Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Investigating The Investigators - Rebuking the Goldstone Libel

My friend Dr. Richard Landes of the fine site The Augean Stables played a major part in unmasking the Mohammed al-Dura scam created by the Palestinians in collusion with French 'journalist' Charles Enderlin and France2 TV.

He's now turned his considerable talents towards the libelous and biased Goldstone Report and come up with a must read piece on the matter in the Jerusalem Post.

Since the JPost version ran without Dr. Landes' customary informative links bearing out his assertions, I include the following snippet from his site:

Judge Goldstone has presented his Report on Gaza and, among other recommendations, suggested that Israel conduct its own inquiry. Israeli government officials, assuming he meant an investigation, like his, into Israel’s misdeeds, declined, noting that that they have and continue to investigate their army’s behavior on a constant basis.

But after reading most of the report, another possibility presents itself. It rapidly becomes clear to any reader not driven by a thirst for “dirt” on Israel, that Goldstone’s work represents a new low in the tragically deteriorating world of international justice. It fails on every count, from it’s handling of evidence, to its legal reasoning, to its unstated but pervasive assumptions of Israeli guilt and Palestinian innocence, to its astonishing conclusion (from someone who knows the gruesome details of Bosnia and Rwanda), that Israeli behavior was so bad it might well constitute “crimes against humanity.” As a result this report takes the army with the best record in the history of warfare for protecting enemy civilians (even by dubious Palestinian statistics), and accuses it of targeting them. Goldstone makes Kafka’s Trial seem fair.

Nor is this legal and moral travesty just a “free shot” at Israel. It’s a direct assault on the right of any civilized nation to defend itself against enemies who worship death and hide among their civilians. Goldstone presents himself as someone who wants peace and decency in the world, and yet he could not have written something more encouraging to the worst war-mongers and war criminals around the globe, a roadmap for them on how to conduct an asymmetrical war with Western democracies. So the question arises: how could such an inversion of both deeds and intentions have happened, especially given Goldstone’s previously sterling reputation?

[From one point of view, the report embodies most of the major Western cognitive failures of the 21st century, failures especially acute among those who militate for human rights around the world. As one missionary for these failures noted at a party in Jerusalem, “Israel is the greatest violator of human rights, and her disappearance would constitute a victory for global human rights.” The moral inversion here is astonishing – she believes the accusations about Israel made by people who live in cultures of intimidation and scapegoating, and therefore wants to destroy the only place human rights exist in the Middle East. But, get rid of Israel, and the boot stamping on the human face triumphs. Goldstone, whether he understands or not, gives wings to that kind of disastrous Newspeak.]

Given all this, I’d like to suggest a different approach to the question of “investigation.” I propose that either the State of Israel, or an International Citizens’ Tribunal should begin an investigation into the Goldstone Fact-Finding Mission’s proceedings. In it they should ask the fundamental question: “How could this “Mission” have conducted itself with such systematic violation of the simplest rules of equity in judgment. In doing so Israel could bring to light three fundamental issues that the Goldstone Report systematically downplayed in their considerations:

Kol Tov, Dr. the rest here

Oh, and he's set up a new website to fight this nonsense. \Check out


Anonymous said...

Using ' human shields ' is as low as any person can get ; however, as the Jerusalem Post article points out, ' political correctness ' is rendering meaningful international investigation & discussion impossible. The world is not only sinking further & further into the slough of barbarism, it's actually revelling in it.
-- dragon/dinosaur

Anonymous said...

Every Western democracy should resist the Goldstone report with all their might. If Israel can't defend itself, neither can America, Britian, France, Germany, or any other Western type Democracy. These countries will be targeted next. Of course it might help if any of the above mentioned countries actually cared about actually defending themselves. This is especially true for America. These countries especially America actually defending themselves or their interest is an iffy prospect at best right now. Even so, if the Goldstone report is allowed to stand unchallenged it sets a very dangerous precedent for Democratic countries seeking to defend themselves.