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Bubble-Wrapped Americans: How the U.S. Became Obsessed with Physical and Emotional Safety

Bubble-Wrapped Americans: How the U.S. Became Obsessed with Physical and Emotional Safety

By Sam Jacobs

“In America we say if anyone gets hurt, we will ban it for everyone everywhere for all time. And before we know it, everything is banned.”

It’s a common refrain: We have bubble-wrapped the world. Americans in particular are obsessed with “safety.” The simplest way to get any law passed in America, be it a zoning law or a sweeping reform of the intelligence community, is to invoke a simple sentence: “A kid might get hurt.”

Almost no one is opposed to reasonable efforts at making the world a safer place. But the operating word here is “reasonable.” Banning lawn darts, for example, rather than just telling people that they can be dangerous when used by unsupervised children, is a perfect example of a craving for safety gone too far.

Beyond the realm of legislation, this has begun to infect our very culture. Think of things like “trigger warnings” and “safe spaces.” These are part of broader cultural trends in search of a kind of “emotional safety” – a purported right to never be disturbed or offended by anything. This is by no means confined to the sphere of academia, but is also in our popular culture, both in “extremely online” and more mainstream variants.

Why are Americans so obsessed with safety? What is the endgame of those who would bubble wrap the world, both physically and emotionally? Perhaps most importantly, what can we do to turn back the tide and reclaim our culture of self-reliance, mental toughness, and giving one another the benefit of the doubt so that we don’t “bankrupt ourselves in the vain search for absolute security,” as President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned us about?

Coddling and Splintering: The Transformation of the American Mind

Bubble-Wrapped Americans: How the U.S. Became Obsessed with Physical and Emotional SafetyTwo books published in 2018 provide parallel insights into the problems presented by the safety obsession of American culture: The Splintering of the American Mind by William Egginton, focused on the tendency of Americans to tunnel themselves off into self-selected bubbles, and The Coddling of the American Mind by Greg Lukianoff and Jonathan Haidt, which deals more with the tendency to avoid any uncomfortable or unpleasant information.

There is an interesting phenomenon involved in coddling: Australian psychologist Nick Haskam first coined the term “concept creep.” Basically, this means that terms are often elastic and expand past the point of meaning. Take, for example, the concept of “trauma.” This used to have a very limited meaning. However, “trauma” quickly became expanded to mean even slight physical or emotional harm or discomfort. Thus the increasing belief among the far left that words can be “violence” – not “violent,” mind you, but actual, literal violence.

In the other direction, the definition of “hero” has been expanded to mean just about anything. Every teacher, firefighter and police officer is now considered a “hero.” This isn’t to downplay or minimize the importance of these roles in our society. It’s simply to point out that “hero” just doesn’t mean what it used to 100 or even 30 years ago.

Once this expansion of a term occurs, there is never any kind of retraction. Trauma now means just about anything, and violence will soon be expanded to include lawful, peaceful speech that one disapproves of. Once this happens, there will be no going back. In the words of Sam Harris:

“We (as a society) have to be committed to defending free speech however impolitic, or unpopular, or even wrong because defending that is the only barrier to violence. That's because the only way we can influence one another short of physical violence is through speech, through communicating ideas. The moment you say certain ideas can't be communicated you create a circumstance where people have no alternative but to go hands on you.”

It is extremely dangerous to begin labelling everything as violence for reasons of free speech, but perhaps even more dangerous is the notion that when anything is violence, nothing is violence. Redefining words as “violence” means that we have little recourse for when actual violence occurs.

The Coddling of the American Mind notes some other concepts that are important as we speak of America’s obsession with “safety” above all else. First, that coddling combined with splintering means that people’s political views are much more like fanatical religious views than anything. They don’t see themselves as having to debate ideas or seek common ground. Rather, the opposing side and its proponents are seen as “dangerous” and must be discredited at all costs. It is worth noting that this is much more common among the left than the right or the center, which has now become more the place where “live and let live” types congregate.

The problem with this goes beyond simply being irritated by irrational people barking at you or at someone else: There is an entire generation of people who are seriously lacking in critical thinking skills. They think that labelling people and name-calling are excuses for a reasoned argument. In the words of Voltaire, “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.”

These problems are hardly confined to political radicalism or academia. Indeed, the corporate sector is no stranger to this kind of safety obsession. There is the phenomenon of “woke capital,” where the corporations find the latest celebrity cause-du-jour and use it as a marketing strategy.

There is currently an extreme risk aversion in management science. Companies will now do basically anything to avoid “a kid getting hurt” or someone’s delicate sensibilities being offended.

Education from kindergarten up to the universities is increasingly about teaching doctrines and ideology, rather than critical thinking and problem solving skills. All of this is a dangerous admixture that combines the full weight of the academic, cultural and business elites in this country. And its consequences are far reaching.

Trigger Warnings and Safe Spaces

Bubble-Wrapped Americans: How the U.S. Became Obsessed with Physical and Emotional SafetyFor those unaware, a “trigger warning” is a person’s advisory that disturbing content is going to be posted. However, in an example of concept creep, the meaning of “disturbing” has become expanded to mean, well, just about anything that might offend a leftist. It is also sometimes known as a “content warning,” “TW” or “CW.”

A similar concept is that of a “safe space.” What used to be a term used for a place where people in actual danger of physical harm could express themselves, a “safe space” now means a place where there is no room for disagreement or questions because language is literally violence.

This might all sound very silly and we definitely agree that it is. However, it is quickly becoming de rigeur not just in academia, which is increasingly functioning as a bizarre combination of a daycare center for 21 year olds and an indoctrination program, but also in the corporate world and in the media.

It’s not surprising that such foolishness has reached our corporate elites, because so many figures within that world come from the Ivy League. Harvard Law, for example, was the center of a controversy where they were urged not to teach rape law or even use the word “violate” (which makes it pretty hard to talk about violations of the law). A Harvard professor argued that greater anxiety among students to discuss complicated and nuanced séxual assault cases was impeding the ability of professors to adequately teach their students. This in turn would lead to poorly prepared attorneys for rape victims in the future.

Beyond a simple discussion in the academic sphere, there are student groups on campus who urge students not to attend or participate in class discussions focused on séxual violence. The same student groups advocate for warning students in advance so they can skip out on class and even to exclude “triggering” material from tests. Once again, the real victims here are the victims of séxual assault whose attorneys will be ill-prepared to advise them, to say nothing of the cumulative effect on the prosecutorial environment.

Northwestern University professor Laura Kipnis was subject to a lengthy investigation by a kangaroo court and frivolous Title IX complaints over an article she wrote for The Chronicle of Higher Education about campus séx panics. Top comedians like Chris Rock now refuse to perform on college campuses, a place that has typically been their bread and butter.

Another key term to understand here is “microaggressions” which means just about anything. Offensive statements under this umbrella include things like “I don’t see race,” “America is the land of opportunity” and “I believe the most qualified person should get the job.”

To readers of Generation X or older, this all might sound like a resurgence of political correctness and, indeed, to some extent it is. However, there is something different about the current anti-speech craze sweeping not just campuses, but also boardrooms: Political correctness was, at least in theory, about the elimination of so-called “hate speech” (for example, using “mentally disabled” instead of “retarded” or “little person” instead of “midget”) and also about broadening the canon of literature to include more women and minorities.

One doesn’t need to agree with either objective or be as generous as we are to see that the West has entered a new, accelerated and intensified version of the old political correctness that is qualitatively more dangerous. The “safe spaces” phase of this is about eliminating anything and everything that might be emotionally troubling to students on campus.

This assumes a high degree of fragility among American college students. But perhaps this assumption isn’t totally off base.

The Road to Safety Obsession

Bubble-Wrapped Americans: How the U.S. Became Obsessed with Physical and Emotional SafetyIf you were born before 1985 or so, your childhood was vastly different than of those born after you. As a child, you probably came and went as you pleased, letting your parents know where you were going, who you would be with and when you might be home. You rode your bike without a helmet and if you were bullied at school there’s a good chance that you view this as a character-building experience, not one of deep emotional trauma.

So what happened?

A few things. First, in 1984, the “missing child” milk carton was introduced. America became obsessed with child abduction in response to several high-profile child kidnappings over the period of a few years. Etan Platz, Adam Walsh and Johnny Gosch are just three of the names known to Americans during this time period. In September 1984, the Des Moines, Iowa-based Anderson Erickson Dairy began printing the pictures of Johnny Gosch and Eugene Martin on milk cartons. Chicago followed suit, then the entire state of California. In December 1984, a nationwide program was launched to keep the faces of abducted children front and center in the American mind.

The milk cartons didn’t find many kids, but they did create the panic of “stranger danger,” where children were taught to fear strangers even though the lion’s share of child abduction, molestation and abuse comes from friends, family and other trusted figures such as public school teachers or camp counselors. Most missing children in America are runaways and in 99 percent of all child abductions, the perpetrator is a non-custodial father. There is at least one case of “stranger danger” being harmful – a lost 11-year-old Boy Scout who thought his rescuers were looking to kidnap him.

Some of the protocols established out of this were useful, such as AMBER Alerts and Code Adam. Awareness of child abduction in general was raised and as a result there’s significantly fewer child abductions today than there were in 1980. Indeed, stranger abduction is incredibly rare in the United States. But this has come with a dark side.

You might be familiar with the myriad of cases in suburban America where children playing alone are arrested by the police because they don’t have adult supervision. The parents are then questioned by the police or, in some cases, the state’s Child Protective Services.

There was also the panic after the mass shooting at Columbine High School, which led to the bubble wrapping of schools alongside the home. “Zero tolerance” policies were implemented alongside school-wide peanut butter bans.

And so the result is that there are at least two generations of American children raised in a protective net so tight that they not only have trouble expressing themselves, but also being exposed to failure and discomfort. What began as a good-faith effort to prevent child abduction and increase overall child welfare has ended up, as a side effect, creating a world where children were raised in such safety that they can’t even handle being upset.

This has not only insulated children from the consequences of their own actions and the normal pains of growing up, but also gives the impression that no matter what their problems, “adults” are ready to step in and save the day at any moment.

It’s worth noting that, in recent years, there has been a sharp rise in mental illness among young people, both on campus and off, including those with severe mental health problems.

Cops and the 24-Hour News Cycle

Bubble-Wrapped Americans: How the U.S. Became Obsessed with Physical and Emotional SafetyThere are two other cultural phenomena worth exploring: The television series Cops and the 24-hour cable news cycle. As of April 2020, Cops is still on the air, having moved from Fox to Spike TV in 2013.

Cops was more than just a TV series, it was a cultural phenomenon that changed television. The cinéma vérité style used by the show was to be copied in the 90s by virtually every reality show you can name. Curiously, it came out around the same time that crime rates had plummeted comparatively to the 70s and 80s. And just at that time, people started having the worst in human behavior beamed into their homes for entertainment every Saturday night.

At the same time, CNN was bringing news into your home 24 hours a day without end. This meant they had to fill programming around the clock – and most news is bad news. So in addition to a hugely popular program centered around chasing criminals in the act, Americans also had a constant stream of bad news and dangerous events pumped into their homes. The result was the end of the “free range child,” the kind who learned through play and discovered risk management through trial and error. This was replaced with children whose entire existence was micromanaged by adults, with little to no unsupervised play time.

The ability to learn through failure is a well-established principle going back to the Greeks, who called it pathemata mathemata (“guide your learning through pain”). The knowledge and wisdom gained through failure and pain are arguably more lasting and valuable than those learned in school.

The Generation Gap: Millennials and Gen Z

Older generations (Generation X and Baby Boomers) have a tendency to conflate Millennials and Gen Z (also known as “Zoomers”). However, there are two key differences, one cultural and one clinical: First, Zoomers are much more digital natives than their Millennial counterparts. They didn’t get constant internet access or mobile access at college. They’ve had it since they were in middle school in many cases.

While this is bound to create secondary cultural differences, we know of one clinical difference between Millennials and Zoomers: Zoomers are much more prone to mental illness, specifically depression, anxiety, alcoholism and self-harm.

Depression and anxiety in particular are through the roof for girls, with moderate increases for boys. While self-reported cases are up, we also have harder clinical data: There has been a 62 percent increase in hospital admissions.

The Baby Boomers and Gen Xers created an environment where it is safer than ever to be a child, but at what cost? There has been widespread and verifiable psychological damage done to the younger generation, which is likely being compounded by the coddling taking place in our nation’s universities.

Screen Time and Social Media

“Screen time” is the new obsession for parents, especially among, ironically, those who work in high-tech Silicon Valley jobs such as Steve Jobs, father of the iPhone. But there seems to be an emerging consensus among those who have actually studied the topic that the problem isn’t “screen time” per se, but rather the more specific use of it in the form of social media. This has been identified as the cause of depression and anxiety, particularly among girls.

Why is social media usage particularly impactful among girls? Dr. Haidt and others postulate that it’s because they are more sensitive to the “perfect” lives being lived by beautiful social media influencers – at least the lives that they lead online. What’s more, there is a lot of exclusion and bullying taking place on social media. In days past, you only heard about the party you didn’t get invited to, but now you get to watch it unfold in real time on Snapchat or other platforms. And cyberbullying is much harder to track and police than its real world equivalent.

There’s a related bubble wrapping going on with regard to a different sort of screen time: Kids today are often forbidden from playing with plastic guns or even finger guns. There is the notorious case of the 7-year-old child who was suspended for biting a Pop Tart toaster pastry into the shape of a gun. But millions of children come home (from the same schools where finger guns can warrant a suspension) to play Grand Theft Auto for hours on end.

Indeed, there is some evidence that suggests that violent movies and video games can trigger violent thoughts in some, but not all, people who view them. The National Institute of Mental Health has done an extensive study detailing the impact that violent media has on those who view it.

Read the rest here...

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An Open Letter To Britain And The British People,

Awhile ago I wrote an article with a similar title that got a certain amount of circulation. Consider this a post Brexit  update, because there's a lot that hasn't changed. Even worse, the disease is beginning to effect America.

 I write this with mixed feelings. While I have a number of British friends and acquaintances, I’m afraid I have little respect left as a whole for what Britain has become today.

What inspired this update was something Katie Hopkins wrote recently that is well worth reading. It's about this little 7 year old, Emily Jones:

 This adorable child was enjoying a sunny spring day with her family at Queen’s Park in Heaton, Bolton on March 22 when a 30-year-old Somali woman sitting on a bench near by stabbed the girl in the neck for no reason at all in front of her family. Emily was rushed to a nearby hospital but  died shortly afterwards.

 As Police officer Rebecca Gardner told the court, ‘Emily was on her scooter playing. As she rode past a wooden bench, a female sat on the bench and suddenly attacked Emily, stabbing her in the neck, causing catastrophic injury.’

Her killer was an illegal migrant who was allowed into the UK for goodness knows why. It's known that the police have admitted they were aware of her, had her 'on our radar.' So why didn't they do something about it?  Why?Because that's how it is in the UK nowadays. The killer's  identity is being hidden by the powers that be and  the media of course is  burying the story and of course the details about her murderer,  allowing her to hide behind her race and  religion. Meanwhile, her lawyers are pushing to get her off based on how “mentally ill” the Somali murderer is. The fact that she was in the UK illegally and the police knew is somehow not important in the least.

As you can see, nothing much has changed since I wrote the original article.

Can you just picture how different things would be if  a white British male had done this to a Muslim child? Or if her father had seen this beast pull out her knife, pushed little Emily out of the way and terminated the killer or even struck her? In either case, it would be front page news on the BBC and every British newspaper,complete with pictures of the killer and his identity would be revealed. If it had been Emily's dad, the fact that he was defending his little daughter from a vicious killer would mean very little. He'd be in jail for a long spell. And since most of Britain's citizens have been disarmed, there's probably very little her father or mother could have done to defend her and save her life anyway.

America is by no means immune to this darkness.  Five chassidic Jewish men, most of them elderly were recently attacked brutally by a black man armed with a machete in Monsey, New York. In spite of there being no question about the killer's identity or motive, (the 'suspect'  Grafton Thomas was found with his victim's blood all over him as well as the murder weapon). He also tried to run into a synagogue and attack but someone inside managed to close the door first.Public defender Kristine Ciganek argued her client had no criminal history and lived with his mother. Actually he had been charged previously with menacing and reckless endangerment charges lodged against him, which were  to be dismissed  if he avoided legal trouble.

The police investigation also found that Grafton Thomas had a major fixation on Jews, including reading Mein Kampf and some of Hitler's speeches as well as visiting a number of anti-semitic websites and keeping a journal of his sick ideas. When asked why he had done what he did, he replied "I just wanted to change the complexion of society."

 Thomas entered a not guilty plea, of course. And his lawyer's case, of course, is that he was 'mentally unstable and thus not responsible.'

Believe or not, this man was released without bail thanks to New York state's new laws. Read the list at the link.You won't believe what you can get away within New York state. The judge also ruled that Grafton Thomas would undergo a psychiatric evaluation. Rest assured he will likely be acquitted.
And this is by no means an isolated instance.

Here's food for thought. If people like these really are capable of this kind of violence because of their mental state, why keep them around? Don't we put rabid animals to sleep, especially if they have attacked  humans? Why not eliminate violent thugs in cases like these where there's no doubt? Why should they have even years of life in prison, something denied to Emily Jones simply because she came within reach of a murderous beast? And why not return to the old ways of capital punishment, which actually were something of a deterrent?

 Great Britain was once one of the free, civilized nations of the world, a country that exemplified the rule of law and the love of freedom. As many of you may now understand, that isn’t true anymore, and that saddens me.

The Brexit fiasco is a good example.Years after the British people voted to sever ties with the EU, the British government and Theresa May were more than willing to surrender British sovereignty to Brussels and to Germany and agreed to a ‘transition period’ lasting until 2022, with the UK following all EU policies without having any voice in making them. Among other things, the UK would not have been able to even regain full control of UK fisheries.

Not only that, but Britain’s borders would have been required to remain open to Muslim migrants and ‘refugees’ for the entire period. And all European Union citizens and ‘residents’ coming to the United Kingdom through this period into the 2020’s were to have full rights forever, under what the European Union’s chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier called a “new resident status,” saying this would give those citizens “legal certainty.”

Apparently the powers that be in the UK decided that the EU's idea that UK was to have no say in who comes to Britain, or how long they can stay was a good one...and so was not having  any power to remove them.  Allahu Akbar!

Well, Brexit finally went through, though it took a lot more time and another election. But the essential issue still remains.If you think Britain has a problem with restive Muslim migrants now, just wait a few years as even more of them flock to the UK. They’re already out breeding you, and given the large number of them on the dole, you’re paying through the nose to facilitate the takeover of your own country.

 Image result for islamism in the uk

And public safety? A lot of your police even now were prepared to follow orders and protect their jobs and pensions by keeping quiet and hiding something they knew full well was going on…Muslims gangs raping literally hundreds of British underage girls and using them as prostitutes. Nothing has ever been done about this for the most part, and any one who risked their freedom Like Tommy Robinson, any journalist like Katie Hopkins who refused to keep quiet, and any teacher, social worker or government employee who tried to draw attention to this atrocity lost jobs, were demoted and in some cases lost their freedom.

Your police have even stooped to the level of obeying orders from their superiors not to prosecute Muslims for clear violations of British law!

Since it’s a bit hard to decipher in places because it was obviously recorded clandestinely, I’ll tell you what’s on this video. Muslims have been publicly praying in a Royal Park in London, which is a blatant violation of British law. London’s Metropolitan Police have deliberately refrained from enforcing that law, but in this case, the police are caught red handed. First, the police try to lie and claim the law doesn’t exist until someone actually reads them the exact wording and statute number. Then they finally admit that they have orders from their superiors not to enforce the law against Muslims and only Muslims!

(Apparently the powers that be at YouTube agreed with me that this was a blatant admission of how the British police have been ordered to behave and yanked it.)

Then, the police sergeant keeps asking this brave thought criminal to give him her ‘details’ which she wisely refuses to do, especially since she’s also surrounded by a number of outraged, aggressive Muslims. And anyway, giving your real name and address to London’s police in these situations when you’re already labeled an ‘Islamophobe’ and a ‘racist’ has consistently proven to be unwise.

How many other laws have your police been instructed to ignore when it comes to Muslims?

Do you really think this situation isn’t going to get even worse in the future you have coming unless you do something about it? The British Police are going out of their way to recruit more Muslim police officers as I write this. And rest assured that a number of them will be fast tracked for promotion and supervisory positions, particularly in London and other cities Muslims now dominate. As this process matures, for the most part the police will defend you even less in the future than they do now.

Once Islam really takes over your country, you will fear to even let your daughters, sisters or wives walk to school or to market. British girls will be abducted off the streets, gang raped, and beaten until they are forced to say the shehadah* and covert to Islam. And after that, they will be ‘married’ to one of the perpetrators and you will never even be allowed to see them again without their lord and master’s consent. You think I’m exaggerating? This has already happened to a great many Christian girls living in Egypt, Pakistan and other Muslim dominated countries. Do you think it won’t happen in Britain? Do you imagine your churches won’t be bombed or burned to the ground? They will.

This is what’s coming unless you stop it. If you don’t, you really have only three choices. You can surrender, flee if you can, or fight. Surrendering involves either converting to Islam or living the life of a dhimmi, without even the right to testify in court. And you'll be paying the jizrah tax to your Muslim overlords for the privilege of living according to their whims. Fleeing would mean migrating to Australia, New Zealand, Canada or America for the most part, assuming you can get in.If you can’t or won’t do either and you don’t fancy the life of a slave, the remaining choice is to fight. And the longer you avoid it, the tougher it’s going to be.

There are several serious obstacles you will need to overcome if you choose the third option. First, you have allowed yourselves to be disarmed, and that will need to change. Second you need to organize, and given the placid response by the British people to what’s been done to you so far, arousing them may take some doing. If the death of Emily Jones and the scandal of how your police covered up the sex grooming gangs hasn't roused them, I'm not sure what will. A society that refuses to protect its women and children is a conquered one. Is it any wonder some of your new 'residents' are acting in this way?

If you Brits wake up,  these obstacles can be overcome at this point, because you are the many and they are the few. And yes, by ‘they’ I also include the power structure and their hirelings who have brought a once proud and free nation to this point.

Arming yourselves is imperative, and not all that difficult. Basic but effective firearms can be constructed with a little knowledge, a secure workplace and some basic tools. They can also be stolen or smuggled in if necessary. You might also find that a lot of your fellow Brits have guns and ammo stowed away after reporting them as ‘lost’ or ‘stolen.’

There are also other weapons that can be easily obtained that are still quite effective and have advantages of their own. Crossbows are silent, accurate, easy to use and fairly deadly. A metal bolt from a modern crossbow can go through the walls of an average house or office. And they also have the advantage of leaving no powder traces or other telltale signs of being used, as well as no revealing flash at night to show where the shot came from. Modern re-cranking tools also make reloading a lot easier than it used to be. Swords, knives, axes and machetes can also be quite effective in the right time and place.

Your organizing should be on two levels, public and private. The public side might include politicians like the more nationalistic Tories, as well as UKIP and other parties and politicians willing to put aside their petty differences and unite. You may even find Muslims who came to the UK to leave behind things like sharia, jihad and honor killings willing to unite with you.

Obviously,while there are many nationalistic Tories, the party itself has done fairly little to date when it comes to the real problem. You need to insist on it. Nothing scares a politician as much as  organized voters telling them they'll be out of a job unless they deal with this NOW. If you aren't able to do this, the alternative,of course, is that the UK will eventually have a pro-Islamist Labour Prime Minister, perhaps even London Mayor Saddiq Kahn. And if the present mayor stays in power in London and people like him rule other Muslim majority cities, what do you think your lives will be like?

The private side is something else again, and calls for a fair amount of security and secrecy.
Back when Britain was in danger of being invaded by the Nazis, PM Winston Churchill put together an entire system of secret cells of resistance fighters throughout Britain, men with training in covert sabotage, assassination and other resistance activities who had secret, well hidden locations stocked with arms, explosives, food and ammo. Fortunately, they never had to be used but such a system would have been quite effective if the Nazis had actually invaded. Keeping the groups in small cells ensured that if any of them were captured, they would be able to give up only the members of their own cells at worst, no matter what was done to them. It’s a system worth exploring. And if you look around carefully, you might just find some of the old hands still alive from WWII or more recent conflicts like the Falklands or AfPak who would be willing to pass on a few tricks from their training.

Just so no one faints away from shock, I’m not talking about an insurrection. This can still be handled politically at this time. But I am talking about preparedness, which is always a virtue, especially for a free people. It often prevents totalitarian politicians from pursuing their heart’s desire.
Thomas Jefferson had something to say about that once: "What country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance. Let them take arms." 

George Mason, another of the founders also put it quite well: "To disarm the people is the most effectual way to enslave them."

Think about it.

Finally, leadership. I have an admission to make here. While you finally appear to have found some leadership in Boris Johnson, it remains to be seen what he will do about the present situation. It seems like anyone who challenges what is being done to Britain these days is simply declared a ‘racist,’ fired and/or disgraced if they’re lucky and threatened – sorry, ‘cautioned’ – by the police, fined or even imprisoned if they’re not so lucky. And if they’re not UK citizens and try to enter the country to give a speech, be interviewed or attend a conference,  they’re detained and then thrown out of the country with zero due process for what Mao’s Red Guard would have called ‘incorrect thought.’

Here in America, we have a president, Donald Trump who seems to champion exactly the policies that  are likely what the UK  needs to be rescued…a stop to importing Muslim migrants from some of the most violent, dangerous countries in the world, better vetting of migrants who were or are allowed in, a nationalist foreign policy, a strong military, defense of American workers and a championing of the right of the American people to be armed and  able to defend themselves.
Is it any wonder your press and your political leaders and overlords despise President Trump? That they insult him and paint him in the worst colors, that they defame him even to the point of demanding he be barred from coming to the UK?

President Trump might not be perfect, because no president is. But just look at the political leaders you have! They’re actually engaged in the process of turning Britain from a free country into something far different, a nouveau version blending the worst elements of  1984 with A Clockwork Orange, except this time with Alex, Dim and his pals having names like Mohammed and Abdullah. I doubt even George Orwell’s or Anthony Burgess’s imagination stretched that far. And let’s not forget, you voted for this. You chose them as your leaders. What were you thinking???

Leadership is a funny thing. It can come from someone in an obvious position who steps forward in time of need, or from someone previously despised and rejected before, like Sir Winston Churchill. It can come from a military figure or a politician. It can even come out of nowhere when you least expect it. But you need to find it, and fast. Or perhaps, if you’re fortunate, it will find you at your hour of need.

In the end, the choice is up to you. What is your freedom worth to you, your children and your children’s children? Is this future I’ve painted above really what you want for yourselves and your posterity?

For what it’s worth, I’m hoping you get back up off the floor and win this one…for your own sake.And for Freedom's.After all, you’ve done it before.
Rob Miller

Rob Miller writes for Joshuapundit. His articles have appeared in The Jerusalem Post, The Washington Examiner, American Thinker, The Los Angeles Times, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The San Francisco Chronicle, Real Clear Politics, The Times Of Israel, The Times of Israel, Breitbart.Com, Yediot and other publications.

Monday, March 30, 2020

Hate Israel? Read this


Think that Israel is strictly a parasite on the American taxpayer? Think we shouldn't help Israel or be its ally? Hate Israel? Read this.

 Lots of people, mostly Democrats have no love lost for Israel and attack it every chance they get. They spout the fable that Israel does nothing for us and that we should break all ties with them. They especially hate President Trump, because he's the most pro Israel president we've had in the oval office for decades.

As far as 'doing nothing for America' well, that nonsense is easily refuted.

But all that aside, Israel has done something unique for America.

In spite of Israel's own problems with the Wu Han coronaviris, Israeli generic drug giant Teva announced Friday that they will be sending ten million doses of its anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine to America. Six million doses will be delivered to US hospitals by March 31, and more than ten million in a month.

And they're letting us have it for free, at no cost.

The hydroxychloroquine molecule, also used for decades in autoimmune diseases like lupus or rheumatoid arthritis, has been shown to have an effect  on the elimination of the virus, said Professor Didier Raoult, director of France’s Institut Hospitalo Universitaire (IHU) for the study of infectious diseases.

According to the study carried out by Prof. Raoult on 24 patients with coronavirus, six days after the start of taking hydroxychloroquine, the virus had disappeared in three-quarters of people treated.Considering that the virus is most harmful to the elderly, that's not bad odds. There have also been successes here in America. Three international studies found chloroquine along with Azithromycin was successful in treating the coronavirus. Australia has also reported a good ratio of success using this drug.

Once again, President Trump seems to be proven right again and the Democrats and their lackeys who work in the left wing media are shown up for exactly what they are, people who will do anything the climb to power by utilizing a crisis.

And the Israeli scientist say they're very close to a vaccine.According to David Zigdon, the Chief Operating Officer of the institute where the research is being done, the vaccine will be administered orally. He stated, “there is a great need for an immediate solution to human infection of coronavirus, and we have been working to do that nonstop. The solution we are developing against COVID-19 virus has proven effective, and we believe a version for human treatment can be ready within eight to 10 weeks. That would be followed by a 90-day test period to ensure safety. The treatment we developed for birds is given orally, and the treatment we are developing for humans will also be given orally.”

That was at the end of watch the news. 

It's at times like this when you find out who your friends really are, isn't it? Remember this the next time you hear some hater trashing Israel

The LORD had said to Abram, “leave your country, your people and your father’s household and go to the land I will show you.

“I will make you into a great nation

and I will bless you;

I will make your name great,

and you will be a blessing.

I will bless those who bless you,

and whoever curses you I will curse;

and all people’s on earth will be blessed through you.”

Genesis 12:1-3

Rob Miller
Rob Miller writes for Joshuapundit. His articles have appeared in The Jerusalem Post, The Washington Examiner, American Thinker, The Los Angeles Times, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The San Francisco Chronicle, Real Clear Politics, The Times Of Israel, Breitbart.Com, Yediot and other publications.

Friday, January 03, 2020

New York's Bail Reform Law And The War On Jews

 The new New York State 'bail reform' law that took effect as of January 1 2020 is one of the most blatant examples of political pandering and disregard for public safety imaginable. Aside from allowing hundreds of felons out on the streets immediately, it guarantees that many more will not be convicted or serve any time at all.

 It eliminates pretrial detention and any requirement for bail for what Governor Cuomo and the Democrats who now run both houses of state government call  'misdemeanor and non-violent felony cases.' It also makes any sort of prosecution for a number of crimes extremely difficult. Calling them  'non-violent misdemeanor crimes' not involving physical harm to victims is ridiculous. Many of them definitely involve potentially severe physical, emotional and psychological harm and in many cases lifetime damage.

Note the ones I highlight...

Here Are All The Crimes That Now Fall Under The Bail Reform Law:
  • 2nd degree Burglary of a residence
  • 2nd degree Burglary as a Hate Crime
  • 3rd degree Burglary of a commercial building
  • 3rd degree Burglary as a Hate Crime
  • 2nd degree Robbery aided by another person
  • 2nd degree Robbery as a Hate Crime
  • 3rd degree Robbery
  • Criminal sale of a controlled substance (multiple counts)
  • Using a child to commit a controlled substance crime
  • Criminal possession of a controlled substance (multiple counts)
  • Criminal sale of a controlled substance in or near a school
  • Criminal injection of a controlled substance into another person
  • Criminal sale of a controlled substance to a child
  • Criminal sale of a prescription for a controlled substance by a pharmacist
  • Criminal possession or creation of Methamphetamines
  • 3rd degree Assault
  • 3rd degree Assault as a Hate Crime
  • Reckless Assault of a child by a day care provider
  • Reckless Assault of a child
  • Stalking (multiple counts)
  • Stalking as a Hate Crime (multiple counts)
  • Vehicular Assault (multiple counts)
  • Aggravated Vehicular Assault
  • Aggravated Assault on a child under 11 years-old
  • Aggravated Assault on a child under 11 years-old as a Hate Crime
  • Menacing (multiple counts)
  • Menacing as a Hate Crime (multiple counts)
  • Reckless Endangerment (multiple counts)
  • Promoting a suicide attempt
  • 1st degree Stalking while committing a sex offense
  • Criminal Obstruction of Breathing
  • Criminally Negligent Homicide
  • 2nd degree Vehicular Manslaughter
  • Aggravated Vehicular Manslaughter
  • 2nd degree Manslaughter
  • Unlawful Imprisonment (multiple counts)
  • Unlawful Imprisonment as a Hate Crime (multiple counts)
  • Aggravated Labor Trafficking
  • Custodial Interference (multiple counts)
  • Substitution of children
  • Coercion (multiple counts)
  • Coercion as a Hate Crime (multiple counts)
  • Criminal Trespass (multiple counts)
  • Criminal Trespass as a Hate Crime (multiple counts)
  • Possession of burglar’s tools
  • Unlawful possession of a police scanner
  • Criminal Mischief (multiple counts)
  • Criminal Mischief as a Hate Crime (multiple counts)
  • Criminal Tampering (multiple counts)
  • Cemetery Desecration (multiple counts)
  • Aggravated Cemetery Desecration (multiple counts)
  • Reckless Endangerment of property
  • Tampering with a consumer product (multiple counts)
  • Graffiti
  • Possession of Graffiti tools
  • 3rd degree Arson
  • 4th degree Arson
  • 5th degree Arson
  • 3rd degree Arson as a Hate Crime
  • 4th degree Arson as a Hate Crime
  • 5th degree Arson as a Hate Crime
  • Grand Larceny (multiple counts)
  • Grand Larceny at a Hate Crime (multiple counts)
  • Aggravated Grand Larceny of an ATM
  • Petit Larceny
  • Petit Larceny as a Hate Crime
  • Computer Tampering (multiple counts)
  • Computer Trespass
  • Unauthorized use of a computer
  • Unlawful duplication of computer materials (multiple counts)
  • Welfare Fraud (multiple counts)
  • Criminal use of a public benefits card (multiple counts)
  • Criminal possession of a public benefits card (multiple counts)
  • Unauthorized use of a vehicle (multiple counts)
  • Auto stripping (multiple counts)
  • Theft of services
  • Unauthorized use of a credit card
  • Jostling
  • Fraudulent Accosting
  • Criminal Possession of Stolen Property (multiple counts)
  • Forgery (multiple counts)
  • Criminal possession of a forged instrument (multiple counts)
  • Criminal possession of forgery devices
  • Criminal possession of a Vehicle ID Number
  • Forgery of a Vehicle ID Number
  • Falsifying business records (multiple counts)
  • Tampering with public records (multiple counts)
  • Offering a false instrument for filing (multiple counts)
  • Insurance Fraud (multiple counts)
  • Health insurance fraud (multiple counts)
  • Criminal diversion of prescription medications (multiple counts)
  • Commercial bribery (multiple counts)
  • Rent Gouging (multiple counts)
  • Residential mortgage fraud (multiple counts)
  • Aggravated identity theft (multiple counts)
  • Bribery (multiple counts)
  • Perjury (multiple counts)
  • Bail jumping (multiple counts)
  • Obstructing governmental administration (multiple counts)
  • Obstructing governmental administration with a self-defense spray device
  • Killing a Police Dog or Police Horse
  • Obstructing emergency medical services
  • Obstructing governmental services with a bomb
  • Escape (multiple counts)
  • Promoting prison contraband (multiple counts)
  • Resisting arrest
  • Hindering prosecution (multiple counts)
  • Making a false sworn statement
  • Bribing a witness
  • Receiving a bribe as a witness
  • Bribing a juror
  • Receiving a bribe as a juror
  • Providing a juror with a gratuity
  • Tampering with a juror (multiple counts)
  • Tampering with physical evidence
  • Compounding a crime
  • 1st degree Criminal Contempt – refusing to be sworn in as a witness
  • 2nd degree Criminal Contempt
  • ALL Gambling offenses
  • ALL Prostitution offenses
  • Providing indecent material in minors (multiple counts)
  • Riot (multiple counts)
  • Criminal Anarchy
  • Harassment (multiple counts)
  • Harassment as a Hate Crime (multiple counts)
  • Aggravated Harassment (multiple counts)
  • Aggravated Harassment as a Hate Crime (multiple counts)
  • Aggravated Harassment of an employee by an inmate
  • Criminal nuisance (multiple counts)
  • Falsely reporting a crime
  • Pointing a laser at an aircraft (multiple counts)
  • Harming a service animal (multiple counts)
  • Public lewdness
  • Illegal eavesdropping
  • Dissemination of unlawful surveillance (multiple counts)
  • Non-support of a child (multiple counts)
  • Endangering the welfare of a child
  • Assisting in female genital mutilation
  • Endangering the welfare of an incompetent or physically disabled person
  • Endangering the welfare of a vulnerable elderly person
  • Endangering the welfare of a disabled person (multiple counts)
  • Promoting an obscene sexual performance by a child
  • Possession of an obscene sexual performance by a child
  • Promoting a sexual performance by a child
  • Possessing a sexual performance by a child
  • 4th degree Criminal possession of a weapon
  • Criminal possession of a weapon on school grounds
  • Criminal possession of a firearm
  • 3rd degree Criminal possession of a weapon
  • Criminal purchase or disposal of a weapon
  • Unlawfully wearing a body vest
  • Unlawfully fleeing a police officer in a vehicle (multiple counts)
  • Enterprise corruption
  • Money Laundering (multiple counts)
  • Money Laundering in support of terrorism (multiple counts)
  • Corrupting the government (multiple counts)
  • Criminal solicitation (multiple counts)
  • Conspiracy (multiple counts)
  • Conspiracy as a Hate Crime (multiple counts)
  • Criminal facilitation (multiple counts)

If you look at the list carefully, there are any number of these 'misdemeanors' capable of doing immense harm to people. And others that freely allow people to tamper with the justice system to make sure they can get off and can't be prosecuted.

It's absurd...unless  you're  a Left wing Democrat politician catering to the very demographic that votes for him or her.

You see, if you are a Left leaning Democrat and counting votes, it makes sense...especially if you are a cop hater like De Blasio.

 For several months now, Hassidic Jews have been getting attacked on New York streets.Almost every incident has been caught on video from some street security camera system. Each and every video has proven shown that the attacker is not a White Supremacist.

Look carefully at the offenses above. Isn't it interesting that the new laws on immediate release with no bail or incarceration pushed through by Democrats mostly effect demographics they depend on for votes? And victimize groups that predominantly vote Republican these religious Orthodox Jews?

There has been a whole spate of violent attacks on Orthodox Jews in neighborhoods like Queens, Crown Heights and other parts of Brooklyn. And any number of vandalizing of Jewish cemeteries, synagogues and other Jewish community buildings. And violent attacks like the one in Monsey that involved a machete bearing African-American man attacking a party in a Rabbi's home on Hanukkah, a brick dropped from a building that killed a prominent Jewish woman in the community, and numerous examples of the knockout game, where elderly Jews are targeted for beatings.

Almost all of these crimes have been committed by a certain demographic.

 The Pew Research  Polling Institute polled American of every ethnic group except Muslims (I wonder why) and found that African Americans were the most likely to swallow anti-Jewish stereotypes of any American ethnicity they polled.

  Remember, most of the victims are Orthodox Jews and are very visible because of their dress.  As such, they're a perfect sacrifice to cater to certain  African Americans, and to some groups of Latinos and Muslims..why else do you think that rioting, vandalizing cemeteries and female genital mutilation are among the crimes which free perpetrators immediately? In addition not only are these crimes eligible, but any crimes including assaults, including sexual assaults and assaults on kids and manslaughter that are judged to be 'hate crimes' are exempt as well. 'Hate crimes' carry additional penalties. Apparently some folks are immune and others will be charged just because  they don't belong to certain groups and defended themselves.

And to add an extra bit of salt to the wound, these laws were constructed to make prosecution for these offenses extremely difficult. After all, perjury, bribing a witness, destroying physical evidence, and bribing a witness or a juror now effectively have no penalty, since you can do any of these things now and walk away free as a bird.

 And since the perps are walking around  free and their victims identity and addresses are no longer secret, there's nothing to stop them from accosting the victims with threats as to what will happen to them and their loved ones if they don't drop the charges. Or to approach witnesses with a similar message to convince them to forget what they saw.

The idea here is quite obvious. To get lots of potential Democrat voters out of jail and keep them there. And to get as many Jews as possible out of their traditional neighborhoods. And it's working. A lot of Jews who have lived in these areas for generations are leaving, especially in Brooklyn.

The solution? It isn't whining about anti-semitism, holding candlelight vigils or believing the garbage that comes out of the mouths of people like Mayor De Blasio or Governor Cuomo. It doesn't come from police patrols or additional security guards who won't be around forever. Trust me on that.

And especially, it doesn't come from passive acceptance.

What ends this sort of thing is when the sort of human beings who enjoy committing these crimes, actually fear some sort of consequences. At this point, there aren't any, especially now that this new law is being applied.

But an armed populace willing to provide some  consequences can end this quite quickly. A  wannabe  serial killer who walked into a Texas church found this out recently. He won't have to worry about bail or incarceration anymore. Or much of anything else. The congregation won't have to worry about him either. Amazing how a lead injection takes care of this sort of thing, once and for all.

Good Guy With a Gun Prevented Texas Church Shooting from ...

New York's Jews,  if not Jews everywhere should take a lesson from the story of Hanukkah they recently celebrated. Until the Jews started fighting back, they were viciously persecuted by their Seleucid Greek rulers. Once that started, things changed.

Thankfully,  some Jews already taken have that message to heart.

"When you are disarmed, you are not only defenseless but despised" -Machiavelli

Rob Miller
Rob Miller writes for Joshuapundit. His articles have appeared in The Jerusalem Post, The Washington Examiner, American Thinker, The Los Angeles Times, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The San Francisco Chronicle, Real Clear Politics, The Times Of Israel, Breitbart.Com, Yediot and other publications.

Monday, December 16, 2019

What The UK Election Really Means...And Why

The votes are in and the UK seems to finally have a new lease on life. Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party have a landslide victory in yesterday's UK election. Bojo's gamble has paid off wonderfully.Since Bojo took his canine friend into the voting booth with him, I hope whomever oversees these thing is on the lookout for paw prints on one of the ballots.

 Image result for Boris Johnson and dog

While some votes are still to be counted from some remote locations, the Tories have picked up 80 seats in Parliament giving them a huge majority of 365 seats based on the latest exit polls. Only 328 were needed for a majority.

Jeremy Corbyn and Labour ended up with 203 seats, a major loss from the 262 they had before.

What this means is that Brexit is finally going to become reality, 3 years after the British people voted for it. Bojo understands quite well that if he fails to deliver, the Tories will be voted back out again. For the Conservatives, this is the best performance since party icon Margaret Thatcher’s last victory in 1987.

Part of the reason is that a large number of the British working class turned against the radical left as personified by Jeremy  Corbyn and the Labour Party. Many of them voted to leave the EU. They were sick and tired of the never ending delays and stalls designed to make their votes null and void by the political elites among both the Tories and Labour.

Another reason is that Scotland, long a big source of Labour votes has now been almost entirely captured by the far Left socialist Scottish National Party (SNP). The SNP's chief cause is and has always been socialism and an independent Scotland. The SNP is also very anti-Brexit and wants to remain in the EU. As their leader Nicola Sturgeon said after the UK election, the results are not going to be binding on Scotland. Expect that to be one of the problems PM Johnson will have to deal with.

She and her fellow SNP members are of course ignoring two potent facts; first that the EU has a number of countries ahead of an independent Scotland for consideration for membership and second, that the EU accepting Scotland is not a done deal. Scotland now gets far more from the UK in financial aid than it pays in taxes and a divorce always involves certain expenses. The EU accepting an independent Scotland is by no means a sure thing since they're already dealing with a number of members who receive lots of financial aid as it is, and the North Sea oil is just about tapped out. So we'll see how that shakes out, aye Jimmy?

Another thing Bojo will have to deal with is trade treaties. The EU, led by French President Macron and Germany's Angela Merkel are already saying that a non-EU Britain will be an "economic competitor at our door."  Meanwhile, French President Emmanuel Macron (who you'd think would have other problems to worry about just now) said that  London would become an "unfair competitor". Bojo's idea is to complete both Brexit and the new trade treaties with the EU by the end of January.

Unlike Teresa May, his predecessor, he's not going to agree to paying 'alimony' of millions of pounds to the EU or to allow himself to be bullied into accepting the UK's compliance with laws it has no voice in making. In the event the EU insists on that, he might very well decide on a no-deal  Brexit and worry about the treaties later.

Where before the EU presented a take it or leave it deal to the UK, things have changed and they now are far more interested in what the 27 EU leaders called for "as close as possible a future relationship with the UK." Nor will their be any more nonsense about an Ireland 'back up.'

Many of the EU members need trade with the UK more than the UK needs trade with them.

Outside the UN new opportunities are also going to arise. Where before, trade with Asia and the US was subject to EU terms and conditions, now the UK can make it's own deals. Given how well President Trump and Boris Johnson already get along and the UK's relationship with Australia, Canada and other members of the Commonwealth, that's going to open up a lot of new opportunities.

 And an important aside, the UK will no longer be subject to the EU's positions and rules on accepting and keeping 'migrants' and so-called 'asylum seekers.' Teresa May was willing to accept this. Boris Johnson won't, and he made a point of that during the campaign. It's another reason he got elected.

What Boris Johnson and the Conservatives now represent is the promise of a new day for Britain. Like President Trump, he will be maligned and opposed by the Left. But then, so was Margaret Thatcher. If Bojo is as strong and determined as she was, the UK will be very fortunate. And for America,it means a new start on that special relationship.

Rob Miller
Rob Miller writes for Joshuapundit. His articles have appeared in The Jerusalem Post, The Washington Examiner, American Thinker, The Los Angeles Times, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The San Francisco Chronicle, Real Clear Politics, The Times Of Israel, Breitbart.Com, Yediot and other publications.

Monday, September 23, 2019

Explaining Israel's Elections

 BYU Antisemitism

It’s a bit complex, but I’ll take a shot at  explaining Israel’s elections.

Unlike America, Israel has a parliamentary system, an unfortunate inheritance from previous British rule.Among other things, that means multiple political parties rather than just two.

Israel, being a small country likewise lacks states and therefore, an electoral college. Instead, seats in the Knesset, Israel’s parliament are doled out based on the percentage of votes each party gets. Parties who get less than 3.5percent get zero seats, known in Israel as ‘mandates.’

To win and control the Knesset, a party needs 61 mandates out of 120. Since this rarely if ever happens, once the results are in the horsetrading starts, with the leading parties swapping cabinet positions (AKA portfolios) with other parties to get to 61.

Last time, no one party was able to get to 61 and form a government. Ditto this time, at least so far.

The two leading parties are Likud and a new left wing party called Blue and White. While most of the population voted for Right Wing and religious parties, they still lack 3 mandates. Blue and White lack a few more than that, but the only way they get even to that number is by bringing the anti-Israel Joint Arab List parties into government and of course, acceding to their demands. Blue And White leaders Benny Gantz and Yair (Tommy) Lipid already said they would bring the Arab parties  into  their coalition and comply with various demands. The Arab list concurred but changed their minds based on Gantz’s military record, ambivalent as it is.

The man who is really holding the cards is Avigdor Liberman, leader of Yisrael Beiteinu. This party is primarily a party of Russian immigrants to Israel and a Nationalist party on the right. They ordinarily would be in Likud’s governing coalition and with 7 mandates would give Netanyahu and Likud an easy majority. What’s stopping them is Liberman’s intense dislike of Netanyahu ever since Bibi fired him as Defense Minister. He also has resentment towards the religious right wing parties in Netanyahu’s coalition, and they return the favor. On to other hand, if he were to try and take his party into Ganz’s coalition,his party would likely revolt because of blue and White’s willingness to bring the anti-Israel Arab Parties into government. So he’s sitting tight and enjoying every minute of the chaos he’s creating.

This will likely end in one of these ways:
  • An uneasy ‘unity government ‘ that would  likely crash soon. After all, some 26% voted for the Blue and White party, but the Israeli electorate in general, and particularly the 75% who are Jews, voted  for continuing the country’s present abandonment of socialism and for right-wing parties.
  • Netanyahu going behind the scenes and getting those three mandates he needs from Liberman’s party by offering them ministries and positions.
  • Another election, something I doubt would happen but it is possible.
So that in a nutshell is my shot at explaining Israel’s Elections.

Rob Miller
Rob Miller writes for Joshuapundit. His articles have appeared in The Jerusalem Post, The Washington Examiner, American Thinker, The Los Angeles Times, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The San Francisco Chronicle, Real Clear Politics, The Times Of Israel, Breitbart.Com, Yediot and other publications.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Notre Dame Burns, And A Civilization With It


Today, Paris's centuries old cathedral Notre Dame caught on fire and is in the process of being destroyed. The world famous spire and roof of the Gothic cathedral are gone, and the wooden structure that's  supporting the roof is being destroyed by the blaze. It is quite likely that if Notre Dame is ever rebuilt, it will both take years, cost a great deal and lack the historic milleau of its predecessor, built in the 12th century and completed a century later. A century to build, a day to destroy...

Officially, the fire is being referred to by the authorities as an 'accident occurring while renovation work was in progress. ' While this might be true, the complete destruction involved is against it. To think of this as an accident is to assume the following:

1.The timing (holy week) and the recent previous vandalizing of Churches throughout France in recent weeks at Saint-Sulpice and Saint Denis (and its priceless pipe organ) are just, you know, coincidences. ( Just in passing, the media isn't reporting much on this)

2. The Muslims in Paris are very  peaceful, law abiding and respect other religions.

3 The construction crew doing the repairs would never hire Muslims.

3) No Muslim or Muslims would risk their jobs to  take the opportunity to destroy one of Christianity's most famous buildings in Holy Week.

4 The construct crew was so incompetent that they set multiple fires in different parts of the area they were working on...whoopsie.

Let's just say Je suis très sceptique. *

On the other hand, we all know the timing and the previous vandalism of France's churches is suspicious, also that generally, speaking many Muslims in Paris are neither peaceful, law abiding or respectful of other people's religions in the least. And that it Muslim migrants frequently are involved in construction work, and that any construction company entrusted with working on a famous landmark and a major tourist attraction would be chosen by the City of Paris based on their track record of safety and successful completion of jobs like this.

The last I heard, the fire had spread to Ile de la Cité, a pleasant little  island in the Seine within the city of Paris. The population of about 1,000 people has been evacuated. The Seine isn't particularly wide there, so there's the unpleasant possibility of spreading further.

Eh Bien, what happens if the authorities find out it was Muslims who burned down Notre Dame?
My guess would be nothing. Much of France's media has already bought into surrender, and President Macron's victory in what was one of France's few crooked elections was definitely helped by a Muslim block vote, especially in Paris and Marseilles. So in my opinion, no matter what this will be kept quiet and marked down as an accident...tres triste, n'est pah?**

Even if it does go public, the media will caution against, you know, hate speech. After all, what's a few centuries of civilization? Even Pope Francis would likely call for calm and tolerance.
What Hitler and the Nazis couldn't do, France's invited 'guests' seem to have begun, and not just in Paris. The match has been lit. We'll see what happens.

Update: Twitter and other social media are filed with French Muslim Arabs cheering the fire at Notre Dame. just mentioning this in passing .

* I'm very skeptical.
**Very sad, isn't it?

 Rob Miller

Rob Miller writes for Joshuapundit. His articles have appeared in The Jerusalem Post, The Washington Examiner, American Thinker, The Los Angeles Times, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The San Francisco Chronicle, Real Clear Politics, The Times Of Israel, Breitbart.Com, Yediot and other publications.

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Monday, April 15, 2019

Why Israel Voted For Life- The Real Story of Israel’s 2019 Elections

The Israeli 2019 elections are over, and in spite of all the nonsense in the garbage press, there’s only one major reason why it turned out as it did. In the end, Israel voted for life, plain and simple.

The results are as follows, but basically they can be understood as the collapse of the Israeli Left and a final verdict on the Left’s worst mistake… Oslo and the fallacy of the so called ‘two state solution.’

Bibi Netanyahu has won a record breaking fifth term as Israel’s prime minister. And the new government he will form will likely be further to the right, more nationalistic and much more stable then the current one with at least 65 seats or more. They may even get more because Israeli law specifies that those parties who fail to make the vote threshold (3.5%) must distribute their votes to another party.

The Blue and White Party, with former Labour General Benny Ganz and his co-chairman former TV Talking head Yair Lapid were supposed to win and oust Netanyahu. A lot of the Israeli press was touting them, since basically, the Blue and White party consisted of politicians who favored Oslo and the two state ‘land for peace’ solution. Ganz has always been noted for his hostility to Israelis who live in Judea and Samaria and Lapid’s sole claim to fame aside from his TV antics was that he was once finance minister as part of the usual Israeli political horse trading. I remember asking one of my Israeli friends in Lapid knew anything about finance.His response? “Well, I think maybe he knows how to use an ATM.’ Actually a pretty accurate answer as it turned out. In the end, they got 34 seats, almost all of them based on votes from Tel Aviv, which is almost akin to New York in terms of its politics. I doubt the Blue and White will be around for the next election. The entire Left coalition got perhaps 50 seats or so, including the Arab parties.

Israel’s Leftist Labour Party, which ruled the country for decades is essentially out of the picture. They won all of six seats in the new 120 member Knesset. The EU funded ultra Left Meretz Party had a grand total of four seats.

All the polls of the 2019 Israeli Elections had Blue and White leading Israel’s Left to victory.The press even trumpeted Israel’s attorney general’s last minute ‘indictments’ of Netanyahu for corruption, things that in most other countries would not even be questionable. Like our own president, Netanyahu has a lot of haters on the Left. Among his other sins, it was MIT grad Netanyahu who as finance minister rebuilt Israel’s economy by privatizing a number of things the government shouldn’t have been owning and encouraging entrepreneurship, pushing joint government and private industry projects, and generally turning Israel from a quasi-Socialist state with a struggling economy into the economic powerhouse it is today. The Left has never forgiven him.

So why did he win?

To understand that, you have to review both the past and the recent present.

The mantra of the Israeli Left was always 'land for peace.' The idea with Oslo was that this would work out like the deal with Egypt. There would be peace, and Israel's diplomatic status and image with foreign countries and the UN would be improved. Actually, that deal never really worked that way. Only since Egypt's Al Sissi took over has there been real co-operation between the two governments, based on a mutual distaste for Islamist terrorism.

The Camp David Accord was different because Anwar Sadat really wanted peace. Yasser Arafat was a Soviet trained terrorist who had no intention of it. It was President Bill Clinton who really created Oslo and gifted Arafat with his own kleptocrat fiefdom. Mr.Bill loved Yasser. He had him to the White house more than any other foreign dignitary, even though he knew Yasser Arafat had ordered two US diplomats tortured to death in the Sudan. And after Mr. Bill intervened in the Israeli elections to get Labour's Yitzhak Rabin elected, the time was right. Arafat, huddled away in Tunis with his small group of thugs was given territory to have as an autonomous region (not a sovereign state) in exchange for renouncing terrorism, avoiding incitement to violence and embracing peaceful co-existence.

Needless to say, he did nothing of the kind. The ensuing bloodbath and suicide bombings mounted up as the most appalling atrocities were committed while Rabin and the Labour Party talked about sacrifices for peace. And Israel's seeking peace resulted in even worse foreign relations with the EU and UN, demanding more and more concessions of Israel and only Israel.

The same thing happened after Gaza. The UN, President George W. Bush and his Roadmap and the EU all promised Gaza would strengthen Arafat as a gesture for peace, and that Gaza would never be allowed to become a security problem for Israel. None of those guarantees were worth the paper they were written on either.

Most Israelis realize now that the entire 'Oslo/Land for peace/ Two state solution'  nonsense is and always was a total fallacy. you can't allow a den of rattlesnakes or a pack of rabid dogs to live in your backyard and expect to have peace. It doesn't work that way. And tthat's really what Israel's 2019 elections were about.

Netanyahu announcing that he's going to annex the Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria and that he is committed to make them part of Israel is a major change. Among other things, it means those communities will be under Israeli law rather than military law. It gives them permanency.
Likewise, Netanyahu finally coming up with the courage to say there will be no 'Palestinian State' is also a major step. There's no reason for one and never has been, especially since Jordan gave these Arabs citizenship back in 1954 and most of these 'Palestinians'   still have it, including Mahmud Abbas. 'Palestine' has received more aid money than any other developing nation in history. What is there to show for it except some fat bank accounts in the EU and the Emirates? Nothing except a terrorist squat with murder for hire as its chief export.

The  Israeli 2019 elections were the  electorate finally saying 'Ani lo friar'*  once and for all. Recent terrorist attacks, including the brutal murder and rape of a nineteen-year- old girl and the murder of a Rabbi with ten children definitely help solidify this sentiment.

Another reason for Netanyahu's win is his diplomatic successes.  His relationships with the UN and some of the nations in the  the EU are a problem , but the relations to the UN and these particular EU Nations with any Israeli leader would be the same. They have their far Left and a lot of Muslim migrants to appease.

But Israel under Netanyahu has fostered very close relationships with Russia's Putin, India's Modi,  Brazil's Bolsanaro, numerous African nations, Australia's Scott Morrison, Egypt's Al Sissi and other Arab nations and of course, our own President Trump, Vice President Pence and the Republicans in congress. Ganz had zero foreign policy experience, and neither did Lapid.

And of course, Israel's economy remains robust.

So how will this affect America? In several ways.

First, it will definitely affect President Trump's deal of the century peace plan if it even gets aired. Since I doubt Netanyahu wouldn't have told President Trump what he had in mind beforehand, and the president has already confirmed that his plan does not require a 'Palestinian' state.That makes president Trump smarter than any President since Reagan, who said exactly the same thing about the necessity of such a thing.

I doubt this doesn't change a few things. But since Mahmoud Abbas has already said no to anything Trump comes up with, it's probably a dead issue.

Second, the recent anti-semitism coming from almost every Democrat running for president in 2020 and those of anti-semitic Democrat members of congress is going to be one more issue to divide things. Thanks mostly to Barack Hussein Obama, this stuff is now out in the open as the Democrat Party follows the trend set by the UK's Labour Party. The only Democrat presidential hopeful to go to AIPAC's convention was Cory Booker, who actually has a Jewish constituency in New Jersey. The rest boycotted it.  I expect this to continue as Israel haters  like Beto O'Rourke, Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg among others fight for the nomination. Buttigieg in  particular is the craftiest of the three, masking his contempt for Israel by attacking Netanyahu and thus claiming that attacking Israel's democratic choice 'isn't anti-semitism'  and pushing for that same old two state nonsense. I wonder if Buttigieg knows hoow gays are treated in 'Palestine?'

Beto actually called Netanyahu a racist.  BTW, anyone who thinks Mayor Buttigieg is the sort of person you want running America should check what he's done to South Bend, Indiana as mayor. The media's hushing this up, but I have a feeling it's going to come out as things heat up.

American Jews are going to become more divided...until they wake up. For many Jews in the past, especially those closest in age to the Holocaust, Israel was a major issue. It isn't anymore for a significant number of today's Jews, for various reasons.

There are a number of things responsible for the change.  As Israel went from a socialist, left leaning country to a more capitalist, nationalist state with a strong military most Israelis not only took pride in but served in it, many Jews who already leaned hard to the Left became estranged.

A large part of this increasing trend was the coverage Israel received from the media here in America. The New York Times and the alphabet networks were especially dishonest and repugnant, as was the BBC in Britain. Aside from demonizing Israel, they also sold the 'Palestinian' cause to these young Jews with the preconceived script of the Arab David versus the Israeli Goliath...carefully avoiding the vicious attacks on 'Goliath.' They also popularized the myth of Israel as 'occupier' and an 'apartheid state' committing 'war crimes.' This was the strategy of the Big Lie on steroids.

On universities where the Left had control (that is, most of them) Jewish students were made to feel uncomfortable by both radical professors and anti-Israel student groups. A great number of Mid East studies Departments were essentially bought by the Saudis for the express purpose of giving an academic luster to the 'anti-zionist ' agenda. This propaganda was especially well received by a number of black and other minority students, adding pressure to Jews to virtue signal by damning Israel and become part of the in crowd.

Finally, the nomination of Barack Hussein Obama served as a test for those 'good Jews' to virtue signal and vote for the first black president, even to the point of ignoring his many anti-semitic and anti-Israel mentors. His establishing J Street with the financial backing of anti-Israel billionaire George Soros gave many of these Jews a banner to march under to pretend they were pro-peace no matter how many of their fellow Jews the 'Palestinians' brutally murdered. These Jews simply made a choice - Obama over Israel. Not even Obama's appeasement of the genocidal Iranian regime made any difference. Many of them have made the same choice today...the resistance and the newly anti-Israel Democrat Party over pro-Israel President Trump. Will they continue to make that ultimately self hating and suicidal error? Time will tell. In the UK, it took awhile before Britain's Jews awoke to what Labour had become  and by then it was pretty much too late.

Interestingly enough, as a number of young American Jews go left, associate themselves with the increasingly anti-Israel Democrat Party  and distance themselves from Israel and religious observance, their contemporaries in Israel are doing exactly the reverse, getting closer to religion and moving right politically.

There's a reason for that.

While these young Israelis were too young to experience the signing of Oslo Accords in 1993 and 1995, these younger Israelis lots of them religiously observant to some degree, grew up with the consequences. They grew up with the so-called Second Intifada, which began in September 2000. they saw their friends and contemporaries murdered by Israel's 'peace partners and saw the government doing little about it. They went to the funerals of their friends murdered by homicide bombers and in many case experienced them firsthand, even though they survived.

Trust me, when you experience something like that and what it looks like, sounds like and smells like, it changes your entire perspective about 'land for peace' and 'the two state solution.' When you see parents sobbing over their dead children, when you see grown men in tears picking up their dead bodies while  you can actually hear the 'Palestinians' celebrating this in the distance all the rhetoric you've been fed by left wing politicians, the media and what's known as the international community is revealed as the horse manure it really is. You never forget. Never.

The Israeli Left is essentially history now.  The most Netanyahu's new government is going to allow is a small enclave in Area A where the majority of Arabs live, a place where they lack statehood but can run their lives domestically. and frankly, I wouldn't even give them that much. A 'Palestinian' enclave would simply be a cancer in an otherwise healthy area. Most of these people are Jordanian citizens, including Mahmoud Abbas. There's no reason they shouldn't return there, where they can mouth their hatred of Jews to their heart's content without hurting anyone but themselves.

Israel has finally gotten out of it's defensive crouch. There won't be any more cringing over the latest nonsense from the UN or questioning over the ownership of the land from the river to the sea, land not only promised to the Jews by the Almighty but by the League of Nations Palestine mandate, its reaffirmation by Article 80 of the UN Charter and the San Remo accords that even the Arabs agreed to. It's time to end this.


*'I'm no sucker'
Rob Miller

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