Wednesday, November 04, 2020

The Election Chaos...What Happens Next

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Well, the 2020 election is over...except it isn't really over! What we have is a situation where we might not know who really won for some time. As I predicted, there's a great deal of voter fraud involved. But before we go there and examine what happened and what is likely to happen, let's look at what we know in terms of the results, before we get to the shenanigans.

The Republicans will be keeping control of the Senate, with the edition of Tommy Tuberville in Alabama, John James in Michigan (who I was really rooting for), Cynthia Lummis in Wyoming, Bill Haggerty in Tennessee,and Roger Marshall in Kansas. Susan Collins, Mitch McConnell, Joni Ernst, John Cornyn, another of my faves Tom Cotton in Arkansas,  Steve Daines in Montana, Jim Risch in Idaho, and David Perdue in Georgia all were reelected among others. Corey Gardner lost in a close race in Colorado. Lindsay Graham (South Carolina) and Thom Tillus (North Carolina) also got another term.

The Republicans also picked up some House seats and may even pick up a few more once the votes are counted, but the Democrats will likely retain control of the House.

 What this will mean is that Democrat fantasies about packing the Supreme Court and other dreams will end when the bills hit the Senate.

OK, let's examine what actually happened.

First of all, the media, including FOX News were totally unfair in 'calling' states. When it came to states like Texas where President Trump was leading, even by a large amount they refused to call the state for him. When Joe Biden was barely ahead in Arizona, they called the stated for him.

Another thing I noticed and I haven't seen anyone notice is the amount of votes Libertarian candidates like Jo Jorgenson got, especially in battleground states. Since the numbers were far larger then usual for Libertarians, I wouldn't be surprised in the Dems, with a huge amount of money to spend since they barely campaigned gave the Libs some money to actually mount a campaign.Libertarian votes,  they knew that would effect GOP votes, not theirs.

But the real story has to do with actual voter fraud. In Blue run states like Michigan and Wisconsin, once  Trump was firmly ahead, ballot counting mysteriously stopped...ditto in Pennsylvania. It resumed once Biden ballots were cherry picked from the mail ins. That was designed to have Biden called as the winner and have him get the electoral votes.

 Believe it or not, these states also disregarded checking postmarks and comparing the signature with the one on file which should tell you what was really going on. Given that PA's Democrat Attorney General Shapiro crowed before the vote that Biden would win the state, there's no doubt something was up...especially since in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, many polls were mysteriously late in opening in areas known to vote Republican...and poll watchers with legitimate state certificates allowing them to enter the polls and observe the proceedings were forcibly kept out. That, by the way is a felony.

In addition -- Pennsylvania has declared it will accept ballots without a signature and without a post-mark proving they were sent at all, or sent by Election Day.

This is of course done so that illegal ballots can be manufactured and so that they cannot later be challenged.

For what other reason would such an insane thing be done?

Right now, these blue run states still don't have final results: Pennsylvania (Trump has a substantial lead there) Michigan, Wisconsin (States where Trump led handily until these states stopped counting ballots.  Democrat run Nevada is still counting, with the votes less then 8,000 apart. And Arizona is also still counting as well. They are now counting Election Day voters. Maricopa County, which is Trump territory still has lots of votes to count, so we'll see. 

Right now, Joe Biden is credited with 227 Electoral votes to Trump's 217. These tallies obviously are not including states that still have votes to count.

So this is the kind of chaos mail in ballots and 'late voting' has brought us. The main excuse was of course, corona virus and the risk of spreading it.  As I can testify personally, this was and is sheer BS.

I voted in a Masonic hall in the downtown of my home city. Masks were mandatory, and lines were drawn on the floor to allow social distancing while people were in line. It wasn't any more dangerous then going shopping at the market. The reason the Democrats insisted on it is so that they would have time to alter and control the votes. We've already seen people arrested for tampering with the early vote ballots and postal workers caught tossing away ballots. If you mailed in your ballot, you had best hope it got to where it was supposed to, let alone if it was ever counted. Keep in mind this is quite different from absentee voting, which I support and has safeguards.

This reminds me of nothing so much as that famous phone call by Chicago's Mayor Daley to the Kennedys during the 1960 presidential election..."How many more votes does he need?" That is exactly what the Dems will attempt to get Biden in the White House.

 There is a very good possibility of several interesting things  happening thanks to this mess. 

First, it may very well go to the Supreme court, which may insist that the Constitution be followed and that ballots posted after November 3rd not be counted, which is the way it's always been if the results are questioned. That's especially true given the amount of outright voter fraud that's already been discovered.

One blessing in disguise is that this process is going to unveil how deeply inserted voter fraud has become in our election process for the American people to see first hand.

Another interesting possibility is that Joe Biden could well be facing an indictment and be unfit to serve. The evidence of his corruption and perhaps even tax evasion is pretty clearcut and President Trump's DOJ still has ample time to pursue this if it comes to that.

Another possibility is that just as was done in 2020, the ballots themselves maybe sequestered bythe Feds and recounted. I personally think that's a long shot, but it should be mentioned.

And finally, it's high time that America's election process is reformed, even if it means the Feds handle national elections and vote collection. If that happens, the deliberate chaos of 2020 maybe another blessing in disguise

Rob Miller writes for Joshuapundit. His articles have appeared in The Jerusalem Post, The Washington Examiner, American Thinker, The Los Angeles Times, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The San Francisco Chronicle, Real Clear Politics, The Times Of Israel, Breitbart.Com, Yediot and other publications.

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Monday, November 02, 2020

Weekend Monkey And Rob's Election Predictions

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The election is tomorrow, so I decided to bring former 2008 Democrat presidential candidate and very accurate election handicapper Weekend Monkey to the site to hear what he has to say since he's been right much of the time. 

 Rob: Well Weekend, nice to see you again! 

 WM: Yeah, it's been awhile.

 Rob: Last time we spoke, you told me this was too close to call and you weren't taking any election bets this time.

WM: Well, that's changed...There are still lots of weird elements this time on this one... but I've got enough data to make a prediction.Simple math

Rob: OK, shoot. 

WM: Well first we need to think about the odd elements this time. A lot is going to depend on whose counting those mail in ballots. There's already been a lot of voter fraud discovered. But I think that aside from some very Blue states...

Rob: California, NY, Illinois, or maybe I should just say Chicago...

WM: Yeah. But I'd add a few more...Washington, maybe Nevada or Colorado, Minnesota's a possible. And Detroit and Philly will certainly have voter fraud. The Dems are serious...they want Trump gone, and they want to take over. 

Rob: OK, it's a given the Dems will cheat. It depends on how much and where. It's also obvious they're going to go nuts a turn their Antifa and BLM Brown Shirts loose if they lose, and the turmoil will probably go on for weeks..and another element is the possibility of unfaithful electors...they have a lotof money and some of these people might be easily bought.

WM: That's another thing I've considered. For those of you who don't know what Rob's talking about, every state in the union has 'electors' who are sworn to certain Presidential candidates, depending on who wins the state's votes. They're supposed to vote for the winning candidate in their state. If they don't they're called 'unfaithful electors.'

Rob: OK, so who wins?

WM: If this was a totally up and up election, I'd have to say Trump. Since it's not, there are several ways this could go. 

I see Trump carrying the following states - Iowa, Florida, Ohio, Texas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Georgia, Arkansas, Louisiana, South Carolina, Mississippi, and Alabama with Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin as probables. Maybe Minnesota.He'll also likely take West Virginia, Kentucky, Idaho, Utah, the Dakotas, Nebraska and Kansas, and Alaska. That adds up  to 261. If Trump wins Minnesota, North Carolina or Pennsylvania, he wins. He only needs one.

Biden will almost certainly carry the West Coast. He'll likely carry New Mexico and has a shot at Colorado and Nevada, 15 more votes if he gets them. He'll take Illinois and Virginia, as well as New York, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland. He'll also take New England, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Maine and Vermont and Hawaii.. That gives Biden 235 electoral votes. He also has a chance at North Carolina and  Minnesota, which would give him 10 votes from Minnesota and 15 votes from North Carolina. That would bring Biden to 260. If he takes Colorado (9 votes) and  Nevada (6 votes) it puts him over. Biden's problem is that both North Carolina and Minnesota are iffy for him, and so is Nevada. And without every state listed above, he loses.

I would say the odds are with Trump unless major shenanigans take place. Especially since the news is being spread about Biden's grifting and corruption over the years, I think he's assumed an  odd smell to a lot of the voters. And Kamala Harris isn't helping him much at all. She 's become more and more open about her far left views. And her and Bidens 'Green New Deal' is going to wreck America's energy industry and lead to outrageous tax increases as well as a lot of lost jobs, and I don't see people going for it. Plus even with the media basically campaigning for him, I think a lot of people don't trust him.  And his mouth and his past has definitely alienated a decent chunk of the black and Hispanic vote.

Rob: I think Trump could easily wind up with 30% of the Black vote. and a large chunk of the Latino vote, simply because they see that his policies have directly helped them and their communities.

So you don't see Biden getting North Carolina?

WM: Hard to tell but  I see it as an uphill climb for Biden. Biden still might win, but I think the odds are with Trump...

Rob: Well, we'll see, Monkey. Until next time. By the way, were you surprised that your old flame Elizabeth Warren didn't get on the ticket?

WM: After the way she treated me? I wouldn't care if Biden made her coffee girl and office trash picker upper.

Rob: Ah, the ups and downs of love!


Weekend Monkey was a Democratic candidate for president in 2008

Rob Miller writes for Joshuapundit. His articles have appeared in The Jerusalem Post, The Washington Examiner, American Thinker, The Los Angeles Times, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The San Francisco Chronicle, Real Clear Politics, The Times Of Israel, Breitbart.Com, Yediot and other publications.

 Rob Miller