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Boris Johnson - Just Another Cowardly, Empty Suit

Boris Johnson cartoon - Political Cartoonist Gary Barker ...

When Boris Johnson first became the UK's Prime Minister, my original opinion was that he would finally see Brexit completed, deal with the migration problem and put the UK back on the right path. Yes, he fooled me too, although given the alternative of a Labour Party with anti-semitic Jeremy Corbyn, Boris Johnson was the best choice available.

It has turned out that the difference isn't all that much, really.

Bojo has done little or nothing to deal with the UK's problem with violent migrants. In fact, none other then Nigel Farage has actually filmed the UK authorities allowing boatloads of Muslim migrants shipped across the Channel by France into Britain with virtually no vetting.

Crime in London continues to skyrocket, and Mayor Sadiq  Kahn of course has done little or nothing to stop it. Nor have London's police, who are obviously under orders not to do so. Just recently, the Antifa and Black Lives Matter rioters took a large part of the city apart. 

Enoch Powell

In the latest dust up, the mob was allowed by the police to do quite a bit of  beating down on anyone they wanted to as well as a lot of looting and destruction,  vandalizing statues of Queen Victoria, Lord Nelson, one of King James II, George Washington and Winston Churchill as well as a number of historic buildings like the Cenotaph War memorial, The National Gallery,  The police essentially ran away as themob chanted "Run piggy run.". Those who attempted to stop the carnage were assaulted by the mob which had no fear of them at all.

And why would they? London’s assistant commissioner for police Anil Kanti “Neil” Basu said he would “probably” have joined Black Lives Matter protests himself if he was not a police officer. That even though 60 of his police officers were injured by the rioters, some of them quite seriously.

And Boris Johnson's comment on the vandalizing of a statue  of one of Britain's greatest leaders? "Churchill sometimes expressed opinions that were and are unacceptable today.”

 Like perhaps Churchill's assessment of Islam? Sheer cowardice on Bojo's part, but this fits in with Mayor Kahn's new campaign to 'diversify the landmarks of London.'  And believe,that's not all that's being 'diversified' in London as well as other cities in Britain.

And remember Boris Johnson's talking about a new and better relationship with Israel? Don't bet on it. He's proved himself to be basically a more sophisticated and smoother version of Jeremy Corbyn.

His latest stunt is to  join other hostile EU countries in  threatening Israel with sanctions if Israel applies Israeli sovereignty to the Jordan Valley and parts of Judea and Samaria where Israeli cities exist..the opposite of what he said before.

MP Crispin Blunt, a  member of Bojo's own party put this together in collusion with something called the Council for Arab British Understanding. There's no question this was done with Bojo's consent.
Blunt was one of 130 British parliamentarians who signed a letter to Johnson in May urging him to impose sanctions on Israel if it moved ahead with its sovereignty plan.

Bojo's remarks at question time about this? Here they are:

“I believe that what is proposed by Israel would amount to a breach of international law and we strongly object to it, and we believe profoundly in a two-state solution and will continue to make that case.”

Sanctions then?

My, my! First of all, Israel didn't propose this. President Trump did as part of his peace plan.

Second, according to international law, ALL of Judea and Samaria (AKA the West Bank to the uninitiated) belongs to Israel.  And Britain happily signed on to that.

In 1922, Britain, as the  Mandatory Power appointed by the League of Nations decided to ask for permission to divide the Palestine Mandate into two parts, one for a Jewish state the other for an Arab state because they wanted to reward Abdullah, one of the sons of the Hashemite Sharif of Mecca with a kingdom.*

This new treaty,the San Remo Accords was ratified  between Britain,the League, the Jews and the Arabs, It stated that the Jews would receive everything west of the Jordan River (22%) and the Arabs  would get everything east of the Jordan River(78%). The Brits made sure the new Arab  kingdom, named Trans-Jordan was quickly created. After which they went out of their way to prevent the creation of a Jewish state in numerous ways.

The most disgraceful of these was to prevent Jews from migrating to Palestine while allowing unlimited Arab migration. In 1939, Neville Chamberlain, a known anti-semite issued an order not to let any Jews into Palestine at all... at a time when thousands of Jewish refugees who had fled to France and other countries had nowhere else to go. He also  appointed a rabid Jew hater and Nazi Ally, Amin al-Husseini as leader of the Palestinian Arabs. During WWII, when Israel's Jews fought with the Allies, Husseini was in Europe recruiting Bosnian Muslims for Hitler's armies and translating Mein Kamph into Arabic.

After WWII, when Labour's Clem Atlee took over, he made the decision to allow Husseini back into Palestine. At the same time, the Brits were still not allowing Jews into Palestine, and even had their own concentration camp on Cyprus for any survivors of the Holocaust they caught trying to get in, and in some cases, they even sent Jews back to the very same camps in Europe they had been  imprisoned in.

In 1948, when Israel declared its independence  the UN recognized it, although  Britain didn't. The UN also made the San Remo Accords part of its charter, in Article 80.

So according to international law, the area in question all belongs to Israel.

When the Arabs made it very plain in 1948 that they intended a jihad to get rid of the Jews, the UK, which when it pulled out left a number of strategic areas like the Taggart forts in Arab hands They also armed the Arab nations involved and in the case of Jordan, even sent  officers to command them under Colonel John Glubb, a notorious anti-semite. In other words, three years after Auschwitz was liberated, the Brits were  aiding and abetting what could have become a second Holocaust. 

As for the two state solution, aside from the fact that's already been tried and has utterly failed, there is no reason for it since Jordan exists and most of the Arabs who started calling themselves 'Palestinians' after the'67 war have Jordanian citizenship, including the so-called refugees, They've had it since 1954, courtesy of Jordan's parliament. And that includes Mahmoud Abbas.

If the Brits want to give these people a country so much, perhaps they should hand them a piece  their country. Why not? Parts of it are already filled with Muslims, there are already sharia courts, more mosques than churches, honor killings, sex grooming gangs, acid throwing etc. and the Brits don't seem disposed to change any of  that.So they'd be right at home

As for Boris Johnson, he's essentially just another Theresa May with a penis.

He is obviously not the solution to what's ailing Britain, although it seemed like it at the time.

It's obvious to me that the solution is more like this....and I hope the Brits wake up.

Rob Miller

Rob Miller writes for Joshuapundit. His articles have appeared in The Jerusalem Post, The Washington Examiner, American Thinker, The Los Angeles Times, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The San Francisco Chronicle, Real Clear Politics, The Times Of Israel, Breitbart.Com, Yediot and other publications.

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Corparate America Caves... Half a Billion to Antifa And Black Lives Matter

WIKILeaks : Top Dem Donors Awarded Ambassadorships, Federal Posts ...

A number of the businesses you might currently patronize hate you. They have bowed to pressure and are cringing, so they've  coughed up $454 million to support Black Lives Matter and their Antifa allies.

What that means, of course, is that they are more than willing to back rioting, anarchy, pogroms against Jews and the complete destruction of law and order. It means they no longer care about you and have taken sides against you,your businesses, your homes  and your families. It means they consider our Constitution so much toilet paper and our freedom unimportant.

This resembles nothing so much as the German companies who jumped on Hitler's bandwagon after he took power and they rushed to give the Nazis money so they could get in on the gravy train and by protection for themselves. It resembles the way America's treasonous  Tories behaved  during America's revolution and founding.

It means they have taken sides in what amounts to a war. It means they support racism, anti-semitism  and anarchy. And they foolishly believe that bribing BLM and Antifa will buy them protection.

Some businesses are even  donating to controversial bail funds like the Minnesota Freedom Fund so they can bail out violent looters, criminals and rioters.

Here is a list thus far, and I'm sure it will grow.

Sony Music—a fund “to support social justice and anti-racist initiatives around the world”—$100 million

Walmart—a new racial equity center—$100 million

Warner Music—campaigns against violence and racism and social justice causes related to music industry—$100 million.

Nike—“Organizations that put social justice, education and addressing racial inequality in America at the center of their work”—$40 million

Alphabet/Google—various organizations, starting with $1 million each to Center for Policing Equity and Equal Justice Initiative—$12 million

Amazon—American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Foundation, Brennan Center for Justice, Equal Justice Initiative, Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), National Bar Association, National Museum of African American History and Culture, National Urban League, Thurgood Marshall College Fund, United Negro College Fund (UNCF), Year Up—$10 million

Facebook—“groups working on racial justice”—$10 million

Target—long-standing partners such as the National Urban League and the African American Leadership Forum in addition to adding new partners in Minneapolis-St. Paul and across the country—$10 million

Verizon—National Urban League, NAACP, National Action Network, Leadership Conference for Civil and Human Rights, Rainbow Push Coalition, National Coalition on Black Civic Participation, NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund—$10 million

United Health—YMCA Equity Innovation Center of Excellence and Minneapolis-St Paul businesses—$10 million

Goldman Sachs—donor-advised fund to support “leading organizations addressing racial injustice, structural inequity and economic disparity”—$10 million

Spotify—matching employee donations—$10 million

Disney—organizations that advance social justice—$5 million

Procter & Gamble—NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, YWCA Stand Against Racism, and UNCF; also smaller organizations that mobilize and advocate, such as Courageous Conversation—$5 million

Cisco—Equal Justice Initiative, NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Color of Change, Black Lives Matter, and a Cisco fund for fighting racism and discrimination—$5 million

Lego—organizations supporting black children and educating all children about racial equality—$4 million

Microsoft—Black Lives Matter, Equal Justice Initiative, Innocence Project, Leadership Conference on Civil & Human Rights, Minnesota Freedom Fund, and NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund—$1.25 million

Starbucks—“Organizations promoting racial equity and more inclusive and just communities” nominated by employees—$1.25 million

Intel—support of efforts to address social injustice and anti-racism across various nonprofits and community organizations, and encouraging employees to consider donating to organizations focused on equity and social justice, including the Black Lives Matter Foundation, the Center for Policing Equity, and the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, all of which are eligible for Intel’s Donation Matching Program—$1 million

McDonald’s—unspecified—$1 million

Uber—Equal Justice Initiative and Center for Policing Equity—$1 million

Duke Energy—nonprofit organizations committed to social justice and racial equity–$1 million

The Travelers Companies—organizations such as the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, the National Urban League, YWCA Minneapolis, and the We Love Midway fund established by the St. Paul Area Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with the City of St. Paul–$1 million.

Warby Parker—organizations “combating systemic racism”–$1 million

PwC Charitable Foundation—NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Dream Corps, ACLU, and the Center for Policing Equity—$1 million

Glosser—$500,000 to various organization that are focused on combating racial injustice, including Black Lives Matter, the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, and We The Protesters; also an additional $500,000 in grants to black-owned beauty businesses—$1 million.

Etsy—$500,000 to the Equal Justice Initiative, $500,000 to Borealis Philanthropy’s Black-Led Movement Fund, and match any employee donations—$1 million.

Yelp Foundation—Equal Justice Initiative and NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund—$500,000

H&M—NAACP, ACLU, and Color of Change—$500,000

Levi’s—$100,000 to the ACLU and $100,000 in grants to Live Free USA—$200,000

Lululemon—the Minnesota Freedom Fund—$100,000

There's no count yet about how many celebutards are also kicking in to finance this anarchy and attack on our country,our culture and our freedom.   Nor am I mentioning the media companies like CNN and the New York Times who are actively supporting this carnage. Dealing with them is an easier simply don't watch and don't watch the movies and TV shows these people appear in.

So how to  deal with companies that nourish this sort of cowardly and anti -America behavior? There are ways. One way is to pass this list around to others. Another way is simply not to do business with them and let them know why via e-mail. My friend Bookworm has a sample e-mail here, or make up your own. No profanity, no threats, simply let them know why you aren't going to patronize them anymore,because now you know which side they're on. If they feel like alienating law abiding decent customers no matter what race or ethnicity they are, that's a choice.

There's no need for Americans who love their country to put up with this kind of craven cowardice. They are colluding with the enemies of our democracy and our republic

Rob Miller
Rob Miller writes for Joshuapundit. His articles have appeared in The Jerusalem Post, The Washington Examiner, American Thinker, The Los Angeles Times, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The San Francisco Chronicle, Real Clear Politics, The Times Of Israel, Breitbart.Com, Yediot and other publications.

Sunday, June 07, 2020

Defund The Police? Sure, Why Not?

The latest demand by the folks at Black Lives Matter is to defund the police departments in the cities they and the Antifa pals have rioted in. The carnage in these cities is supposed to be a message and a warning, I suppose.

And why not? Apparently some politicians seem to like the idea just fine. So do a number of celebs, who are busily raising funds to promote this.

Eric Garcetti takes a knee (Richard Vogel / Associated Press)
Richard Vogel/Ap

In Los Angeles, Mayor Eric Garcetti referred to the LAPD as 'killers', took to his knees in surrender
in front of a number of 'protestors' and promised to defund the LAPD.

He has in fact defunded the LAPD to the tune of $150 million and cancelled a budget increase that had already been approved. He also pledged to cut another $250 million "to be focused on our black community here in Los Angeles, as well as communities of color, and women, and people who have been left behind, for too long.”

Every city department will be affected by major budget cuts to satisfy the people who rioted and looted the city.

“We all have to step up and say: What can we sacrifice?”

Racial justice, he said, was “worth sacrificing for.”

Of course, Asians, Jews, Latino, Black and White business owners who saw their businesses go up in smoke are not included.

Spokespeople for the LAPD said that aside from reducing manpower, the cut may mean firing all or most of the civilian 911 operators.

The director of the Los Angeles Police Protective League, Jamie McBride responded, to no real avail:

Eric, do you really believe that Los Angeles police officers are killers? The same officers that provide you 24-hour security at your residence 365 days a year? The same officers that gave you political rescue when crime was out of control, when shootings were exploding? The same officers you sent to address your failure to get homelessness under control?

And Garcetti's capitulation is by no means enough for the  'activists.' They are insisting that the police budget be cut by 90% . I kid you not.

Of course, now that thousands of criminals have been freed in California and New York just prior to the riots, it's a perfect time to defund the police, right?

And it's not just LA.

In Minneapolis it got even more phantasmic.

Mayor Jacob Frey, who jumped all over his own police force also went to capitulate to the mob, without success. They basically chased him out of their 'protest' and no matter how many boots he licked it wasn't enough. Not even for his own city council, let alone the mob.

According to Minneapolis City Council President Lisa Bender"If you are a comfortable white person asking to dismantle the police I invite you to reflect: are you willing to stick with it? Will you be calling in three months to ask about garage break-ins? Are you willing to dismantle white supremacy in all systems, including a new system?"

The new system, of course, will be police free  or at best have a small group of disarmed security guards for the well connected.

Of course, you should be willing to abandon your right not to have your home broken intot. Otherwise, you're a Racist. Right? Especially if you do call the cops..oh wait, there won't be any cops, remember?

You see, your either an 'ally' willing to beg on your knees, express shame for your white privilege and cheerfully allow the people who have broken into your home to make off with whatever they want or you're a white supremacist.



As a matter of fact, serious conversations are being held right now about defunding the police forces in  Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit, Seattle, and Portland. My my, all Democrat run cities that had major riots and places where Antifa and Black Lives Matter are welcomed warmly by these cities politicians for the most part and literally can get away with murder.

Now this actually might work. Cities that wish to do this should be allowed to, but only under the following conditions:

1) The inhabitant of these cities should be allowed to vote on whether they still want police. Of course, if the city government decides to defund police no votes are necessary in true socialist style. Who wants to hear from those racists anyway?

2) Those inhabitants of the city who are stinking racists and decide they want police should have a designated time, say a month or two to leave the city limits.

3) Now that these cities no longer have these white supremacists...and probably a number of black, Asian and Latino citizens who also like the idea of a fully funded police force like the race traitors and Uncle Toms they are, we can proceed.

4) These cities would be independently run and governed. The inhabitants could vote (even felons, and illegal migrants, there might be quite a few of those) in municipal elections but not in federal elections.

5)  Since the police would likely leave since they no longer would have jobs, they can be hired by the feds or the state to maintain barriers around these cities. They would not be permitted to enter these newly autonomous cities, nor would the inhabitants be allowed to exit without special permits and positions.

 6) This would also have the benefit of satisfying those inhabitants who are woke and like the idea of no police to limit their activities. Whatever system the 'government' of these cities decide to enforce what's left of any laws they still have is their business. Also, since some inhabitants have left, there would be ample empty housing available for section 8, crack houses, or what have you as well as for the citizens to live in.

7) The Federal government or state governments where these cities are located would not be responsible for financial aid or law enforcement. Exceptions would be Social Security and pensions for those people now receiving them who continue to reside in these autonomous cities.  In every sense these cities would be autonomous enclaves. They would not be allowed to exercise the rights and powers already  under the jurisdiction of the Federal  government under the Constitution. That would include foreign policy, postage and currency, immigration , etc.

8) The Federal and state governments where these newly independent enclaves are situated would enter into negotiations with these new autonomous enclaves to come to a fair and equitable settlement for payments or arrangements for  state or federal facilities and buildings.

This could actually work. These people would no longer be a real part of a country they consider racist, sexist, fascist, capitalist, what have you.  On the other hand, the rest of the United states of America would no longer be responsible for the welfare, financial help, law enforcement or government of these independent enclaves. They would be able to live out their socialist dream.

Rob Miller

Rob Miller writes for Joshuapundit. His articles have appeared in The Jerusalem Post, The Washington Examiner, American Thinker, The Los Angeles Times, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The San Francisco Chronicle, Real Clear Politics, The Times Of Israel, Breitbart.Com, Yediot and other publications.

Friday, June 05, 2020

Candace Owens " George Floyd Is No Martyr

Candace Owens belongs to a group of African Americans who see beyond the BS and understand what the real problems black Americans face are...and it isn't 'white racism.'

She's totally correct that George Floyd is no martyr. He's a thug who is simply convenient to the Democrats, BLM and Antifa and the left with an election coming up. As I mentioned here 
 he has a great deal in common with the rest of the so called 'martyrs' used to incite riots and racist 'hate whitey' dialogue.

Like Trayvon Martin*, Rodney King, and the so-called 'Gentle Giant' he has a rap sheet for a number of violent crimes, including theft,   a number of drug dealing offenses, robbery, and a home invasion where he pointed a loaded gun at the stomach of a pregnant black woman while she begged for her life. In fact, he had a bag of cocaine with him when he was stopped.

He had just committed or  was in the process of committing a felony when he had his altercation with police.

He was crazy high on drugs  when he was stopped, another felony. That was revealed by the autopsy.

Instead of doing  what the police asked him to do, he resisted furiously to the point where they had to drag him out of his car. The two friends (accomplices??) he had with him did exactly what the police said to do. Both of them  are alive and neither was injured in any way.

My point here is not that George Floyd deserved to die in the way he did, but that Black Lives Matter, Antifa, Democrat politicians, the Leftist Media and the various companies, individuals and institutions  using him as a 'battle cry', martyr and role model for virtue signalling is cynical to a disgusting degree and simply a matter of convenience. It is also racist in and of itself, since lauding people like this insures more will follow George Floyd using the same pattern for their lives. They too will get involved in crime,  drug use, and refuse to obey police at some point.

Candace Owens makes an interesting point here...that black culture is the only one that makes heroes out of career criminals like George Floyd. She also shows us something I've been aware of for some time...that white men are far more likely to be killed by police then black men, even though black men, 6% of our population commit a ridiculously out sized percentage of violent crime....

So here's the question.

How long are a substantial percentage of Black Americans going to allow themselves to be used this way?

Where are Black fathers? 75% of black births happen out of wedlock.

How long are you going to be tools for the Democrat party and the Left? Do black Americans realize that the vast majority of Democrat supported Planned Parenthood's abortions and baby parts for sale come from black babies? Read up on Margaret Sanger, who started Planned Parenthood and why she did it. And maybe remember which political party fights tooth and nail to finance and protect Planned Parenthood.

Do you think your kids don't learn something from you or other black Americans when they see you looting and destroying? You bet they do and it puts them on the same path as George Floyd. Is that what you really want? Think about why they might learn from you about  not  following a policeman's instructions and resisting violently and how that might end.

Think about it.

And again, I'll repeat what I've written elsewhere. If you think America is a racist country with no opportunity for black Americans and where your kids are in danger of being shot by police, I suggest you think seriously about finding another country to migrate to. It's a big world and a truly moral decision would be to migrate to someplace you think would be  better. That's a moral decision and one I would certainly make if I felt like that.

*Trayvon Martin didn't have much of a rap sheet, but he was clearly headed that way. He was no innocent, having a background as a truant, a liar, a thief, a schoolyard bully, and a doper.He was on suspension when he was shot in February, after officials caught him with a 'marijuana pipe' and a baggie with drug residue; He was suspended three times for graffiti, being in possession of  'burglary tools' and a bag full of women's jewelry and for attacking a bus driver. He was on suspension when he had his altercation with George Zimmerman, who he assaulted. Except for not doing jail time, he fits the profile perfectly.

Rob Miller

Rob Miller writes for Joshuapundit. His articles have appeared in The Jerusalem Post, The Washington Examiner, American Thinker, The Los Angeles Times, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The San Francisco Chronicle, Real Clear Politics, The Times Of Israel, Breitbart.Com, Yediot and other publications.

Wednesday, June 03, 2020

There's Some Riots Going On..And It Was Planned

floydprotestbk 22

There's a number of riots going on in America right now. And there's no doubt they were planned.The excuse for them is the death of one George Floyd, a black man who was arrested by police in Minneapolis and died while in their control. There's a video (isn't there always?) showing Mr. Floyd being pulled over by police who were trying to arrest him for check forgery or passing counterfeit money, depending on what version you read.

BUT...I'm a bit puzzled. In the famous video, it shows George Floyd refusing to leave his car after he was stopped. The policeman dragged him out of his car and handcuffed him. SOP so far.  Then we see him handcuffed and seated on the pavement. Again, SOP (Standard Operational Procedure). Then we don't see anything until we see Floyd on the ground near the right side passenger door of his car with the cop kneeling on his neck. Definitely NOT SOP.So how did he get moved from leaning against the wall to the sidewalk near the car? What happened in between?

Did he make a run for it and have to get chased down? Did he heavily resist getting into the cop car? It will be interesting to find out. In any event, one of the other cops should have intervened. Did they?

And old and close high school friend of mine now retired from the LAPD tells me that something must have happened, because kneeling on someone's neck like that is a last resort and hardly ever used. In any event it was a stupid move.

Since this is Minneapolis, the four police officers involved were immediately fired, and the cop who did the kneeling has been charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter less than 30 hours after the incident took place.* And of course, violent riots broke out, mostly  in blue run cities. As we all know, they tend to be rather lenient of such things for political reasons.Nashville had its entire City Hall set on fire and of course, there was the usual 'shopping spree.' There's nothing that  expresses grief and a passion for law and order then grabbing a big screen TV for free or looting department  and liquor stores.

While the um, protests were masterminded by Black Lives Matter, Antifa's thugs and thugettes were obviously a huge part of the show. In fact, Antifa was very much involved.

Police cars and police were attacked, and in LA police were even shot at, although they were under orders NOT to shoot back. The mob, after the usual looting and destruction actually went onto the 101 Freeway, where they blocked traffic and attacked two police cars who were trying to keep them from being run over.

Video: Seattle Police Vehicles Set Ablaze amid George Floyd Riots

In Oakland's riot, A black federal officer, Patrick Underwood, was shot and killed and another FPS officer was wounded and in critical condition. They were victims of a drive by shooting right in front of the Ronald Dellums Federal Building. A number of other police were injured and some were killed in other 'peaceful demonstrations' around the country.

The most feckless and disgusting comments came from Jacob Frey, Minneapolis mayor and Atlanta Mayor Keisha Bottoms.

Get a load of this!

We are now confronting white supremacists, members of organized crime, out of state instigators, and possibly even foreign actors to destroy and destabilize our city and our region.

White Supremacists?? Really?

Unrest Spreads as George Floyd Grief Morphs Into Looting and Violence

I'd say there was a mixture.

As for Mayor Bottoms, her response was disgraceful. First she talked about her black sons and how 'as a mother' she worries everyday about whether they'll be killed by the nasty, racist police. Who of course have been given a license to kill black people by President Trump who should 'just shut up.' She also explained to the rioters that they were looting and burning 'black owned businesses' without any words of concern for the destruction or looting of any businesses or property but those of her fellow blacks.

Talk about racism...I have a feeling she's bucking for the slot as Biden's VP.

The police for the most part are having any of their efforts to enforce law and order in their cities stymied by orders from the politicians involved and anything they do subject to micro analysis. Which of course means very little is being done towards stopping any of this. If you have a job, a pension and possibly your personal freedom to protect, you step very carefully if at all and just try to keep safe. And with a few exceptions, that's exactly what the cops are doing.

It's alsoobvious to me that the riots are well organized.There are plenty of reports of pallets of bricks having been "conveniently" staged near stores, banks and other buildings to be handy for the looters. Given the sort of people who were on the streets and the way it was coordinated in various locations, there's no doubt this was staged.

Ah, the age old question...Cui Bono, who benefits?

Obviously, the Democratic Party and the Left for various reasons.

First they're stuck with Biden (probably) and he isn't really making too many black friends
as of yet. This is an opportunity for his handlers to write up some statements for him to make about economic inequality, reparations for slavery, how wonderful Black Lives Matter is, et cetera. And also a perfect way for the Dems to paint Trump as an authoritarian/racist/what have you, and make him call out the National Guard or even the military to end the riots.

I can just see an elderly gentleman with the initials GS on the phone saying '"The pandemic isn't working. Call out the rioters. Let me know how much money you need."

George Soros spent  spent something like   $30 millions to defeat George Bush, and Bush was a dysfunctional  RINO.  Imagine how much he is spending to incite this civil war and defeat Donald Trump! And he's probably not the only one. The DNC has lots of millionaire celebs and others willing to shell out for the cause.

You'll notice that a lot of black race pimps are also being given time just now to sound the trumpets.

Robert Johnson, the founder of Black Entertainment Television has the answer of course. He wants $14 trillion in reparations for slavery to people who were never slaves. The black population of America is 45,532,100 - 13%. That works out to $330,000 for every black man, woman and child in America.

Of course, Mr.Johnson neglects to figure in what's already been paid in terms the War on poverty, social welfare, affirmative action which gave backs priority in financial aid and placement in universities over far more qualified applicants, The money for the funding for the traditional black colleges, the money that formed and funded the civil rights movement (both almost entirely donated by Jews), repayment to businesses who were wrecked and looted in the various riots,  and of course,the cost of the Civil War, all figured in today's money.

In any event, I suggest that we start funding any reparations by confiscating Mr. Johnson's entire net worth to begin with.After all, he was never a slave...

Cornell West was on CNN just the other day yakking to Anderson Cooper about how wonderful and  the riots are, how evil Trump is and how we need to 'change the system' with  socialism that 'spreads the wealth around democratically' because America is 'a failed social experiment.'

West is a known anti-semite and a real fan of Black Lives Matter, another anti-semitic group, so this is to be expected.  Antifa has the same agenda when it comes to Jews and Israel. In Fairfax, a Jewish neighborhood in LA, every synagogue was vandalized by these people, as well as other synagogues and Jewish community buildings in other cities.
Speaking of race pimps and Jew haters, Al Sharpton also had a few things to say on his home network MSNBC  I won't even dignify them by repeating them.

This is a rebellion and an attempted coup.Exactly.

So how do we stop it?

It's actually fairly simple. You stop bad behavior when there are consequences for it. Anyone who has ever trained a dog or raised a child understands that. If there are no consequences, the bad behavior continues. In this case of course, the bad behavior has been tolerated for some time...the politicians who run these cities need the votes, y'know. And felons and the kind of people who violently engage in looting and domestic terrorism are part of the bloc who votes for them especially in blue run states and cities.

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR), a decorated war vet and one of my favorite politicians put it this way:

The riots and the anarchy we’ve seen across the country have nothing to do with the death of George Floyd,” Cotton said. “In Washington, D.C., they set fire to a historic church attended by every president since James Madison. They defaced the Department of Veterans Affairs and the World War II memorial, which honor our veterans. They defaced the Lincoln Memorial, a temple in which we remember the great emancipator.”

“What the president can do is say that justice will be done in accordance with law for George Floyd,” he added**. “And we will always respect the right of peaceful protest, as many of these cities saw in the daytime. But the rioting, the anarchy, and the looting ends tonight. If local law enforcement is overwhelmed, if local politicians will not do their most basic job to protect our citizens, let’s see how these anarchists respond when the 101st Airborne is on the other side of the street.”

I have to agree. The one sure cure for rioting and looting is a dose of lead. Apparently a number of Americans feel this way. When the people who are supposedly charged with enforcing the law can't or won't, then it's time to take charge of it ourselves, or have the feds do it, since they don't need to answer to some mayor or governor catering to a certain voting bloc for re-election

I have never been prouder of President Trump than I have been the last few days. He has faced the most unwarranted criticism and outright lies from the media and the internet social media sites like Twitter and Facebook of any recent president and he has done it with courage. To see him yesterday walking to the vandalized historic St. John’s Episcopal Church while the Media rats yelled at him was definitely an act of courage. His reward, of course, was to be accused by these same media rats  of firing tear gas at 'peaceful protestors' for a photo op. As we now know, that was a blatant and deliberate lie.
Joe Biden's handlers even wrote him a lying statement to repeat for the media as well;

"When peaceful protestors dispersed in order for a president, a president from the doorstep of the people’s house, the White House, using tear gas and flash grenades in order to stage a photo-op at one of the most historic churches in the country or at least in Washington, DC, we can be forgiven for believing the president is more interested in power than in principle."

As we now know, these 'protesters' were far from peaceful,  and United States Park Police acting Chief Gregory T. Monahan made the following statement:

At approximately 6:33 pm, violent protestors on H Street NW began throwing projectiles including bricks, frozen water bottles and caustic liquids. The protestors also climbed onto a historic building at the north end of Lafayette Park that was destroyed by arson days prior. Intelligence had revealed calls for violence against the police, and officers found caches of glass bottles, baseball bats and metal poles hidden along the street.

As many of the protestors became more combative, continued to throw projectiles, and attempted to grab officers’ weapons, officers then employed the use of smoke canisters and pepper balls. No tear gas was used by USPP officers or other assisting law enforcement partners to close the area at Lafayette Park.

Happy Hands Joe has always been a liar, so no surprise.

President Trump was also rewarded with some shrew of an Episcopal Bishop screaming that the president, 'had no right to go there.' She apparently forgot that every president since James Madison has visited that church. Disgusting.

And President Trump's simple  statement in response to the hideous media jackals bellowing at him  was simply to say, "We have the greatest country in the world. We're going to keep it that way."

The media  and social media have  also intensified their excusing of the violence, looting and vandalism as 'protest.' CNN, MSNBC, the New York Ties  the Washington Post and Twitter have been particularly odious.

Here's CNN's Chris Cuomo..

"Now too many see the protests as the problem. No, the problem is what forced your fellow citizens to take to the streets: persistent, poisonous inequities and injustice. And please, show me where it says protesters are supposed to be polite and peaceful."

Umm here,'s called the First Amendment:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Fredo is also an Antifa supporter and cheerleader, so this is no surprise.

Even his big brother, New York's Governor openly said the protesters aren't peaceful. Not that he's doing much about it. Of course, he's also responsible for freeing lots of violent felons from jail and refusing to jail plenty of other criminals, which certainly intensified the problem,no?

Ok, so where do we go from here?

This is a sign of the Left's desperation. The impeachment fraud failed, their media allies don't have the clout they used to, the Pandemic didn't work, and they're stuck with Joe Biden. So bring on the riots, hmm?

Except that's not going to work either, although it's going to continue until it's forcibly stopped. The Left still have no clue who they're dealing with.

President Trump and AG Bill Barr have already started the game. Now that Antifa is officially a terrorist organization, not only can they be fought effectively but the people who have been funding them can also be investigated, arrested, tried and jailed for material support for terrorism. That could very well include certain millionaires, Hollywood celebs, and even certain politicians. The rot goes deep. It's also quite possible that certain media outlets can be sued for inciting violence.

Trump is also in a position to declare martial law if the Dem mayors still handcuff their police and refuse to do anything constructive. As I said, lead cures riots and consequences ends bad never fails. And finally, given how the investigations regarding the attempted coup now going on, there are very likely to be a lot of Obama's former associates and fellow conspirators headed for jail.

Our gutsy President  also has the alternative of exercising his deal making expertise. 'You want money to rebuild your city after you sat back and let it burn? I want your unconstitutional sanctuary laws repealed and your voter registration lists and cooperation with ICE. Otherwise, no deal.'

And me? I live in a state where you don't even need a permit to buy a long gun, although you do need one for  a handgun.You can buy all the ammo you need.  Its Democrat Governor tried to change that and ended up having to forget the idea when both the population and the legislature rebelled. I doubt he gets re-elected based on how I hear him generally referred to. While where I live has a small percentage of Black people,they're decent people with jobs, houses and something to lose, the police here are respected, crime in general is low and overall, it's a pretty civilized place  so there haven't been any riots here nor are there likely to be.

If this doesn't describe where you live, I'd arm up. An armed society is a polite society, and if you live in a blue run city, the police might not be there or  simply won't be able to do anything to help you..orders from upstairs, you know.

We do have a great country...and yes, we're going to keep it that way. Just wait and see

* Wow, that was quick! A lot faster then they moved to charge a black Somali policeman who shot an unarmed white woman in cold blood not too long ago.

** President Trump immediately ordered the FBI and the DOJ to thoroughly investigate this as soon as it happened.

Rob Miller

Rob Miller writes for Joshuapundit. His articles have appeared in The Jerusalem Post, The Washington Examiner, American Thinker, The Los Angeles Times, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The San Francisco Chronicle, Real Clear Politics, The Times Of Israel, Breitbart.Com, Yediot and other publications.