Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Milo Yiannopoulos: Once Again, 'Conservatives' Destroy Their Own


Milo Yiannopoulos has emerged as one of the Right's most effective spokespeople. He was willing to literally risk his personal safety to journey into the belly of the beast, college campuses and slay the dragons of political correctness, militant second wave feminism, leftist fascism and denial of free speech. He went armed with a keen sense of facts, his hilarious campy gay delivery, a superb sense of humor and the courage to present the truth as he saw it no matter what. He literally made people who aren't usually exposed to non-prog-fascist views take a fresh look at things and change their minds

The Left literally had no defense against him but to use brute force to riot and shut him down.Until now. And as usual, it was so -called 'conservatives' that happily provided the ammo.

Ready, aim, fire!

Some Twitter cretins who call themselves 'the Reagan Patrol' unearthed an old video where Milo talked about how coming of age consensual relationships between teen homosexuals of the age of consent and older gays could help them cope with their sexual orientation and deal with things they couldn't discuss at home. He was talking about people in their late teens (in the UK the age of consent is 15, and it's 16 in much of the U.S) but unfortunately used the term 'boys.'  So they were able to use that to frame him as supporting pedophilia.

Milo attempted to explain that he was a sexual abuse victim as a young man of thirteen himself,that he regretted the use of the word 'boys' and that he did NOT support pedophilia.

Yiannopouloswrote an 'apology' titled a 'note for idiots' on Sunday. He insisted he does not support pedophilia and mentioned sex criminals he had 'outed' during his career

He certainly had that right. Not only is he an avid Trump supporter, but his success excited envy. So the idiot  'conservatives' had to take him down and went to town with this.

They got Milo disinvited from a speaking engagement from CPAC, and cost him a publishing deal for his upcoming book 'Dangerous' was cancelled by Simon & Schuster.

Today, Milo resigned from his job with Breitbart. Here's what he had to say about it:

It's over: Milo steps down from the site which had propelled him into becoming one of the most high-profile parts of the so-called alt-right

And this, remember, is without Milo having done anything at all!

This is exactly why 'conservatism' has accomplished so little in the last thirty years and why the entire brand is rotted to the core. When someone on the Left is found to have been involved in scandal, a sexual predator, a liar or guilty of a crime, the Left don't demonize their own...they circle the wagons around them. Sometimes, they even elect them president or stop them from being impeached. As just one example, an actual self-confessed pedophile like Lena Dunham remains in their good graces. It's conservatives who take delight in the circular fire squad, and Milo Yiannopoulos is hardly the first person to experience this.

Milo says he's going to soldier on, and with his gifts, his courage and his spirit I'm not worried about him. He can self publish his book, put together his own internet platform, even book his own tours. But the Left now has a weapon to use against him they didn't have before to delegitimize him, courtesy of the 'Reagan patrol' and like minded 'conservatives.' Talk about irony...President Reagan was known for his sympathy and tolerance for homosexuals, and he famously said that the 11th commandment is that you don't speak ill of your own.

This kind of stupid is exactly why I haven't considered myself a 'conservative' for some time. I have no desire to be lumped together with a bunch of self destructive fools.

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