Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year!

Kate Burton and her parents freed by Gaza terrorists.

Kate Burton, 24, who was freed with her visiting parents late on Friday night intends to continue her anti-Israel labors..oh sorry, she said she "remains committed and passionate about working alongside the Palestinians", according to a statement issued via the Foreign Office in London.

As previously reported, Burton and her elderly parents had been abducted at gunpoint close to the Rafah border crossing into Egypt from the southern Gaza Strip on Wednesday, with a previously unknown group calling itself the Mujahadeen Bayt Al-Maqdes (Jerusalem) Brigades later claiming responsibility.

"We are in good health and have been treated extremely well through the ordeal," the statement from Burton and her parents said Saturday.

"We are glad that these last few days are over and we would like to express our gratitude to the Palestinian Authority, the British government and all groups and individuals in Gaza and worldwide who have been supporting us and working around the clock to secure our release."

Gee Kate if that's so,then why did you cross the border INTO ISRAEL after your release? Why not head back to those jolly Palestinians?

One little known factoid from a source of the FreedomFighter stated catagorically that the Burtons were only released after payment of a sizeable cash ransom, paid through British Intelligence M15's outpost inRafah and channelled through the Palestinian Authority to save face for all concerned.

Burton's statement added that she "plans to stay in the region and continue working with the Palestinian people," saying she wanted to help "alleviate the difficult conditions being suffered by the Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip."

Stockholm much, Kate?

Earlier Saturday, a colleague of Burton's at the Al-Mezan Palestinian rights group said the work done by the Briton was vital.

"Kate's role is really very important," Ghada Snunu told BBC radio.

So what exactly does she do?

"She is responsible for contacting donors, writing reports to them, fund-raising, proposal-writing and editing English documents," Snunu said.

AHHH, she 's part of the MARKETING Department! No wonder the Pals wanted her back.

I guess the IDF really MEANT `no-go'!

Two Palestinians were killed and three wounded when the IDF pulled off a successful air strike on a qassam missle launch site in the Northern Gaza `no-go' zone.
The IDF said the terrorists were spotted preparing to fire a rocket from the area of Elei Sinai, one of the 21 Jewish communities evacuated during the pullout from Gaza.

The two dead terrorists were identified as Motaz Hamdouna, 26, and Hamza Hamdouna, 22. Good riddance..

Hamas spokesman Mushir al-Masri threatened revenge against Israel, as usual, and
The Palestinian Interior Ministry won an unexpected kudos from the Freedom Fighter by issuing a statement condemning the Israeli strike, saying that the strike hindered police efforts to stop militants from firing a rocket at Israel!

Could this be the PA's new tactic...trying to make us laugh ourselves sick?

Bechatzlecha, Chevarim..well done.

Friday, December 30, 2005

Right Islam vs. Wrong Islam

This appears to have come in under the radar, and that's a pity. Here, the ex-president of Indonesia and the head patron and senior advisor to the LibForAll Foundation (, an Indonesian and U.S.-based nonprofit that works to reduce religious extremism and discredit the use of terrorism writes on the need for people of good will of all faiths to unite to combat Islamic wahabi terrorism and its adherants. One of the best, most reasoned articles I've seen on the subject.

Right Islam vs. Wrong Islam
Muslims and non-Muslims must unite to defeat the Wahhabi ideology.

Friday, December 30, 2005 12:01 a.m. EST

JAKARTA--News organizations report that Osama bin Laden has obtained a religious edict from a misguided Saudi cleric, justifying the use of nuclear weapons against America and the infliction of mass casualties. It requires great emotional strength to confront the potential ramifications of this fact. Yet can anyone doubt that those who joyfully incinerate the occupants of office buildings, commuter trains, hotels and nightclubs would leap at the chance to magnify their damage a thousandfold?

Imagine the impact of a single nuclear bomb detonated in New York, London, Paris, Sydney or L.A.! What about two or three? The entire edifice of modern civilization is built on economic and technological foundations that terrorists hope to collapse with nuclear attacks like so many fishing huts in the wake of a tsunami.

Just two small, well-placed bombs devastated Bali's tourist economy in 2002 and sent much of its population back to the rice fields and out to sea, to fill their empty bellies. What would be the effect of a global economic crisis in the wake of attacks far more devastating than those of Bali or 9/11?

It is time for people of good will from every faith and nation to recognize that a terrible danger threatens humanity. We cannot afford to continue "business as usual" in the face of this existential threat. Rather, we must set aside our international and partisan bickering, and join to confront the danger that lies before us.

OpinionJournal - Extra - click to read more:

More Victor Davis Hansen `The Plague of Success'

Good ol' VDH! Another must read, in which he discusses the reality of America's fortunes versus the media perception.

VDH's Private Papers::The Plague of Success

Justice Department to investigate NSA leaks

The Justice Department has officially opened an investigation into leaks to the media about the classified domestic National Security Agency surveillance program. - Inquiry into leak of NSA spying program launched - Dec 30, 2005

This could end up being serious stuff if the Bush Justice Department keeps the heat on and actually prosecutes the leakers. Certainly, this was much more important and much more damaging to US interests than the so-called `outing' of CIA functionary Valerie Plame.

I doubt that the NYT can be prosecuted for their part in this, but they should be. Or at least ostracized by all decent Americans.

Rafah border terminal in Gaza shuts down as terrorists overrun it; EU `monitors' flee to Israel

Last month, the opening of the Rafah terminal was hailed as a first step toward Palestinian independence. Since then, there's been nothing but chaos.

Today, Palestinian Authority officials are trying to negotiate the reopening of the Gaza-Egyptian border crossing at Rafah which was commandeered Friday by armed terrorists. The European monitors withdrew to Israel.

The terrorists are belived to be under the command of Jemal Abu Sema Dana, head of the Palestinian Resistance Committees chief and Fatah al-Aqsa Brigades. He made a threat a week ago to seize the Rafah terminal and “cleanse” it of foreign monitors.

This signaled the final breakdown of security measures brokered by US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice between Israel, Egypt and the Palestinians for securing the Palestinian Egyptian border crossing after the Israeli troop pull-back from Gaza. trary, especially by defense minister Shaul Mofaz and security coordinator Amos Gilead.

Palestinians sources covered up the seizure by terrorists of the only Palestinian exit point by depicting it as a police blockade in protest against the killing of a fellow officer Thursday. While some of the wire sources have bought this story, the real occupiers of the terminal are the PRC and al-Aksa.

Palestinian Police Chief Ala Husni claims the situation is under control at the Gaza-Egypt border, and that the terminal it will be re-opened later today. We'll see...

Thursday, December 29, 2005

The latest on the UN `Oil for Food' Scandal

Claudia Rosett shows exactly why, how and whom the UN Oil for Food scandal is stalled at. Are you listening, Kofi Annan? A must read, by an expert on the subject.
OpinionJournal - The Real World

Victor Davis Hansen on `Hollywood's Misunderstood Terrorists'

Leftists in Hollywood have real problems with the `T' word, especially if the terrorists are Islamic...Victor Davis Hansen analyzes the phenomenon..
Hollywood's misunderstood terrorists - The Honolulu Advertiser

Marwan Barghouti pals around with an ex-associate

One photo making the rounds in Palestinian circles these days shows convicted terrorist Marwan Barghouti with his arm around his pal Samir Kuntar(Barghouti is on your left). Both are serving life terms in Ashkelon's Hadarim prison.

The photo was likely taken and smuggled out by one of the Fatah operatives that Mofaz and the Israelis allow to meet with Barghouti freely in his cell.

Barghouti, now head of the Fatah list of Parliamentary candidates was jailed for life for the murder of five Israelis in terrorist operations.

Samir Kuntar was jailed for life for murders in 1979 in Nahariya, Israel.

One night in April 26 years ago, Kuntar and three accomplices landed at the Israeli coastal town of Nahariya from the sea, seized Danny Haran, 28, and his daughter Einat, 4, from their home. They shot Danny dead and smashed the child’s head on a rock. Danny’s wife Smadar survived but while hiding in a closet from the killers, she accidentally smothered to death their 2-year old daughter, Yael. Police Sgt. Eliahu Sassar rushed to the rescue and was shot dead.

These are the sort of people (and I use the term loosely) that Abbas and the Palestinian Authority want freed. Draw your own conclusions.

Palestinian Homicide Bomber kills Israeli soldier in Tulkarm bombing

A Palestinian suicide bomber killed an Israeli officer, Lt. Ori Binamo, 21, from Nesher, and injured three soldiers, one seriously, at a provisional roadblock at the exit from Tulkarm Thursday. Our condolences to the families of these brave men.
Jerusalem Post | Breaking News from Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish World

Also killed were four Palestinians - including the taxi driver who transported the bomber. Seven Palestinians, including a child, were reportedly wounded, and were taken to Dr. Thabet Thabet Hospital in Tulkarm.

The IDF had intellgence that a suicide bomber was on his way from Tuklkarm to an attack in Israel,possibly in Netanya. When a Palestinian taxi drew up, the Israeli officer asked the passengers to step out. The suicide bomber who was among them detonated his charge in their midst.

Islamic Jihad reportedly claimed `reponsibility' and a Palestinian Authority spokesperson issued a pro forma `condemnation'....while the Palestinian Authority continues to pay bonuses to the families of martyrs and refuses to take any action whatsoever against the terrorists.

In other news,an Israeli was moderately wounded when he was slashed in the neck by a Palestinian as he waited for a bus at Atarot near Jerusalem. Police are hunting the assailant.

Great neighbors and peace partners.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Bush's Unholy Crusade Against Radioactive Muslims

The Bush Junta has long used the so-called “War on Terror” as an excuse to incite fear and erode our civil liberties. But now shocking new evidence has come to light that suggests Bush may have been defending us against “terrorist attacks” much sooner than we would like to believe – at least before receiving any clear instructions from the 9/11 Commission or the United Nations. It seems that right around the time Bush’s CIA was listening in on the phone conversations of retired beekeepers in Dubuque, Iowa, his FBI began monitoring innocent Muslim sites for radioactivity – and without even bothering to obtain a warrant.

This, the latest of a long list of Bush scandals, is offensive on so many levels. Not only is it a blatant violation of our Constitutional Right to Privacy, but it also presumes that radioactivity is a crime, and one that Muslims are most likely to commit. Most Muslim-Americans who just happen to be highly radioactive - whether as a lifestyle choice or an accident of birth – have never committed an act off terrorism. They live peaceful, law-abiding lives, and should be treated with decency and respect, not stigmatized by bigots with badges.

Of course, there are always a few bad apples that may be glowing for purely illicit reasons, but we do the Radioactive Muslim Community a great disservice by automatically assuming they’re all a threat to our safety. Instead of singling Muslim sites out for scrutiny, all businesses and residences of any kind should be subject to monitoring. The FBI should randomly draw an address out of a hat, and the occupants of The Sunnydale Retirement Home would be asked to remove their shoes and spin around in circles while a uniformed lesbian prods them with a Geiger counter. America hasn’t had a single hijacking since Norm Mineta implemented this brilliant policy at the airports, so there’s no reason why the FBI can’t do the same.

Many who aren't of Arabic origin, nor highly radioactive, may find this approach somewhat of an inconvenience. But once we tolerate racial profiling in any form, we play right into the hands of those who plotted and carried out the 9/11 attacks – the unelected terrorists in the White House.


(Thanks to Liberal Larry at

Interview with an Israeli terrorism expert on al Qaeda in Gaza

Thanks to Frontpage for the story:FrontPage :: Al-Qaeda in Gaza by Jamie Glazov

Israel fires on `no-go' zone in Gaza Strip

After dropping leaflets warning residents to stay out of the area, Israel began enforcing a `no-go' security zone in the Northern Gaza Strip today with missles and artillery - Israeli military bombards northern Gaza - Dec 28, 2005

(Can you imagine the Palestinians warning Israeli civilians with leaflets before an attack?)

This is going to be difficult for Israel to enforce, first of all because of the upcoming Israeli election..Sharon is unlikely to order decisive measure before then. And secondly because of the mobility and widespread support and freedom of movement the terrorists enjoy in both Gaza and the Palestinian areas in Judea and Samaria.

In another related development,Kate Burton, 25, a British human rights worker at the Gaza-based al-Mizan organization and her parents have discovered that the Palestinian terrorists she was laboring to assist have a not-so-benign side. She and her parents were kidnapped by Palestinian `gunmen' in Gaza, and rumors are rife that the Palestinians intend to use them as human shields and hostages in an attempt to prevent the IDF from enforcing the no-go zone.

The foreign office in London confirmed the abductions and repeated its warnings to all Britons to refrain from entering the Gaza Strip for any reason.

And here I thought the Brits were their friends!

Michelle Malkin `The NYT vs America'

Yet another pungent-and factual- commentary on the New York Times by Michelle Malkin.

The stock is going through the floor, layoffs are endemic and circulation is at an all time low...this dinosaur is ready for extinction.

RealClearPolitics - Commentary - The New York Times vs. America by Michelle Malkin

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Rockets fired at Northern Israel

Three rockets were fired into the northern Israeli town of Kiryat Shemona from southern Lebanon on Tuesday, slamming into residential areas but causing no casualties.ABC News: Rockets fired from Lebanon hit north Israel: army

Anarchy continues in Gaza and the Palestinian areas

Gaza and the Palestinian Authority continue to slide into anarchy.

Today, a group of al-Aksa gunmen took over the Palestinian Authority offices in Northern Gaza demanding jobs and payoffs. And further gunfights broke out at greenhouses in the Gaza Strip. Jerusalem Post | Breaking News from Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish World
The gun battles were only the latest sign of anarchy in Gaza, where armed men have repeatedly taken over government buildings and kidnapped foreigners to pressure the government to put them on the already inflated payroll or otherwise pay them off.

In other news, IDF helicopters fired three missiles at the Gaza Strip overnight Monday in an attempt to prevent future Kassam rocket attacks on southern Israel.

The first missile destroyed a bridge near Beit Hanun used by terrorist groups as an access route to the northern part of the Gaza Strip. This is the second time the bridge has been destroyed.

Also hit was a building serving the Aksa Martyrs' Brigades, as well as at a building used to recruit new members to the Palestinian group in Beit Lahiya.

Israel appears to be going back to the non-productive strategy of dropping leaflets and than blowing up empty buildings...long after the terrorists have departed.

Unrest continues over Iraqi election

Widespread protests by Sunni factions continue as the Iraqi Supreme Court disqualified 90 delegates who were elected to parliament on December 15, most of them Sunni Muslims, because they were once members of the Baath Party.

The Iraqi parliament has 275 deputies, and the disqualification of 30% of the elected members – most of them Sunnis and secular – can be expected to further disenchant the Sunnis with the democratic election process.The insurgents will use this to convince the Sunnis that whatever they do, and no matter how they participate in the elections and the democratic process, they will never have any influence in the new Shite-Kurdish regime in Baghdad. And that the only avenue left to them is guerilla war against the regime and the Americans.

There are increasing suspicions that the vote was rigged witht the help of Iran to boost the Shiite religious vote. The Sunnis can count; they are 20% of the population compared to 18% or so for the Kurds, but the Kurds did far better in the election and none of their delegates were disqualified.

Former prime minister Iyad Allawi, head of the Iraqi List and a key American ally, alleged that convoys of trucks carrying sealed ballot boxes stuffed with forged voting slips and other documents went round polling stations on election-day and packed the ballot boxes with pro-Shiite votes. Between 10 and 15 of those trucks were intercepted by Iraqi security forces at the southern Iraqi towns of Qut, Al Amara and Basra. And a preliminary investigation disclosed that they trucks were organized by Iranian intelligence agents to falsely boost the Shiite majority.

What it appears has transpired is indeed a deal between the Kurds and Shiites to swap Baghdad for Kirkuk and define their relative spheres of influence...while the main Iraqi regime will be a kind of Shiite “sectarian democracy” prevailing for the next few years. And one that owes America's enemy Iran big time.

I put the odds on Iraq remaining a single country at no more than 50%. And the possibility remains that the Bush Administration may have won the war but lost the peace.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

The latest from Israel's `peace partners'

The Israelis finally decided to activate a no-go security buffer zone in Northern Gaza in an attempt to stop the missiles directed at Israel’s W. Negev and Ashkelon.

The prevailing military opinion is that it won't be possible to root out terorist assaults in the Gaza AStrip without a comprehensive military operation, including ground troops. What was that about the `disengagement' being a move towards peace again? Some 300 missiles have been fired into Israel in three months.

Carving out a security buffer at this late date is going to be difficult for the IDF.Defense minister Shaul Mofaz demanded that the government release INS125m ($50m) to fortify the dozens of small villages and kibbutzim now within range of Palestinian missiles and mortar fire. Civilian traffic on the roads in the region has become extremely hazardous.

The main launch sites, as mentioned previously, are the abandoned Jewish communities
of Dugit, Nisanit and Eilei Sinai. There are reportedly 200 Palestinian `security' troops at the launch-sites, but they aren't stopping anything or arresting anybody.

In the Palestinian Authority as a whole, things continue to fragment. There are now two major breakaway factions in Fatah, one loyal to Mohammed Dahlan and jailed terrorist Marwan Barghouti(`Future') and a new one that calls itself the `Yasser Arafat list', set up by Palestinian prime minister Ahmed Qureia, legislature speaker Fathi Rouh and PLO executive Abbas Zaki.

All of these Fatah factions are pressuring Abbas to delay the coming election, while Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the umbrella organizaton the Palestinian Resistance Committee want the vote to go forward, for obvious reasons.

FBI monitors Muslim sites for radiation

FBI agents have secretly monitored radiation levels at Islamic mosques, businesses and homes for several years in large cities to determine whether nuclear or chemical bombs were being assembled.Chicago Tribune | FBI watched homes, mosques for radiation

Needless to say, the good folks at CAIR and the MPAC are a tad upset.

Perhaps, if they are the loyal Americans they say they are, they should start by denouncing Islamic terrorism and eliminating hate speech and the glorification of jihad from American mosques and madrassahs. Rights come with certain responsibilities towards one's fellow citizens.

Given the reality of Islamic terrorism and the almost total silence from the Muslim world in condemning it, a few precautions seem indicated..especially since the alternative would be to shut down suspect mosques and start deporting suspect Muslims wholesale back to countries more in line with their political philosphy.

The Constitution is NOT a suicide pact.

If we are in fact not going to target Muslim homes, mosques and businesses for surveillence, we had better figure out ways to target and eradicate militant Islam here at home. More from the Freedom Fighter on this later...

Pope Benedict's Christmas message

Pope Benedict addressed tens of thousands of pilgrims gathered at St Peter's Square in the rain and his message was broadcast to tens of millions of Catholics in nearly 40 countries around the world.

The Pope called on the world to unite against terrorism and poverty and not to let technological advances blind them to true human values.Telegraph | News | Unite against terror, says Pope

Friday, December 23, 2005

Merry Christmas! Chag Sameach! Happy Hanukah!

May all of you be blessed with the goodness and happiness of the season.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

The Persian Journal petitions Kofi Annan on behalf of Israel and the Jews

My good friends over at the Persian Journal are running a petition, directed at Kofi Annan, to censure President Ahmadinejad and the Iranian government for their ongoing hostility towards Jews and Israel. The link below will take you to their petition. And make sure you commend them for their courage.

PETITION - Islamic Republic Illusions in Iran - Persian Journal Latest Iran news & Iranian Newspaper

Another Arab leader touts Holocaust denial

This time, it was Mohammed Mahdi Akef, leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt's main Islamic opposition group. He said Thursday that the Holocaust was a myth and attacked Western governments for criticizing Holocaust deniers.Jerusalem Post | Breaking News from Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish World

Obviously, he's jumping on the Ahmadinejad bandwagon. And for those who've forgotten, Mahmoud Abbas' doctoral thesis at Moscow U was on this very subject.

They're getting bolder and more outspoken, aren't they?

Bush Justice Department blows another one

A Federal appeals court on Wednesday denied a Bush administration request to transfer terrorism suspect Jose Padilla, a former Chicago gang member, from military to civilian law enforcement custody.

The decision, written by Judge J. Michael Luttig, questioned why the administration essentially changed its story and used one set of facts before the court for 3-1/2 years to justify holding Padilla without charges but used another set to convince a grand jury in Florida to indict him last month.

And Judge Luttig, who was up for consideration as a Bush Supreme Court appointee is no doctrinaire `liberal', but a jurist with solid common sense.Judge bucks president in 'dirty bomb' case

Like the al Arian case, once again we see the Bush justice department fumbling an important domestic terrorism case.


Ex-Associate Attorney general under Clinton weighs in on wiretaps

John Schmidt served under President Clinton from 1994 to 1997 as the associate attorney general of the United States. Here, he provides a legal look at President Bush's right to autorize surveillence:Chicago Tribune | President had legal authority to OK taps

Update on the Iraqi election...

Apparently, the results of the Iraqi election seem to have deepened the fissures in the country rather than strenthened them, as the big winners appear to be the Kurds and the Shiite religious parties like United Iraqi Alliance. There has been widespread unrest from secular and Sunni parties.ABC News: Iraq Sunni, Shiite Groups Threaten Boycott

Interestingly enough, a number of bloggers on the scene like Omar and Mohammed at Iraq The Model have speculated that this was a `Kirkuk for Baghdad deal' between the Kurds and religious Shiites IRAQ THE MODEL Could very well be. As I've said, I put the odds of Iraq remaining one country at no more than 50-50.

IDF takes out three terrorists in Nablus.

Popular Front Nablus chief Bashar Khalani and two lieutenants were killed during a roundup by an IDF-Border Guard force detaining wanted terrorists in Nablus

Khalani was responsible for murdering 3 Israelis in the Carmel Market bombing a year ago and the 4 on the Geha highway in 2003.

Good show!

Qassam strikes Israeli base near Ashkelon

Five servicemen were injured by a Qassam missile launched against Ashkelon Thursday, which hit the Yiftah base south of the city. An earlier one hit near the power station.

The Palestinians are using the evacuated Israeli communities of Dugit, Elei Sinai and Nisanit, which have been turned into handy launching sites. Just like the neaderthal opponenets of `disengagement' said they would. What's more, it isn't just Sderot that's on the firing line anymore. Aside from Ashkelon, Moshav Shuba and Kibbutz Carmia outside the Gaza Strip have now been brought into missile range.

The IDF's response has been minimal to date. If Israel wanted to, it would be easy to turn the northern Gaza Strip into a Qassam free zone where all moving objects are quickly destroyed. This could be accomplished within a very short time. There's also not very much in the way of a Palestinian population there, and not many buildings aside from the gutted shells of what used to be the homes of Israeli Jews.

My guess is that Sharon is trying to help Abbas out with the upcoming elections..if they occur.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Saddam must have been listening to Kennedy, Kerry and Durbin

He now is claiming he was tortured in prison by the Americans!CJAD 800 : News

This continues to get more bizarre as time goes on.

What's even more amazing is that there are lots of people in the Arab world-not to mention Leftists in America and Europe that will actually believe it!

Mark Steyn: `This Month's Riots

Mark Steyn compares the French riots to the Australian ones, and draws some interesting conclusions: Telegraph | Opinion | Racism is bad - so is self-delusion

Oh No! Palestinians talking about postponing `election'!

Well, we can't have that now, can we?

The Pals are complaining that those mean ol' Israelis won't let `Palestinians' in Israel's sovereign territory in East Jerusalem vote in a foreign election, so they are talking about calling the whole sham off.Ynetnews - News - PA considers postponing elections

The real reason, of course, is that Abbas has no constituency and Hamas and al-Aksa and expected to win big in parliamentary `elections'. Abbas has already postponed things once, back in July of this year.

The `Palestinian Authority' has never been a democracy, and never will be. The territory given to Arafat under Oslo, and the land given to the Pals when Israel retreated from Gaza has simply become one vast terrorist enclave ruled by Hamas, al Aksa, and clan and gang rulers. It's time we just faced up to it and that Israel reacted accordingly.

Abe Foxman; Jesse Jackson in whiteface

Foxman & Ehud Olmert

According to today's Jerusalem Post, the ADL's Abe Foxman defended Steven Spielberg's `Munich'.Jerusalem Post | Breaking News from Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish World

"We do not think this is an attack on Israel. We do not think this is a film of moral equivalency," Foxman told a group of journalists.

He must have seen a different movie. Maybe a rough cut made from the script before Tony Kushner got hold of it.

Now, the fact that Spielberg is a wealthy and influential Jew who cuts a nice check to the ADL every year wouldn't have anyhing to do with your feelings `bout that, would it Abe?

If Mel Gibson makes another movie and wants to get on the ADL's good side, the message is clear. Just break out the checkbook, Mel and and your films will get the stamp of approval as well!

Funny thing is, `Munich' in its way is a much more anti-semitic film than the `Passion', IMHO. But you won't see the ADL criticizing it in any way. Got to keep on the good side of those heavy donors.

Germany cuts loose a's why the EU can't be trusted

As some of you know, a few days ago Germany cut loose a Hizbollah terrorist wanted in America and flew him to Lebanon. Here's why:

Mohammad Ali Hammadi was serving what was supposed to be a life sentence without parole for hijacking a TWA airliner to Beirut in 1985 and killing a Navy SEAL diver, Robert Dean Stethem, whom he threw out of the window. A US extradition warrant was on file in Berlin with a promise it would take effect if the hijacker were ever released.

That changed when German `peace activist' Susanne Osthoff was kidnapped in Iraq on Nov. 25. Overtures were made to Ernst Uhrlau, Angela Merkel’s new head of the BND, Germany’s foreign intelligence service. A few days after the terrorist was flown to Beirut, Osthoff was freed by her Iraqi captors.

This is the first time one of America's `allys' in the so-called war on terror has succumbed in this fashion. Washington is reportedly outraged, and the brief warming of relations between the new government of Merkel and the US are back again at sub zero temperatures.

Under the wire is the fact that Uhrlau reportedly has a number of ties with officials in Iran and Syria, and that this was apparently a goodwill gesture to them. It also points out the ties between Iran (Hizbollah is an Iranian proxy) and the Iraqi insurgents and al Qaeda.

Wiretapping, anyone?

Another one bites the dust.

The IDF took out another Hamas `militant' today, as Zayid Khalil Moussa, a commander of the Izzedine al-Qassam Brigades, was killed during a shootout with Israeli forces in Jenin.BBC NEWS | Middle East | Senior Hamas militant shot dead

Good job, chaverim!

Monday, December 19, 2005

Likud Primary: It's Bibi, easily

The Likud primary is over, and Netanyahu is the clear winner at 47%. Ex-Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom trailed with 32%.Jerusalem Post | Breaking News from Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish World

Netanyahu will be faced with the task of rebuilding the Likud party in 3 months and winning a no-holds-barred campaign against Peretz and Sharon.

Certainly, the issues and the debate in Israel are going to be clear, and this will be a watershed election.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Spielberg's new fiction-`The Warm, Cuddly Freedom Fighters of Munich'

Steven Speilberg has performed a wonderful service to us all with his new film `Munich'.

Y'see, those Palestinian terrorists who murdered those Israeli athletes in Munich in 1972 were really just misunderstood freedom fighters...and warm, cuddly guys with families besides.

Who knew?

The movie is a revisionist take on the deliberate targeting by the PLO of Israeli atheletes at the Munich Olympics, which ended up with 11 defensless Israeli athletes slaughtered like sheep. And the aftermath, in which the Israeli government dispatched Mossad hit teams to track down and liquidate the perpetrators.

The original script apparently was too pro Israeli and (heaven forbid!) actually demonized the Palestinian terrorists, so Spielberg hired Leftist playwrite Tony Kushner to do a rewrite. Kushner's politics are all over the film like fecal matter in a used diaper. And with a similar aroma.

Kushner, you see, has a thing about Israel and `Zionists'. From the safety of America, of course.

Last year, in an interview Kushner said, “I think the founding of the State of Israel was for the Jewish people a historical, moral, political calamity.... I wish modern Israel hadn’t been born.”

Kushner also co-edited, along with Alisa Solomon, an viciously anti-Israel book called 'Wrestling With Zion: Progressive Jewish-American Responses to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict' that could easily have been written by Ramzy Barzoud, Nabil Shaath, Rachel Corrie, Saeb Erekat or any other Palestinian groupie you care to name. The Forward`s Ami Eden wrote of that book: “... reading [it] takes you to an alternative universe, where the Israel of today has reoccupied Palestinian territories and is adopting harsh security measures — but not in response to a Palestinian-launched intifada bent on blowing up babies on buses. Instead, Israel’s presence in the territories today is primarily the product of — Kushner and Solomon’s words — ‘Ariel Sharon’s mad, bloody dream of Greater Israel, which he and his comrades of the radical Israeli right have pursued for decades.’ ”

Kushner's agenda is pretty obvious...and odious.

So it's no mystery that the film shows no difference between the deliberate Palestinian targeting of innocent civilians and the Israeli retaliation against terrorists. To Spielberg, Kushner and company it's all one even handed `cycle of violence' in the best progressive tradition. Of course, one thing conveniently omited from the film is the reason why Israel unleased the Mossad; because those progressive European nations were deathly afraid of Palestinian terrorist retaliation and refused to extradite any of the known perpetrators to Israel for trial.

The film is ultimately boring because it trips over itself trying to balance the unbalanceable. And it has no place for Israel, because it refuses to recognize the reason for for Israel's existence in the first place.

Spielberg himself obviously set out to make this kind of a movie.

Here he is in an interview with Time’s Richard Schickel: “I think the thing I’m very proud of is that [screenwriter] Tony Kushner and I and the actors did not demonize anyone in the film. We don’t demonize our targets. They’re individuals. They have families. Although what happened in Munich I condemn.”

Gee, Steven, why condemn it? Isn't it all part of the `cycle of violence'? After all, why demonize the Palestinians for killing Jews? If you take the stance that Israel has no real purpose for existing, why would Munich or any other manifestation of Arab terrorism against Israel be a problem?

Perhaps Spielberg is simply more comfortable with Jews as victims than he is with the idea of Jews defending themselves against their avowed enemies.

The real problem with 'Munich', aside from its nauseating take on Israel and Zionism is that it equates counterterrorism with terrorism, as though they are one and the same and come from the same motivations.

Only a clueless and irresponsible person who's never smelled terrorism up close could hold such views.

One thing about the's aptly named. With its political stance of appeasement and `understanding their rage', the title`Munich' is quite fitting.

Munich, 1938 that is.

Sharon suffers stroke

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon suffered a stroke last night and was rushed to the hospital.

While the 77 year old Sharon was said to be in good shape, the Israeli election has just blown wide open, as Sharon's new Kadima party is expected to fall in the polls, as it was largely held together by Sharon.

While Sharon’s staff is bending over backwards to play down the stroke as minor, release a minimum of medical data and present the prime minister as healthy and eager to return to work, the hospital is keeping him in under surveillence.

Monday, December 19 is the Likud leadership primary in which Binyamin Netanyahu is expected to emerge as the leader of a united Likud/Right coalition. Sharon was able to take a third of Likud's parlimentary membership with him to Kadima. A lengthy illness could lead to second thoughts and send a lot of these defectors back to the Likud and Netanyahu.

In other words, the March Israeli elections have suddenly gotten very interesting.

The good folks at al-Reuters ran this story today, as a spokesperson for Iran's Foreign Ministry ,Hamid Reza Asefi said that the West needs to be more tolerant of President Ahmadenijad's little screeds on Jews and the Holocaust.Top News Article |

"What the president said is an academic issue. The West's reaction shows their continued support for Zionists," Asefi told a weekly news conference.

Just as a side note, here is a poll off al-Jazeera:

"In the light of recent controversy, should Iran be barred from football's World Cup"?

Yes : 26%

No : 71%

Unsure : 3%

Number of pollers : 8690.

Looks like 2/3 of al-Jazeera's readers either agree with Ahmadinejad..or they really like soccer.

The Iraqi election

Joshuapundit congratulates the Iraqi people on occasion of their truly free election, a first in the Arab world. Frankly, Arabs have never had such political freedom in history..except in Israel, oddly enough!

Roughly 11 million voters went to the polls out of a total of 15 million registered voters...about 73%. And these people voted in spite of violence and intimidation and bombings.

It remains to be seen whether Iraq will hold together as a united country. I personally put the odds at no more than 50%, and that is very dependent on the autonomy of the Kurds and the acceptance of democracy by the Sunni minority. But this is still a proud day in the history of both the US and Iraq.

Things ain't like what they used to be in this here neighborhood.

Friday, December 16, 2005

The Freedom Fighter sends his apologies for the limited blogging...he's been busily engaged in fighting the flu...

Monday, December 12, 2005

Anti-Syrian journalist and lawmaker murdered in Lebanon

BEIRUT, Lebanon Dec 12, 2005 — Prominent Anti-Syrian journalist and lawmaker Gibran Tueni was killed by a car bomb Monday.

A previously unknown group calling itself "Strugglers for the Unity and Freedom of the Levant" claimed responsibility for the killing in a statement faxed to Reuters, saying the same fate awaited other opponents of "Arabism" in Lebanon. They claimed
Tueni was "spreading poisons and lies despite our repeated warnings to him."

Tueni was a major figure in the demonstrations in Lebanon that resulted in Syria's withdrawing its troops..although Syria still keeps a huge force of proxies and `intelligence agents' in Lebanon.

Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Saniora said he will ask the United Nations to set up a new inquiry into Tueni's slaying and previous bombings and to create an international tribunal to try suspects in Hariri's killing.

In other news, new evidence in the UN inquiry further implicates Syria in involvement in the assasination of Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.International News Article |

German Prosecutor Detlev Mehlis also said that Syria had been "slow" to cooperate with his investigation, that Syria had defied Security Council resolutions, that Damascus had burned some papers on Lebanon, and that the probe had identified 19 suspects which it did not name.

Australian riots in second day.

More coverage of the Australian riots. Armed gangs on rampage - National -

PM John Howard made the intelligent observation that this is a law and order issue, with deep underlying causes rather than an issue of `white racism'.

In other words, Oz ain't France.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Australian Race Riots at Sydney Beach

Rioting broke out this weekend at Cronulla Beach in Sydney’s southern suburbs between gangs of white Australians and gangs of Middle Eastern origin.

At least 13 people were hurt, including five police, and 12 were arrested during the clashes, which followed a week of mounting anger over an attack on two lifeguards who were beaten up by a gang of Lebanese Muslims.

World news from The Times and the Sunday Times - Times Online

There has been growing tension in many Australian cities, particularly Sydney between Islamic (mainly Lebanese) gangs and other Australians.

The tensions have been exacerbated Prime Minister Howard's firm stance on Islamic terrorism, the Bali bombings and the Autralian Islamic community's widespread silence on the matter , recent arrest of Islamic terrorist symphathizers, increased scrutiny of firebrand hardline rhetoric in Australia's mosques and various cases of well-publicized incidents of gang rape and street crime of `Lebs' against other `white' Australians, as commentators like Mark Steyn have chronicled.

Melborne's The Age published a `Have Your Say' column on this. It's revealing to let the locals speak for themselves. I've excerpted a few comments but the link for all of them is here:The Age: Your Say - Racial tension Archives

One parting comment; why I decry ethnically motivated violence of any sort, it's telling that many `liberals' who would condemn the mob at Cronulla as `yobs' and racists' would be the first ones to respond to Islamic violence by saying that we have to understand their rage, respect their culture and redress their 'grievences!'

"Last week two surf life savers were bashed by a group of Middle Eastern Men at Cronulla. This, apparently, is not the first time groups of Middle Eastern Men/Youths have visited Cronulla causing more than mischief.

It would appear, (from the sheer numbers of people who turned out at Cronulla), that the local community has had enough of "outsiders" coming to their beach and bringing with them, attitude, violence and disregard for their seaside community.

It is truly awful that this vigilante-style protest happened yesterday. Would it have happened if there had been more discipline imposed by a greater police presence in the weeks building up to yesterday?.... "
"I believe this simply reflects the underlying racism in the Australain society. It is not just these racist clowns we should be afraid of.

More threatening are the people who watched from their homes and quietly agreed with this abhorrent behaviour. They are the real scar on Australia."
"The events of yesterday have been a long time in the making. Sure, it took a bit of Dutch courage before the bottle was finally uncorked but enough was finally enough. Listen and listen carefully to those normally amiable oafs who took matters into their own hands yesterday for they are the canary in the coal mine."
" this is not about who is more Australian due to the amount of time a person has been in Australia, it is about the actions that have been performed by a minority group without any retaliation from the authorities. I don't believe the locals in Cronulla should have performed the way they did, but if this is the way we can draw some attention to the situation that has been building up for years, than so be it. It was just a matter of time, and its about time the authorities take charge of the situation, so that we can once again feel safe to visit the beaches."
"has anybody been down to Williamstown Beach on a summers night? It's not acceptable the violence that occurred in sydney but neither are the insults and abuse that occur from Muslim youth's milling around local beaches in our suburbs of Melbourne."

Friday, December 09, 2005

Why Sami al Arian was acquitted

As regular visitors to this site know, jihadist Sami al Arian and his accomplices were acquitted on charges of terrorism in a Florida Federal Court. J O S H U A P U N D I T: Sami al-Arian and fellow jihadists acquitted

Here's how it happened. And the story says a lot about the Bush Administration's committment to `fighting domestic terrorism.

Paul Sperry at Frontpage has the story.FrontPage :: Sami's Guardian Angel by Paul Sperry
ber 9, 2005

Apparently al Arian and his fellow terrorists had some assistance from symphathetic Muslim FBI agents.

Gamal Abdel-Hafiz, a devout Muslim from Egypt who speaks fluent Arabic, refused to secretly tape-record his fellow Muslim brother al-Arian in defiance of repeated requests from FBI colleagues working the al-Arian case. And that ultimately hurt the government's chances of putting al-Arian away.

Abdel-Hafiz and al Arian go back a long way. In 1998 Abdel-Hafiz met al Arian through a friend at the Dar al-Hijrah Islamic Center outside Washington, a Saudi financed Wahhabi mosque the agent regularly attended, and the same mosque that later give aid and comfort to some of the 9/11 hijackers.

Abdel-Hafiz apparently did a number of favors for al-Arian,including investigating anti-terrorist author Steve Emerson using Bureau resources.

At the same time, the FBI's Tampa field office asked Abdel-Hafiz to follow up by asking al-Arian several questions related to a counterterrorism case they were building against him -- and secretly record his answers. Abdel-Hafiz agreed to speak to al-Arian by phone but said he would not record the conversation without al-Arian's knowledge. The lead Tampa agent on the case, Barry Carmody, was scandalized by his refusal, calling it "outrageous."

FBI agents John Vincent and Robert Wright, whose Chicago investigation dovetailed with the al-Arian case were also displeased at a number of conversations Abdel-Hafiz had with al Arian that were not cleared or coordinated with the Miami Bureau office.

Abdel-Hafiz apparently also may have tipped off Sami al Arian about th4e nature of the evidence the Tampa office had collected against him.

Abdel-Hafiz, a devout Sunni Muslim whose Egyptian father is known as a Quran memorizer, has consistently shown a pattern of pro-Islamist behavior.Yet the FBI headquarters overlooked it and even promoted him.

Carmody, Vincent, and Wright all complained to headquarters about Abdel-Hafiz twice refusing on religious grounds to tape-record Muslim terrorist suspects. But he was handpicked in early 2001 by former FBI Director Louis Freeh to become the FBI's deputy legal attache at the U.S. Embassy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, a major intellingence post.

As Sperry details in the article, Abdel-Hafiz mishandled and ignored time sensitive leads given to him by agents in Washington. Agents back in Washington complained about his performance there, saying they were not getting answers to the hundreds of leads they were sending him in Riyadh.

Meanwhile Abdel-Hafiz and his boss Wilfred Rattigan, a black convert to Islam, had found time to fly off to Mecca for the hajj, where they surrendered their FBI cell phones to Saudi nationals and were out of contact with officials back in the U.S. who were trying to ring them up about investigations into al-Qaida and 9/11. Both Rattigan and Abdel-Hafiz, who have since been reassigned within the bureau, wore traditional Muslim headgear and robes while on the job in Saudi Arabia, further outraging fellow agents.

After they were reassigned, a senior supervisor was sent to the Riyadh office nearly a year after 9/11, she found secret documents strewn all over the office, some even wedged between cabinets. She also found a huge backlog of boxes each filled with three feet of paper containing secret, time-sensitive leads. Much of the materials, including information on Saudi airline pilots, had not been translated or reviewed.
Obviously, given the nature of the Saudi regime, lots of terror cases were hopelessly damaged by the actions of these two. And even larger cases, like the Safa case involving terrorist financing in America and elsewhere have been jeopardized. This involves a Washington think tank, the International Institute of Islamic Thought, or IIIT located in Hernden, Virginia, with ties to Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

Taha al-Alwani, an Islamic scholar at IIIT, was an alleged unindicted co-conspirator in the al Arian -- who also heads one of the nation's most prestigious Islamic institutions, the Graduate School of Islamic and Social Sciences (which has trained Muslim chaplains for the U.S. military and U.S. prison system) -- is currently accused of concealing payments to Palestinian terrorists. In a letter seized by investigators, al-Alwani advised his friend al-Arian on how to disguise a $50,000 donation to one of al-Arian's Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror fronts in the U.S.

IIIT is still in busines, by the way, as I write this.

As Sperry writes, al-Arian and Alamoudi were no strangers to the Bush White House. During the trial, al-Arian's lawyers used his meetings with senior government officials, including Karl Rove in the White House, to defend him against charges he was involved in terrorist activities.

Al-Arian is also close to Rove's best friend Grover Norquist, a powerful GOP operative in Washington sympathetic to Islamic causes. Norquist, whose name was invoked by al-Arian's lawyers in the trial, started an Islamic lobbying group, the Islamic Institute several years ago and recently married a Palestinian Muslim activist. Which also should tell most knowledgeable people that Norquist has in fact likely BECOME a Muslim, since the faith prohibits the marriage of a Muslim woman to a non-Muslim man.

Norquist's group, which was founded with seed money from Alamoudi, has placed a number of questionable Muslim activists -- including the son of a Wahhabi preacher who helped Osama bin Laden's second in command raise money -- inside the Bush administration, including the White House, the Transportation Department and the Homeland Security Department, as well as other sensitive agencies.

And al Arian's buddy in the FBI, Abdel Hafiz? Still there. And believe it or not, the bureau is busy hiring more Muslim agents like him.

According to FBI Director Robert Mueller "We are recruiting Muslims as special agents," he said. "We have been very active in pushing more for Muslim Americans to consider a career with the FBI."

Indseed. Insh'allah

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Ahmadinejad hits out at Israel ..again. But raises a legitimate point for discussion

Good ol' Ahmadinejad! Today, at the OIC conference in Mecca, Saudi Arabia he made the following remarks in a speech to the who's who of the Islamic world:

"Some European countries insist on saying that during World War II, Hitler burned millions of Jews and put them in concentration camps," Ahmadinejad said. "Any historian, commentator or scientist who doubts that is taken to prison or gets condemned."

"Let's assume what the Europeans say is true … Let's give some land to the Zionists in Europe or in Germany or Austria," he said. "They faced injustice in Europe, so why do the repercussions fall on the Palestinians?"ABC News: Iranian President Jabs at Israel Again

The OIC is historically a place where Jihadists and Jew haters can mouth off with impunity and be certain of getting the big standing O from the crowd. Last years' conference featured the remarks of Malaysian president Mahathir who railed away at how the Jews rule the world and how Islam should unite to annihilate them and the West. I'm sure Ahmadinejad's little screed went over quite well with his audience. Including Saudi King Abdullah who yesterday was making noises about moderation and tolerance.

Well, aside from some garden variety racist Holocaust denial, Ahmadinejad raises a point for discussion. Why indeed does the Muslim world bear any responsibility? Here's why. The Arab world is directly complicit in the Holocaust.

After WWI, the Palestine Mandate was given to Britain for the express purpose of creating a Jewish nation. Britain's first act was to take 80% of this land, give it to the Arabs as Trans-Jordan and forbid any Jews from living or settling there. The Zionist movement ws mollified by Britain with the promise that the rest of Palestine - everything else West of the Jordan River-would be the Jewish homeland. This promise was never kept. The British, during their tenure in Palestine put all kinds of arbitrary barriers on Jews migrating to Palestine, while allowing unlimited inmigration to Arabs from Syria, Egypt, and the Hejaz.

Of course, even 80% of what was supposed to be the Jewish homeland was not enough foir the Arabs to accept Jews living among them in peace and equality. The Arabs rioted and created such unrest that the British halted all Jewish immigration to the Holy Land on the eve of the Holocaust with the issuance of the White Paper in 1938 , when millions of Jews were trapped in Europe and left without a place to flee.

All during WWII, when a third of the Jewish population of Palestine was in uniform fighting for the allies, the British allowed unlimited migration from the Arab world into Israel. In 1944, Himmler attempted to make a deal with the Allies to exchange the Jewish population of Hungary, about 500,000 people, for a few trucks. The Americans signed on to the deal but the British vetoed it, explicitly because they were afraid of Arab rioting and did not want these Jews in Palestine. Hungary's Jews went to Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen instead of Israel.

During WWII,the Arabs largely sided with the Axis. The `Palestinian' leader, the British appointed Grand Mufti of Jerusalem spent most of the war in Europe recruiting Muslims from Bosnia and the Caucasus to fight in SS divisions for Hitler and the Nazis. And in Egypt, numerous veterans of the British 8th Army who fought and defeated the Nazis at El-Alamein have related how the Egyptians had Cairo all decked out in Nazi flags to welcome the German `liberators' when the British marched back into the city.

In spite of this, the British equipped and trained the Arab armies that attempted to massacre the Jews of Israel in 1948. The most effective Arab fighting force in that war, the Jordanian Arab legion, was led by British officers under the notorious Jew hater Colonel John Glubb (`Glubb Pasha').

Anyone interested in the full sordid story should read Lucy Dawidowicz's `The War against the Jews' The War Against the Jews : 1933-1945: Books and Joan Peter's `From Time immemorial' From Time Immemorial: The Origins of the Arab-Jewish Conflict over Palestine: Books

Answer your question Ahmadinejad? Not that it matters. The battle lines were drawn a long time ago.

Comparing the Qu'ran and Mein Kamph

This ought to stir things up a bit.

I've gotten a lot of e-mail on the Orianna Fallaci story I posted, in which the noted author compared the Qu'ran to Hitler's `Mein Kamph'. Just for posting this, I got the usual hysterical accusations of racism and bigotry from a whole raft of self-described `liberals' who have probably never read either book! Though I would certainly bet Fallaci has, given her record. Most of the apologists for the toleration of Islamic fascism happened to mention the Crusades and the Inquisition..both of which happened centuries ago, have no modern counterpart and killed a fraction as many people as 1500 years of jihad.

Fallaci made a simple and objective factual statement, easily proved or disproved. Since I've also read both books (and believe me, it wasn't easy going) I thought I'd examine this.

Let's rock'n roll, shall we?

Mein Kamph- States that Germans are the superior race of mankind and that Germany is destined to rule the world ,and dominate all other races and nations.

Q'uran-States that Islam and Muslims are the superiors of mankind and that Islam is divinely mandated to rule the world and dominate all other races, creeds and nations.
Mein Kamph-Says that the German State is to have control over every aspect of life.Says all individuals must submit to the State

The Q'uran-Says that Islam and Sharia is to have control over every aspect of life. Says all individuals must submit to Islam.
Mein Kamph-Says that Germans have the duty to claim their divinely appointed place in the world by whatever means necessary. Puts loyalty to the Volk(the race)above all other ethical considerations.

The Q'uran-Says that Muslims have a duty to wage Jihad and to advance Islam's domination over the world (Dar Islam and Dar Harb) by any means necessary. Places loyalty to fellow Muslims(Umma)and Islam above all other ethical considerations.
Mein Kamph-Mandates that men are superior to women and that women's place should be limited to procreation, the kitchen and the home.

The Q'uran-Mandates that men are superior to women and thatwomen's place should be limited to procreation, the kitchen and the home. (Admittedly, the Q'uran goes quite a bit farther than Mein Kamph on this topic)
Mein Kamph-Says that homosexuals are `race traitors' and should be condemned to death. (Many, in fact were murdered in the concentration camps).

The Q'uran-Says homosexuals are unholy to Allah and should be condemned to death
Mein Kamph-Sets out a detailed model for world conquest, including rules for how conquered peoples are to be suppressed and dominated by the German race. States that the wealth, resources and property of subject peoples belongs to Germans by right and the right to life for subject peoples is dependent on Germans. States that non-Germans have no legal or civil rights.

The Q'uran-Sets out a detailed model for world conquest, including rules for how conquered peoples are to be suppressed and dominated by Muslims. States that the wealth, resources and property of subject peoples belongs to Muslims by right and the right to life for subject peoples is dependent onMuslims. States that non-Muslims have no legal or civil rights. (in truth, a lot of this has it's basis in the Hadith and the Sunna, but both derive essentially from what's in the Q'uran., along with all the other aspects of Sharia)
Mein Kamph-Divides the world into `German land' and enemy territory. States that land with Germans living in it or land that once had Germans ruling it rightfully belongs to Germany, and Germany is entitled to get it back by any means necessary.

The Q'uran-Divides the world into `Dar Islam' (Muslim ruled land) and enemy territory(Dar Harb). States that land with Muslims living in it or land that once Had Muslims ruling it rightfully belongs to Dar Islam, and Muslims are entitled to get it back by any means necessary.
Mein Kamph-Blames the Jews for society's ills and says that they will be exterminated.

The Q'uran-Blames the Jews for society's ills and says that they will be exterminated. And the hadiths, th eMuslim equivalent of the Gospels that recount the life, deeds and saying of Mohammed are even more explicit(`On the day of Judgement the rocks and trees will call out `O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me! Come and slay him!’).

There are lots of other striking parallels, but I think you get the point.

Are all Muslims Nazis? Nah. But the Q'uran ain't your average religious scripture either. As I've said more than once,Islam is a political ideology hiding inside a religion.

Fortunately, there's more to it than that. Even Mein Kamph had a few positive bits (not many, I assure you!). It's all in how it's applied. I don't agree with Fallaci that there's no such thing as `moderate Islam'. But moderate Islam is a VERY selective reading of the Qu'ran and Hadith and frankly, not a majority position in the Islamic world. It involves a complete tossing away of the jihadi mentality, and as such is a minority position in Islam today.That's why so few Muslims in America have denounced Islamic terrorism unequivically.

John Bolton shames the UN

John Bolton shows once again that he was exactly the right choice for UN ambassador..though how any man of principle can stomache hanging around these people is a mystery to me.

The U.N. Security Council refused to issue a statement condemning the suicide bombing in Netanya, Israel. The holdout was, of course, Algeria, the only Arab council member.Reuters AlertNet - US and Algeria at loggerheads on Netanya bombing

The statement called for condemnation of the bombing and would have urged Syria to close the offices of Islamic Jihad, which claimed responsibility.

This, of course, is in the midst of a platterful of General Assembly resolutions condemning Israel for defending itself...which are something of an annual tradition in the UN.

Bolton said Algeria would not approve the statement "and we are simply not going to accept the watering down of Security Council press statements....

"There's no question question here who conducted the attack or where the orders came from," Bolton said. "There's nothing left to negotiate."

Good for him. I hope every `liberal' who claims to support Israel remembers how Bolton was demonized by the likes of Ted Kennedy, Barbara Boxer, Dianne Feinstein, Harry Reid and the rest of the gang come election time. Bolton, for those who don't know, was instrumental in helping to revoke the UN's infamous `zionism is racism' resolution.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Muslim Brotherhood wins more seats in disputed Egyptian election

In spite of everything Mubarek could do, the Muslim Brother expanded on its earlier gains in the latest round of violence ridden Egyptian elections which left two dead and many injured.

They now apparently have 6 times more seats than this time last year.

al-Reuters has a decent story if you read between the lines:
Reuters Business Channel |

Look for the Islamists to take over as soon as Mubarek dies.

IDF takes out another terrorist rat

Today, with IDF Defense Minister giving the green light to the IDF pest exterminators, one Maumoud Arakan ended up going out in a blaze barbecued Subaru.

Jerusalem Post | Breaking News from Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish World

This rat was a member of the so-called `Popular Resistance Committee'and a former member of the Palestinian Naval Police who worked closely with the Islamic Jihad's Abu Rish faction and other non-affiliate groups to plan and carry out attacks.

Interesting side story. CNN's headline(still visable in Google News) referred to this rat as an `activist'. I complained to the news department and alerted a number folks to this, and apparently the news spread. CNN has now changed the headline on the story itself to read `militant'. Jeesh!

Below, we see Palestinian indulging in the popular local sport of the `car swarm'

"Hey Ahmed...ten points for whoever finds part of the head!"

In Honor Of Pearl Harbor Day and those who fell there..

The same people mouthing defeatism and cowardice today would have been doing the same thing in 1941 after Pearl Harbor. I have absolutely no doubt about that!

Thanks to Jay at the Sacred Cow Butcher.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

David Cameron: New blood for Britain in trying times?

David Cameron was elected today as head of Britain's Conservative Party and the Tory's candidate for Prime Minister. The victory of the 39 year old Cameron over the Tory Old Guard has turned British Politics upside down overnight.

WithTony Blair on his last legs politically and Gordon Brown set to take over as Prime Misiter soon, most observers of British politics were expecting a long period of Labour leadership. With the appointment of Cameron the Conservative Party has in the words of one major paper,` the best chance of capturing Downing Street since Margeret Thatcher'

The BBC has a brief bio here:BBC NEWS | Politics | The David Cameron story

As a member of British aristocracy with down to earth `man of the people' habits, could Cameron evoke the Churchillian mystique? The resemblence is interesting. Too soon to tell, but Britain badly needs leadership and Labour figures like Jack Straw out of the picture.

Key question is how the British public chooses between the Anglo-American Alliance and the Euro/French/ German axis. If they choose to remain in the Anglo-American sphere, Cameron may just end up as Prime Minister.

Terrorism expert: "Over 80 percent of the mosques in the United States have been radicalized by Saudi money and influence,"

Joshuapundit has run a number of stories regarding the pernicious influence of the Saudis in exporting jihad to America. Yehudit Barsky, an expert on terrorism details how it is done in this article, and shows how the Saudis have co-opted Islamic organizations and mosques in the USA and elsewhere.Jerusalem Post | Breaking News from Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish World

Jihad in America is real, and ongoing. And it's time we demanded our government do something about it.

Are you listening, Mr. President?

Madame Secretary?

Or wasn't one of these enough?

Sami al-Arian and fellow jihadists acquitted

In a stunning turnabout, Sami al-Arian and his co-defendents were acquitted of terroism charges in a South Florida Federal Court.Professor acquitted of funding Islamist group - Yahoo! News

" The jury in Tampa, Florida, took 13 days to deliver its verdict against Sami al-Arian, who along with three co-defendants was accused of raising money for Palestinian group Islamic Jihad.

The panel, delivering verdicts six months to the day after the trial started, found al-Arian not guilty of conspiracy to murder, providing material support to a terrorist group and obstruction of justice.

The other men, Sameeh Hammoudeh, Hatem Fariz and Ghassan Ballut, were also cleared of most of the charges against them.

The jury was deadlocked on several other charges and U.S. District Judge James Moody declared a mistrial on those counts."

This verdict will have far reaching consequences and send a message to jihadists both inside and outside America. Trust Freedom Fighter on that one.

Sweden's Rising Muslim Tide

The Christian Science Monitor on the increasing radicalization of Sweden's rapidly expanding and often discontented Muslim population.
Sweden's rising Muslim tide |

In a related post, Fjiordman examines the political failure of the Swedish government to dealwith Islamic radicalism. Fjordman: "Too few politicians quit" - Persson

Palestinians celebrate murders in Netanya

The official AP caption reads: "Supporters of the Islamic Jihad march along the streets carrying Jihad flags during a rally for Lotfi Abu Saada, 23, a suicide bomber who blew himself up Monday in the Israeli city of Netanya, at the bomber's hometown in the West Bank village of Illar near Tulkarem, Tuesday Dec. 6, 2005. "

My Israeli readers will confirm that the celebration of the murders of innocent Israeli civilians is a normal thing among the Palestinians. You can almost hear `em ululating and firing shots in the air in this picture.


Krauthammer gets it wrong

Dr. Charles Krauthammer is one of my favorite columnists.On Friday, he wrote his weekly column on "Progress in the Mideast," a discussion on how the Israeli-Arab war is progressing towards a peaceful :: Columns :: Making progress in the Middle East by Charles Krauthammer

First, Krauthammer says that "the more than four-year-long intifada, which left more than 1,000 Israelis and 3,000 Palestinians dead, is over. And better than that, defeated." Second, he declares the Gaza withdrawal a success. Third, he finds electoral campaigns underway in both Israel and The Palestinian Authority. He attributes these outcomes to `Israeli unilateralism and Palestinian maturation'.

Respectfully, I disagree amost entirely with his thoughts on this subject.

Far from being defused, the Arab-Israeli conflict is entering a new and more violent phase.

For one thing,the Intifadeh is far from over. The new border deal pushed on Israel and sweetened for Sharon with the promise of a $2.5M aid package to develop the Negev allows the Palestinians carte blanche not only in importing heavy arms and seasoned terrorists into Gaza from Egypt but also into Judea and 150 truck convoys per day the agreement calls for through Southern Israel with little or no oversight by the Israelis. The deal is so lacking in security oversight that every one of Israel's security sevices sent a letter to Sharon so as to be on record when the inevitable crisis comes.

The EU, of all people, are in charge of monitoring the traffic, but without power to stop anyone from crossing, as Israel found out December 1st when 15 wanted terrorists crossed over with impunity.

Abbas has not even disarmed a single terrorist, and the anti-Israeli incitement continues unabated in the Palestinian mosques, media and madrassahs. His government has no authority whatsoever outside of a small area around Ramallah, and could not even conduct a Fatah primary without it falling apart. In the few results that were tabulated, you might note the prominence of jailed terrorist Marwan Barghouti.This hardly shows a maturing `constituency' for peace. Or `nationbuilding'.

Abbas himself refutes Krauthammer's contention that the Palestinians have `matured', stating that the `martyrs will not rest' until the Palestiinians have their capitol in Jerusalem.J O S H U A P U N D I T: Quote O' The Day: And as you may have noticed, rather than helping in the maturation process the EU continues to assist the Palestinians in grasping for the fantasy of a Jew free Palestine.
J O S H U A P U N D I T: EU plans to make East Jerusalem Jew free

Meanwhile, the Palestinians continue to receive training, arms and logistics from Hizbollah, Iran's proxy in the area. And to work on constructing a seaport and an airport. Look for the import of more heavy weapons and better missles than the lowly Qassams, and renewed attacks starting from Judea and Samaria coupled with more advanced and deadly missle attacks from Gaza.

Krauthammer claims that the Gaza withdrawal somehow eased Israel diplomatic isolation in the region. Respectfully, I disagree. There is not one Arab/Muslim nation that did not have relations with Israel before the withdrawel that now does, and the few that made friendly noises quickly stepped back into the lockstep of the Arab League backed Saudi `peace' plan.
J O S H U A P U N D I T: Pursuing the `peace process' mirage.. In case anyone's forgotten, that plan calls for redividing Jerusalem, an Israeli pull back to the pre `67 lines and unlimited Right of Return for hostile `refugees' into Israel. Even the new Iraqi government said there would be no `relations' with Israel until the Saudi plan is implemented.

As for `condemnations in the UN of anti-Israel rejectionists' Krauthammer cites, I seem to recall the head of state of one member of the UN recently calling for Israel to be wiped off the map in violation of the UN's own charter, and except for some lip service from the non-Muslim world nothing much seems to have been done - not even a piddling resolution of the type Israel gets all the time for far less. And Syria's problems with the UN don't exactly stem from problems with Israel. One could alsolook at the latest batch of anti-Israel resolutons passed inthe UN, with no mention of Islamic terrorism.

In fact, the Gaza withdrawal was a dismal failure, involving a one sided creation of 9,000 Jewish refugees in exchange for absoluely nothing. Every one of the painstakingly negotiated `security' agreements negotiated between Egypt, The Israelis and the Palestinians under the auspices of the US have been ignored with impunity by the Arabs, without any cost to them whatsoever. And as we see from the European attempts to wring even more concessions out of Israel, Sharon did not even buy any goodwill from the EU by making Gaza Judenrein.

Once an elderly Mubarek passes from the scene and an Islamist government takes over the reins, look for the Camp David Accords with Egypt to be history as well.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Iran `unilaterally' rejects Russian Nuke proposal

According to French Foreign Minister Philippe Douste-Blazy, Iran has "unilaterally" rejected a Russian proposal to resolve its standoff with the West over fears it may be trying to develop nuclear weapons. Shocking, n'est pa?

So no chance of Russia taking in Iranian uranium for enrichment and then returning it to Iran, Dubbya. Who'd a thunk it? What a surprise, huh? And does the President really think Putin didn't know all about this, and the $1B Russia-Iran arms deal when they were having that little get together last month?

Top News Article |
It's almost comical to read al-Reuter's stunned surprise at all this.

In other news, the UN's relentless IAEA watchdog Mohammed el-Baradi concurred with Israeli intelligence (as reported on this site yesterday) that the mullahs are only months away from full nuclear weapons capability.The Media Line - News Detail And the Iranians themselves have announced that they are accepting bids to put up two additional reactors.

Palestinians bomb mall in Israel - 5 dead in Netanya

Israel's `peace partners' decided the time was ripe to murder a few more innocent people. At least 5 are dead(so far), 55 injured – 6 critically.ABC News: Five Israeli Shoppers Killed Outside Mall

Islamic Jihad was proud to claim credit for the murders, releasing a pre-recorded videotape showing the killer Lutfi Amin Abu Sami, 21, from Rai Village near Jenin, in Judea (the West Bank).

The killer tried to kill even more people, attempting to get into the crowded
mall. When the security police told him to take his hand out of his pocket, the terrorist blew himself up in the crowd at the mall’s entrance. Three policemen are among the wounded.

Netanya, on the Mediterranean between Tel Aviv and Haifa, has been attacked by Palestinian terrorists several times during the last five years. It's a popular spot because it's in the narrow `neck' of Israel and thus close in proximity to Israel Palestinian neighbors. A homicide bomber killed five Israelis near the same spot outside the mall last summer.

Palestinian Authority Chairman Abbas condemned the attack and said the Palestinians would arrest those responsible. Of course he will. Why would he lie about a thing like that?

Actually, I don't particularly blame the Palestinians for this one. Sharks gotta swim, rats gotta scuttle. It's their basic nature. But I wonder how many casualties it will take before the Israeli government realizes that the `peace process' is a farce, that none of the concessions they have made to try and placate the Arabs has brought them an iota of peace and that it's time for Israel to toss away the so-called `roadmap', draw it's own borders based on Israel's security needs and put any non-Israeli Arabs on the other side of it?

There simply is no possibility of a `peaceful' Palestinian State next door to Israel.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Phyllis Chessler writes on her firsthand experience with how Islam treats women.

Author and feminist Phyllis Chessler writes on what she learned from her experience of living in Afghanistan and how it affected her feminism.
Articles - My Afghan Captivity

Particularly important reading for those women who stridently oppose `Western Imperialists', support Islamofascists in Iraq and elsewhere and decry the evils of Western civilization.