Wednesday, July 06, 2022

The New Israel And Why it is vital

 It is obvious by now that the con game run by Naftalli Bennett and his fellow con men is over now. After lying to their voters and including the Left and Arab anti Israel parties after saying they wouldn't, the game is finally over as even some of the participants like Gideon Saar  have jumped the ship and things are going to change. And change is indeed necessary after the last few months.

The following changes need to be made:

What's driving Israeli Islamist leader Mansour Abbas? - Israel News -

 The money passes hands.......

First, no anti -Israel , terrorism Arab parties need to be included. And no more Israeli shekels need be given to those like Ra'am leader Mansour Abbas to give to   Hamas or the PLO as bribery. Nor need any new homes for Israelis be stalled off any more, or bribes given to the likes of of Israel's enemies.

But that's not all.

It's also high time that Israel stopped co-towing to certain Arab countries like Jordan or to other or certain anti Israel countries that have 'leadership' that is obviously anti Israel... like the current Biden administration, swollen with Israel haters from the Obama years. 

There's no reason Israel should have to deal with this, anymore than they had to tolerate Barack Obama's obvious hatred and dislike of Israel.

Or in this case, having to tolerate things like being  forced by the Biden group to make Israel wait for  iron dome  missiles needed while the country was being bombarded by Hamas....disgusting. There is no reason Israel, who invented the Iron Dome should be forced not to make it's own. Or to not be able to manufacture and manufacture it's own missiles because US companies want the deal themselves. Israel has a very good weapon manufactures and can make their own

ENOUGH! There's no need to tolerate this. If America is not an friend or ally, why should Israel bother to treat it as one until that changes?

What may likely come next is some kind of as usual, some political horse trading after the votes come in. By why not make some changes instead?

Imagine an independent Israel with only a few political parties? Why not? wouldn't that be better?Of course it would. At any rate, Israel needs to become far more independent, and it should be.

Rob Miller

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