in decades won handily.

Hillary has of course refused to concede. John Podesta told the shocked media 'We'll have more to say tomorrow'.  Ironic, no, that after all the nonsense about Trump  not accepting the results it will be Hillary Clinton who may try to weasel what  she couldn't win at the ballot box, something that's doomed to failure.

Yes, Trump has won. But more importantly, America has.

As the psalm says, the stone that the builders despised has become the cornerstone. Pray for President Trump and our beloved Republic.

UPDATE: Hillary has conceded.Now the work begins.

UPDATE: Both Mark Kirk and Kelly Ayotte lost their seats...after alienating Trump supporters by distancing themselves from him. The same thing happened to Joe Heck, who would be the senator from Nevada and a GOP pickup if he hadn't dumped on Donald Trump. But the GOP majorty remains intact.

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