Monday, November 21, 2016

That Hamilton Thing - The Racist And Intolerant Left On Display Again


The latest example of the 'tolerant, inclusive' Left's intolerance and bigotry occurred at a performance of the Broadway show 'Hamilton,' which seeks to rewrite history from a far Left, über-progressive perspective. Tickets start at about $1,000 apiece, and this is New York City, so the audience is mainly wealthy Lefties with money to burn. This was a nest of the elites who were just overthrown.

Vice -president elect Mike Pence decided to take a little relaxation  by attending the show. The minute he was recognized, he and his family were subjected to boos, catcalls and jeers by the audience, and as he was leaving he was subjected to a lecture from the stage by actor Brandon Victor Dixon.

Notice the real meaning of the language...'WE are the real, diverse America while YOU sir and Donald Trump are a bunch of white racists who we fear won't protect what WE see as our 'rights,' our children, our planet, yadda yadda. And you had better make sure you work for OUR agenda, not yours. You need to listen to US.'

Take away the moderate, carefully-edited-for-the-media phrasing Mr. Dixon used and that's pretty much it.

The video also doesn't show an incident that happened, during the show, when  one of the actors sang a zippy little hip hop  number about how much he hated the King - and looked directly at Pence and his party during the entire number, to wild applause from the audience.

Need I mention that Brandon Victor Dixon is an enthusiastic supporter of the racist and anti-semitic #blacklives matter movement? 

And that he; apparently, to use the Left's dog whistle standards, finds sexual assaults on intoxicated white girls funny?

Via Milo Yiannopoulos:
Overnight, he [Dixon] became a sensation among liberals, who praised him as a champion for the rights and freedoms of all Americans. But then this surfaced.

And as we see above, the show itself unapologetically practices racial discrimination when it comes to hiring. That's against the rules of Actors Equity, against state law and against federal law.Somehow, the Obama Department of Justice never saw fit to investigate that blatant racism.

Can you imagine what would happen to a play, film or Broadway show that put out a casting call advertisement like that saying no blacks, Asians or Latinos need apply? Or to an actor who addressed President Barack Hussein Obama or Joe Biden in that fashion from the stage?

Pence, like the class act he is simply listened and walked out.Later his response was simply to say he wasn’t offended and that he didn’t want an apology. “I’ll leave it to others to decide if the stage was the appropriate venue.”

After all, revenge is a dish best served cold.

 An important part of any Broadway shows profits come from the road show as it tours through America, sometimes with the original cast, sometimes not.  While something like 'Hamilton' will mostly stick to Lefty Blue enclaves, right now one of the biggest trending hashtags in social media is #boycottHamilton.

Even more to the point, there's legislation upcoming early next year about an extremely vital tax break for Broadway plays Obama pushed through in 2015. It allows  live theater investors to take tax deductions in a show's first year, which means they'll only pay income  taxes after a show turns a profit.

That tax break will need to be extended in 2017, and they will need Republican votes to do it. How favorably do you think Republicans in Congress are going to look on a tax break for an industry that just cheerfully insulted the Vice-President? How anxious do you think President Trump, who was outraged and demanded an apology for Pence will be to sign it?

As we've seen before, the real racism,totalitarianism and bigotry has it's home on the Left. This is a perfect example.

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