Monday, March 27, 2023

Hooray For Holland's New Election!!

 Like many European countries, Holland allowed a large amount of Islamic Immigration into Holland's biggest cities, with the usual amount of crime and violence. While this was allowed by Hollands former government, the Dutch themselves hated it for the most part as run by with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, who did little to stop it. He also went out of way to issue ultimatums to Dutch farmers even though they were doing very great work. Needless to say, they put up a real resistance that worked a great win in Holland's provincial elections, which showed the highest turnout in years, the BBB won 137 out of 572 seats – a stunning victory. In every one of the Netherlands’ twelve provinces, the BBB became the top party while Rutte’s VVD lost 17 of its 80 seats.

 The VVD’s partners in the governing coalition all experienced major shrinkage, too: the D66 lost 9 of its 41 seats, the CDA dropped from 72 to 43, and the CU declined from 31 to 22. Since the provincial councils will proceed, on May 30, to elect the Senate – the upper house of the Dutch legislature – the BBB will now (barring some freak development) become the largest party in that body as well. News media in Brexit and Trump victories in Netherlands and abroad using the word “shock” to describe the BBB’s upset win in a comparison with Trump and Brexit victories.

 BBB’s triumph means that the government’s plan to stick it to the farmers is almost certainly dead. But where does that leave the Islamic crisis? Will the farmers be on the right side of that issue? Geert Wilders, the face of public resistance to the Islamization of the Netherlands, seems to think so: as soon as the contours of the March 15 vote became clear, Wilders tweeted his congratulations to the BBB for having crushed Rutte’s government and declared the readiness of his Freedom Party (PVV) to work together with the farmers. 

While Wilders PVV party lost 6 0ut of forty  seats, the farmers BBB also wants the Islamition of Holland ended and ended now. The sooner, the better and the Happier Holland will be.

Like Norway,Finland, Denmark  and Sweden and hopefully Germany, the Islamation of Europe will continue to be ended.

....All hail Netherlands and the rest of Europe! Who Knows if France and Britain may finally end it as well.

Rob Miller

Sunday, March 26, 2023

The Two State Solution Is Disgusting

The Two State Solution in Israel and the Middle East is indeed the most immoral suggestion of them all. It's is a lie built on a foundation of mendacity. It also is doomed to failure because it is irrelevant. History has passed it by. Facts on the ground have made it moot. The so called "Palestinains" were never a country in the area they want And their desire to ban Jews from as muchland as they can steal is disgusting and as many Jews as they can murder is disgusting. The Pals have never done anything towards peace. They simple want dead Jews and whatever they can steal after they murder them. There never was a "Palestinian People' in the area the Jewish people were given under Treaty totally agreed on by the Jews, the Arabs themselve in what became Jordan and every major country in what was then the League of Nations and what is still a part of the UN Charter. It was the British who blocked THE Jews from coming to Israel, something that would have saved thousands of them from Hitler and other countries like Franch who were happy to give as many Jews to the Nazis as they could, even Jews who already had French citization. It it any wonder those Jews who managed to survive the Holocost had very little other place to go after WWII, even though they had fought Rommel's Africa corps with the British withall their might. Their reward from the Brits was for as many of them as could be kept out of their country or otherwise harassed from any action they needed to protect what little defense they were able to defend themselves. Meanwhile, the Brits gave the Arab troops not just weapons but gave them British Army officers and lots of weaponry including armard cars, not to mention attepts to disarm the Jews and break the treaty they had made with the Israelis. In short, they wanted the Jews dead and the Arabs with all of the Jewish land. The US, thanks to Harry Truman put the Jews of Israel under an arms blockade from any aid by the US. My My how nice of them, Hummmm? Essentially, the idea was to steal all of the land, murder whater Jews it was necessary to kill off and give all of the Jews land to the Arabs under an arms blockade from any aid by the US. My My how nice of them, Hummmm? Essentially, the idea was tosteal all of the land, murder whater Jews it was necessary to kill off and give all of the Jews land to the Arabs Let's examine a slighty diverent situation that never actually occoured. What would have it been like if certain areas decided to remove all the blacks from those areas in order to force them to go back to Africa, or toareas theydidn't want to settle in With the US Governmental ready had planned to do so? Why should the Indians have been treated like that? Why should American Indian been treated the way they were, chased out of their land, even land they were given? Disgracful, especially since it was actually done, and something all Americans should have been disgraced by. The Brits and their Arab Allys killed a number of Jews,even massacred one or more settlements. I none the Brits promised the inhabitats frre passage to the Israeli lines. What they actuallyy did was to take every active male from the teens up, put them against a wall and murder them in cold blood. As for the women and children and elderly people they were taken to an Arab military prison under terrible conditions. The Temples and Jewish shrimes were all destroyed in the Old City. That is what a 'two state solution' would be like, especialy given that the US, considering who has been in the white house lately, and during the Barack Obamas' Iran loving rein, it's exatly what would happen.Since the Bushes in the 1970's most of those presidents have been anti Israel and showed their views.....The Clintons, a certain missfit from Georgia who was an obvious anti Semite. among others and obviously and also likely, our current president.

Back Again and happy to see you all!

I spent some time book writing and I think you will enjoy it. More later when it gets close to publication. Until then, take care! All Good times!! Yours, Rob Miller