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A Third Hamas Rocket Arsenal Found In An UNRWA School


Today, UNRWA announced today that a third stash of Hamas rockets had been found 'hidden' in one of its schools. My information is that the Israelis were tipped off by one of the Hamas fighters who surrendered to them last week.

UNWRA, of course, did exactly what they've done with the other two stashes of Hamas rockets found stored in their schools - they turned them over to 'local authorities' AKA Hamas so that they could be fired against Israel's civilians.

Asa I mentioned before, UNRWA has something of a history of allowing its facilities and its personnel to assist Hamas in terrorist attacks against Israel. In this latest conflict, UNRWA supplies and building materials have been found in Hamas’s terrorist tunnel infrastructure, which has been used to smuggle weapons and carry out attacks on Israel.

 Photo: Associated Press

This is all supposedly against the UN's rules, of course, but UNRWA, unlike the UN High Commission on Refugees doesn't screen any of its local hires for ties to terrorism.Given that UNRWA's sole purpose in life is to perpetuate permanent Palestinian 'refugee' status, their being in bed with terrorism is hardly unexpected.

Israel should not only defeat Hamas and annex Gaza, they should throw UNRWA out of Gaza and make them build their camps outside Israeli territory. Then the $47 million President Obama and the $48 million Qatar want to give to Hamas for 'rebuilding' can go to UNRWA instead, a significant part of the local population will have someplace outside Israeli territory  to go, and Israel can get on with the business of repopulating Gaza with Jews and watching it become a prosperous agricultural and tourist center instead of a terrorist squat.


Hilarious!! Onion Pwns Hamas Human Shields


From The Onion:

BEIT LAHIA, GAZA STRIP—Saying they’ve begun to reevaluate their stance as the latest outbreak of Israeli-Palestinian violence has escalated, hundreds of residents of the Gaza Strip told reporters Friday they are starting to have mixed feelings about Hamas using them and their loved ones as human shields.

 “At this point, I have to say I’m pretty much on the fence about having militants strategically store their missile batteries in and around my home, which Israel will almost certainly want to bomb,” said Azzam al-Salhi, explaining that, while he’s always understood Hamas’ reliance on guerilla tactics to perpetuate the decades-long fight against Israel, he has recently soured on the idea of going to bed every night facing the real prospect of being incinerated by an Israeli airstrike intended for a Hamas arms cache.


“When I think about it, I guess I’d go so far as to say that I don’t completely enjoy how this is being done entirely without my consent. And I’m not crazy about the fact that Hamas is actually okay with me dying as long as it fuels both resentment toward Israel and support for the party. If I’m being honest, I don’t like that part at all. But then, sometimes I put myself in Hamas’ shoes, and I guess I sort of appreciate where they’re coming from, so it’s tough. Of course, my kids hate it—they’ve actually told me that a couple of times. Oh, well, I guess I’ll give it a couple more weeks and see how I feel about it then.”


At press time, sources confirmed an inbound missile was about to solidify thousands of Palestinians’ opinions on the tactic.

Breaking Political News, Sourced by Social Media

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I don’t know about you, but I don’t have the time to check thousands of websites for breaking news.
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2014 will be a big year for liberty and I believe getting the word out on uncensored news stories — bypassing the state-run media — will be critical.

Monday, July 28, 2014

What 'Demilitarization' Really Means


One of Israeli PM Netanyahu's problems with both John Kerry's Hamas friendly ceasefire offer and the UN's call for an unconditional ceasefire was that neither mentioned demilitarizing Gaza, which Netanyahu rightly considers one of the prime goals of the current conflict.

But when he mentions this as something 'the international community' should be calling for, he's kidding himself. And to go even farther, even if the 'international community' agreed to do so and put it in writing, Netanyahu and the  Israeli people would be incredibly naive to accept it at face value.

Does anyone remember the 2006 Lebanon ceasefire? That resulted in a binding Series 7 UN Security Council Resolution 1701 that guaranteed the disarming of a terrorist group , Hezbollah. In exchange for the IDF ending hostilities and withdrawing all its forces back over the border, UNIFIL and the Lebanese army were supposed to see to it that Hezbollah never returned to its strongholds in South Lebanon and to disarm Hezbollah and all other militias or 'armed groups' as the resolution put it. 


With Syria and Iran in mind, there were even mention of specific penalties to be evoked in UNSCR 1701 in the event of  any foreign entity rearming Hezbollah.Even Sheik Nasrallah of Hezbollah agreed to the resolution's terms.

So, what happened? Once the IDF pulled out all of a sudden things changed. Hezbollah refused to be disarmed, and the then United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan suddenly came up with the brand new position that the UNIFIL troops were not going to take any responsibility to do so, and that it was up to the Lebanese government..who were far too weak to disarm Hezbollah on their own.

And when Hezbollah said that it was going to ignore UNSCR 1701's provision that Lebanon south of the Litani River was to be a Hezbollah free zone, did the UN or UNIFIL say one word? Maybe 'not our job' but not much else.

And in August of that same year, when Turkish authorities intercepted five Iranian cargo aircraft and one Syrian aircraft carrying missiles to Hezbollah forced them to land at Diyarbakır Airport in southeastern Turkey, did the UN do anything about it? Uhhh, no.

That is how the 'international community' does disarmament and demilitarization. Especially when it comes to Islamist terrorists where Israel is concerned.

My point here? Expecting the US or the UN to demilitarize Gaza and disarm Hamas is to believe in a fairy tale no matter what either of them put on a piece pf paper.Especially with President Obama in charge.

The only way to disarm and 'demilitarize' Gaza and make sure it stays that way is for the IDF to defeat Hezbollah completely. And Israel can only trust Israel to actually do it.

After that, to ensure it stays that way Israel needs to annex Gaza and and remove a substantial part of the population to UNRWA camps outside Israeli territory, or to Area A, or to a combination of the two Then repopulate Gaza with Jews and watch it become a Singapore or a Hong Kong.

This would not be a solution without cost. Solutions deferred for years never are.

But in the end, peace comes from victory. And after all of the 'sacrifices for peace' written in Jewish blood forced on Israel since the Oslo debacle, I think the Israeli people would support this over these constant wars of attrition that grow more costly each time. Enough of the balagan gadol.

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Georgia Democrat Senate Nominee Nunn is A Hamas Donor!!


Michelle Nunn is the Democrat's hope to try and make a senate pickup in a Red state. She's very much a doctrinaire Lefty from Bethesda, Maryland who has little connection with Georgia or Georgians aside from being the daughter of former Senator Sam Nunn, but that's a big deal because of the name recognition, so the democrats are putting serious money behind her. She's pro gun confiscation, pro Obama and pro amnesty, all stances that would ordinarily sink her in a Red state.

Today, her campaign plan leaked, essentially a confidential memo on how she's going to go about conning the electorate to win.

Parts of it are actually funny, like the part where Ms. Nunn, who lives in an upscale Atlanta neighborhood is advised to have pictures taken of herself and her family “in rural settings with rural-oriented imagery” to try to appeal more to rural Georgians..as if this leftist elite actually knows or cares which part of a cow milk comes out of or where fried chicken comes from.

Essentially, the idea is to fool 30% of the white working class to pull the lever for her (something no Democrat since Max Cleland back in 2002 has managed to pull off) and roust out a coalition of blacks Latinos (legal or otherwise) gays, clueless youngsters befuddled by slogans and choom and of course...Jews.

Fooling Jews into voting for her and of course donating is a ket part of the scam:


“Michelle’s position on Israel will largely determine the level of support here.” Hmmmm.

Now, Michelle Nunn hasn't had much to say about Israel so far. In fact, during the primary she didn't have all that much to say about anything.

But apparently, like a lot of Lefties (Barack Obama, for instance)she has some baggage she'd rather the Jews didn't find out about when she's putting the make on them.

Nun's job since she returned to Georgia in 2007 has been to serve as the CEO on the Points of Light Foundation, and in the document her strategists express enormous concern about attacks that might arise from her work there.

Like a lot of Left-bent foundations, the Points of Light Foundation has some interesting donations that occurred while Ms. Nunn was running the place. According to the document, it has made grants to terrorists and “inmates” during her tenure, and the document also makes reference to a 2010 audit that concluded Points of Light’s accounting system was “not adequate to account for federal funds.”

The accounting problems just make her a typical Democrat not to be trusted near other people's money.  But let's look at the terrorists it funded:

 According to the IRS Form 990s that Points of Light filed in 2008 and 2011, the organization gave a grant of over $33,000 to Islamic Relief USA, a charity that says it strives to alleviate “hunger, illiteracy, and diseases worldwide.” Islamic Relief USA is part of a global network of charities that operate under the umbrella of Islamic Relief Worldwide. Islamic Relief USA says on its website that it is a legally separate entity from its parent organization, but that they share “a common vision, mission, and family identity.”

Islamic Relief Worldwide has ties to Hamas, which the U.S. designates as a terrorist organization. In June, Israel banned the charity from operating in the country because, according to Israeli officials, it was funneling cash to Hamas. In 2006, Israelis arrested Islamic Relief Worldwide’s Gaza coordinator, Ayaz Ali. They said he was working to “transfer funds and assistance to various Hamas institutions and organizations.” Ali admitted to cooperating with local Hamas operatives while working in Jordan and, on his computer, Israeli officials found photographs of “swastikas superimposed on IDF symbols,” and of Nazi officials, Osama bin Laden, and al-Qaeda in Iraq leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

Islamic Relief USA highlighted the work of Islamic Relief Worldwide in Palestine in its 2012 annual report, in which it talks generally about the work of Islamic Relief charities in the region without drawing a distinction between the branches.

 The organization has raised eyebrows before. According to a 2012 report, its bank account was closed by UBS and it was “under constant scrutiny by other banks due to nervousness about counterterrorist regulations.” The group’s terror ties extend beyond Hamas, according to a former Israeli intelligence official. He says that Islamic Relief Worldwide’s country director in Palestine, Muneed Abugazaleh, met in April 2012 with Dr. Omar Shalah, a leader of the terror group Islamic Jihad and of the Riyad al-Saleheen Charitable Society, which is affiliated with the group. He is also the brother of Ramadan Shalah, the leader of Islamic Jihad.

This woman oversaw funds going to a Hamas front!!

And even scarier, the feds let Points of Light keep their 501c status.

I guess that tells us what we want to know about her Israel position, convenient boilerplate platitudes about 'Israel's right to exist' that I'm sure she'll come up with to the contrary.While I previously might have said the clueless Jews will take out their wallets and pull the lever for her  anyway, I sense something of a change here.The Obama Administration's behavior towards Israel and what's going on in Europe and even here in America with attacks on Jews and Jewish institutions since Israel decided to hit back at Hamas has changed a more than a few minds. Yes there are some lefty, secular Jews who will drink the Kool-ade, but not as many as before.

Ms. Nunn might not have the easy time of it with Jews she might have a few years ago.

There actually quite a bit on the web  about  Points of Light and the HandsOn Network, which operates as part of Points of Light.that is pretty troublesome, and a search will give you plenty of material.

Believe it or not, Points of Light was actually started by President George HW Bush, but like a lot of foundations originally started by non-radicals, it, shall we say, is now under new management with a very different orientation than its founders.

Gaza War Update - The Latest


Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu blasted the UN statement calling for an unconditional ceasefire, and with good reason.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Monday slammed a UN Security Council statement calling for an immediate humanitarian cease-fire in Gaza, saying during a phone conversation with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon that the statement addresses the needs of a murderous terrorist organization, but not those of Israel.

The statement, he said, does not address Israel's demands for the demilitarization of the Gaza Strip, a principle already established by previous interim agreements with the Palestinians.

“The statement did not deal with the harm done to Israeli civilians, nor to the fact that Hamas turned Gaza civilians into human shields,” he said. Netanyahu, who met Ban in Jerusalem last week, also complained that the statement made no mention of the fact that Hamas used UN facilities to attack Israeli civilians.

Israel accepted a UN request for a humanitarian cease-fire three times, he said, while Hamas violated each one.

“They are continuing to fire even now at Israel citizens,” he said. “Israel will continue to deal with the terror tunnels, which is only the first step in demilitarization.”

Instead of having its money used by Hamas to build terror tunnels to attack Israel, Netanyahu recommended that the international community “should work to demilitarize Gaza.”

And has anyone else noticed that with all the aid money being promised to Hamas, no one in the 'international community' is offering Israel one cent to help its civilian population who were victimized by an aggressive attack by a terrorist group?

In spite of rejecting an unconditional ceasefire, the Israelis stupidly allowed themselves to be pressured into a humanitarian 'ceasefire in place' for the supposedly sacred Muslim Eid al-Fitr that ends Ramadan.

Hamas took advantage of that ill-advised humanitarian instinct by launching missile and mortar attacks
on Israel, as well as an attempted tunnel attack. Ten Israeli soldiers were killed as a result.

It started with missile attacks on Ashkelon and was followed by a salvo against the Lachish District and the towns of Netivot and Ofakim. At about 4:30PM Israeli time, Hamas launched one of its large Iranian-supplied Fajr-5 missiles in the direction of Tel Aviv, but instead it fell short and hit Shifa Hospital, the main Hamas command post and killed a number of Hamas fighters holed up there.

The next Hamas strikes didn't end quite so well. At 5:00 PM, Hamas opened fire with mortars at the Eshkol district in Israel near Beersheba, and one of them landed in a crowd of people. Five soldiers were killed and a number of civilians who were bringing parcels to the troops were wounded, four of them critically.At the same time, rocket barrages were fired at at Ofakim and Mt. Carmel.

At around 6 p.m., 5 Hamas terrorists emerged from a tunnel near Kibbutz Nahal Oz and surprised the IDF troops on guard there. Five IDF soldiers were killed and so were the Hamas terrorists in the resulting firefight

The tenth soldier was shot dead by a Palestinian sniper in the Gaza Strip this morning, bringing the toll of IDF deaths to 53 during the entire three weeks of the Gaza War.Today was the costliest single day of the war for Israel.

In response, the IDF appears to be ramping up its offensive. Inhabitants of Jebalya and Zeitun, two other Hamas strong points next to the main Hamas headquarters at Shifa Hospital in Gaza City were told to evacuate.


Netanyahu, Defense Minister Moishe Ya'alon and IDF Chief of Staff General Benny Ganz addressed the Israeli public in a joint television appearance this evening.


Netanyahu told the Israeli people to be prepared for a long war, but that he, Ya'alon and Ganz were not going to end the offensive until Hamas' missile arsenal was destroyed, along with the tunnels. He said that demilitarizing Gaza has to be part of any solution and the 'international community' must forcefully demand it rather than supplying money, cement and concrete to Hamas for more tunnels. There must be supervision.

He's mistaken there in my opinion,  but that calls for a separate piece devoted just to demilitarization.

Ya'alon pretty much repeated the same thing, that Israel will not compromise on the nation's security and that Israel will continue to  destroy tunnels and rockets and missiles.  Ya'alon said that Israel will not show fear and that the IDF will continue  to hit Hamas  from land, air and sea in the coming days.

Ya'alon also made the point that as much as Israel regretted every civilian casualty, the Israeli population would come first. He and Ganz both explained what was entailed in destroying the tunnels and asked that the Israelis support the IDF and its mission.

They do. The latest polls indicate that over 86% of Israelis want the war to continue until Hamas is defeated..and that comes from a poll by Left-leaning Mina Tzemach.

The last I heard, the IDF is already attacking Zeitun and Jabaliya after warning the population to leave.

Stay tuned...

Obama Will Issue Executive Orders On Amnesty 'By Summer's End'


More scenes from a country with no borders...

White House senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer told reporters that President Obama has executive orders planned to give at least 5 million illegal aliens work permits and amnesty from deportation. Visa overstays are to be excused, according to Pfeiffer:

That move will come by the end of the summer, White House senior advisor Dan Pfeiffer told reporters Friday. Some officials had advocated waiting until after the November midterm election.

Any such move would prompt a major clash with congressional Republicans, and at least some White House officials appeared to relish the prospect that the GOP might overreach in its response and act in a politically self-destructive manner.

When the decision is announced, it will "increase the angry reactions from Republicans," Pfeiffer said.

"I would not discount the possibility" that Republicans would seek to impeach Obama over his next immigration moves, he said, adding that House Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) had "opened the door to impeachment" by his plans to sue Obama for allegedly exceeding his executive authority.

Pfeiffer made his comments at a breakfast for reporters sponsored by the Christian Science Monitor.

As always, for this lawless regime everything is about politics 24-7.Nothing else matters.

Boehner, of course, has already said numerous times that he against impeachment proceedings, but that shouldn't be allowed to get in the way of a nice fundraising pitch, should it?

Caveat: Contrary to what this article states (it is, after all, the Los Angeles Times) There was very little that was specific about border security or anything that might increase the number of deportations in the Obama Administration's $3.7 billion dollar request for funding from Congress. Aside from numerous earmarks, the bill's vaguely defined objectives were almost exclusively for the care and feeding of illegal aliens and their lawyers.


Meanwhile, illegal alien activists are planning to picket the White House this afternoon, and are demanding that President Obama specifically include illegal immigrants in any future meetings:

“We are among the millions of people who will either benefit or be harmed by the decisions the President makes, and we are here to represent ourselves in any future negotiations,” said Rosi Carrasco, one of organizers, in a statement announcing the action.

Billing themselves “undocumented immigrant leaders,” the organizers said they will erect a picket line to symbolize their demands.

They have demands, you see. And the rest of us are expected to simply bend over and pay up.


Man Can't Sue Judge Who Had Affair With His Wife During Child-Support Case


That's the ruling of the Sixth Circuit Appeals court in a case brought by a Detroit man against disgraced Wayne County former judge Wade McCree Jr.

McCree, the son of the first black Justice to sit on the Sixth Circuit was disrobed and lost his judgeship for cute tricks like propositioning bailiffs, having sex in his chambers, trading sex for judicial rulings, sending inappropriate selfies and other misconduct was being sued by a Detroit man who the former judge slapped with outrageously high child support payments - while Judge McCree was having an affair with the other litigant in the case, the man's former wife. Mccree was sexting her from the bench, having sex with her in his judicial chambers and actively enjoying an affair that ultimately ended in an abortion.


The Michigan Supreme Court removed him from the bench and he was subsequently suspended without pay for 6 years, something the Michigan Supreme Court imposed because they honestly thought McCree could easily win reelection on racial grounds in Wayne County regardless of his carrying on.

But the Sixth Circuit held that Judge McCree couldn’t be sued civilly for any harms he caused while on the bench, regardless of his record.

According to the strict letter of the law, they're correct. Judicial civil immunity was upheld in Bradley v. Fisher, 80 U.S. 335, 348 (1871):

If civil actions could be maintained… against the judge, because the losing party should see fit to allege in his complaint that the acts of the judge were done with partiality, or maliciously, or corruptly, the protection essential to judicial independence would be entirely swept away.

Since then, courts have consistently ruled against plaintiffs attempting to sue judges.

There have been a few successful cases (In 1996 in Tennessee, a juvenile court judge who was accused of violating the civil rights of three women by sexually assaulting them and threatening to take their kids away if they reported it was denied judicial immunity by the same 6th Circuit) but not many.

Detroit attorney Joel Sklar, who represented the plaintiff in this case wants to take it to the Supreme Court.

“This conduct is absurd,” Sklar said. “It’s so beyond description. A judge uses his chambers to have sex with a litigant? ... If this isn’t too far, what is too far?”

There has been a movement, albeit a small one to waive judicial immunity in cases where a judge's misconduct has caused him to be removed from th ebench. We'll see if the Supremes hear this one.

Forum: What Should Israel Do About Gaza?

Every week on Monday morning , the Council and our invited guests weigh in at the Watcher's Forum, short takes on a major issue of the day, the culture, or daily living. This week's question: What Should Israel Do About Gaza?

The Independent Sentinel : Israel should finish the job now while Hamas has few supporters in the Arab world. They need to obliterate the tunnels and the missiles. Then they should go back home but monitor any shipments going into Gaza.

It's a blessing that Morsi is gone.

Simply Jews : What happens the day after Hamas is destroyed?

Unfortunately, we may not see that day anytime soon. Our government is not up to sacrifice lives of hundreds of soldiers required to smoke out the terrorists from under the center of the Gaza City, which will be the price once the fighting in the confines of the city really starts.

Or should Hamas be destroyed or just disarmed, if that's possible?

In the ideal world Hamas should be destroyed, in a less ideal - disarmed. In our world, neither will happen, due to (see above). It will be helpful as well to read this;


I am sorry to say that it is all true.

What should Israel's strategy towards Hamas/Fatah be?

Trying to bolster the latter in every situation that will harm the former. For example, if freeing prisoners: leave the Hamas ones in prison. Any relief of restrictions goes to the latter - leaving the former in the mud. But all of this - publicly, with lots of coverage. Encourage good behavior so that all can see it.

What strategy should America support?

The one agreed in the privacy between the two sides and not the one blurted via "accidentally" operating mikes to the media, totally not agreed by the other side. As it more and more frequently happens lately.

What is most likely to occur there?

Nothing essentially new. Same old. Another year or two of relative calm, followed by a new round of strife.

Sorry for being so pessimistic.

JoshuaPundit : There are two things you hear said a lot about this situation, usually by genuinely stupid politicians or equally stupid think tank inhabitants. The first is the trophe that 'there is no military solution.'  The second is to say there is a major  difference between Hamas and Fatah.

Actually, a military solution would be the only one that would work. And the dime's worth of difference between  Hamas and Fatah,the difference between 'acceptable' terrorists and 'unacceptable' terrorists has faded to nothingness because of the unity agreement between the two and their coordinated strategy in the Third Intifada.

It should be apparent by now that anything Israel does to defend itself is now going to be subject to  criticism by the usual suspects, which now unfortunately includes the Obama regime. That should be apparent to anyone following the news of President Obama's trying to rescue Hamas by demanding Israel abide by an unconditional ceasefire...while he and Qatar and the EU fund them.

Israel is in the same position with Obama as they were with France's DeGaulle on the eve of the Six Day War.Since anything they do short of committing suicide is going to get the same reaction, they have little to lose.

There is a solution to Gaza. It involves Israel  (1) destroying Hamas utterly by whatever means necessary (2) Annexing Gaza (3) removing most of the Arab population either to Area A, the reichlet of Fatah and Mahmoud Abbas or to UNRWA refugee camps outside Israeli territory and (4) Gradually repopulating Gaza with Jews and watching it become Singapore or Hong Kong instead of an Islamo-fascist swamp.

Every poll indicates that Israel's population overwhelmingly supports defeating Hamas once and for all.There really is no choice.

At the same time, the behavior of Abbas and Fatah have shown that  a similar solution has to be coordinated with them. Israel needs to delineate its borders unilateral and enforce them. Annex Area C and the Jordan Valley where the populations are overwhelmingly Jewish as well as whatever strategic areas of Areas A and B Israel determines it wishes to control. Cede the rest of Area A to Abbas as his little reichlet, and move all Jews outside the new borders  to Israeli territory and all Arab non-Israeli citizens to 'Palestine'. Endgame, and as the divorce becomes final,  a  warning:  let Abbas and Fatah know that any aggressive action, including lawfare will involve severe consequences. And follow through on it.

Peace comes from victory. And after all of the 'sacrifices for peace' written in Jewish blood forced on Israel since the Oslo debacle, I think the Israeli people would support this over these constant wars of attrition that grow more costly each time. Enough of the balagan gadol.

The Razor : Unfortunately Israelis don’t have the stomach for permanently fixing the problem in Gaza and the West Bank: Ethnically cleansing the Palestinians from both areas and forcing them into refugee camps in Jordan or Egypt or wherever else the locals will put up with them. It’s not that Israel couldn’t survive the heat from the outside world; I believe the average Israeli doesn’t have the conscience to do it. Contrary to what the Europeans and many on the Left here in the US believe, the Jews are a moral people. It would be difficult for them to accept the morality of a campaign of trucking the Palestinians out of their homes in Gaza and the West Bank to the border crossings in Egypt and Jordan. But morality and political stability are two mutually exclusive domains.

Barring such a moral turn, the only viable solution I’ve seen is the “Shock the Casbah” strategy described here: http://www.the-american-interest.com/garfinkle/2014/07/24/why-is-this-gaza-war-different-from-all-other-gaza-wars/. In a nutshell, it means negotiating a final settlement with the PA, but it’s a longshot as Garfinkle notes, “because it requires a boldness of vision and leadership in Israel, among the Palestinians, and in the United States, Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia that is simply not available.” I believe Netanyahu is bold, but he has no counterpart on the PA side, and definitely lacks a bold leader here in the United States. So I doubt that will happen.

At this point I don’t see an end to the violence in Gaza, just a lot more muddling through. If Hamas can be destroyed the Israelis should do it. It’s on the ropes with an unfriendly Egypt behind it and it’s Iranian patron too busy in Syria and Iraq to give them much notice. Of course there can always be worse in Gaza. Look at Isis in Northern Iraq...

 Ask Marion : There really is no Palestinian State.  They have continually failed to lay the groundwork for a viable homeland and the continual jockeying over the two state solution exists to placate International opinion.

It would be nice to say, just disarm Hamas and everything will be fine, but in reality the only way to peace is for Israel to destroy them.  Even after years for war in the Middle East, Americans are generally clueless about what is going on there, where the borders are or even where most of the countries in the Middle East are and they certainly have no clue as to the minutia.

Operation Protective Edge continues to move toward its goals while the Hamas system of complex and advanced military infrastructure tunnels is being realized beneath them. Israel can and I believe has the ability to reach their immediate goal of destroying this tunnel system that has been constructed, subduing rocket fire and leave Gaza… establishing a couple of years of calm and normalcy. But if Hamas is not destroyed, this is a temporary solution… until the next round. As Netanyahu has pointed out, Hamas breaks all cease fires and agreements.

 Video: Netanyahu: Hamas Has Broken All Cease Fires We Have Agreed To

But why wait for a next time? Israel should eliminate the Hamas threat completely right now during Operation Protective Edge, including reoccupying Gaza and destroying every rocket, gun, bullet, armament, as well as their factories. Israel has already mobilized into Gaza and Hamas has been weakened by these first few weeks of fighting. Plus, maybe the most important difference is the Sinai factor which has not presented itself before and could disappear again in the future. There has been a military rapprochement with the Egyptians since al-Sisi overthrew the Muslim Brotherhood. Currently, Egypt is completely in Israel’s court. Having their backs up against the wall Hamas leaders and fighters will not be able to escape into the Sinai, the only place they could go in the past in a final Israeli assault scenario. The Egyptians will cut them down if they try to enter their territory. They will be forced to shoot it out with the IDF. So now is the time. Israel certainly is not going to get any help from the U.S. while Obama is our president and who knows what the future will bring?!? Funny how that border word seems to vary from situation to situation in President Obama’s mind… and actions!!

  Well, there you have it.

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Obama Betrays Israel In A Last Ditch Effort To Save Hamas


President Barack Obama took some time off the golf course to call Israeli PM Netanyahu and demand an immediate, unconditional ceasefire in Gaza.In a statement the White House put it this way:

“The President made clear the strategic imperative of instituting an immediate, unconditional humanitarian ceasefire that ends hostilities now and leads to a permanent cessation of hostilities based on the November 2012 ceasefire agreement. The President reaffirmed the United States’ support for Egypt’s initiative, as well as regional and international coordination to end hostilities.”

Horse manure.

What happened is this; Secretary Kerry had originally told the Israelis that any ceasefire would ultimately entail Hamas disarming, but that for now what he was looking for was to implement the Egyptian proposal, which called for a ceasefire but allowed the IDF to stay in position and refused to recognize any of Hamas' demands, which involved an IDF withdrawal and the opening of the Israeli-Egyptian blockade, put in place to stop Hamas from obtaining heavy weapons from Iran.

Then Kerry tried to bypass the Egyptians and instead came up with a brand new proposal using Muslim Brotherhood friendly Qatar, who funds Hamas, and the anti-Semitic Islamist government of Turkey as intermediaries.The trio met in Paris, a city where John Kerry has had experience orchestrating betrayal before.


That new proposal was very different from what Kerry had told the Israelis only a day or two earlier. As one of my notorious Lil' Birdies told me directly, it recognized Hamas’ position as the ruler of the Gaza Strip, promised Hamas millions in aid and 'reconstruction' money ($47 million from the Obama Administration and $48 million from Qatar alone) and made no demands on Hamas as far as any demilitarization. Their rockets, tunnels and other weaponry would be allowed to remain in place. The IDF would have to withdraw, and the Rafah crossings and the Israeli Egyptian blockade would be lifted. Even worse, the wording of the proposal put Israel and Hamas on the same level, with no difference between the two.

This ridiculous proposal was unanimously rejected by Israel's security cabinet, even the most dovish members. They were literally shocked by this duplicity.

This was on Friday. The call from Barack Hussein Obama to Binyamin Netanyahu came today.

In his call to Netanyahu, Obama spoke of the need to enact “a sustainable ceasefire that both allows Palestinians in Gaza to lead normal lives and addresses Gaza’s long-term development and economic needs, while strengthening the Palestinian Authority.” He said that, ultimately, “any lasting solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict must ensure the disarmament of terrorist groups and the demilitarization of Gaza.”

So in other words, Hamas is to be rewarded, even though they were the aggressors, even though they are a terrorist group, even after the entire world has seen where that money goes. And the 'Palestinian Authority' which Hamas is now part of? That has to strengthened. Maybe, with some Obama funded 'strengthening,' Hamas and their Fatah partners might have better luck next time attacking Israel and killing Jews...

The story the White House is putting out now, of course, is that the leaked proposal was 'just a draft', accompanied by the usual verbiage by this president of his commitment to Israel's security. Virtually no one in Israel believes that now.

Among other things, both Hamas leader Khalid Masha'al and Hamas PM Ismail Haniyeh have already said that demilitarization will not happen, and both the president and John Kerry knew it. That why the so called 'draft' made no mention of it.In fact Hamas has already used a nice chunk of its 'humanitarian aid' money to purchase replacements for its missile arsenal from North Korea, which are en route.That's somethin else the president and our Secretary of State had to be aware of too.


Even worse, Obama is trying to hold the safety of Israel's population hostage. The Iron Dome missile defense system has been key to limiting Israeli civilian casualties.It was developed by Israel's Rafael, but as part of the quid pro quo for doing some of the funding as a joint weapons project, the U.S. demanded that while the system itself could be produced by Israel, the missiles themselves would be produced in America, and those are made by Raytheon.

At this point, Israel has used up a significant part of its stocks and had asked America for a resupply. Congress almost unanimously authorized the funds. But then Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, in a heartless and nasty maneuver that had to come straight from the White House attached it to the $3.7 billion the president wants to fund amnesty for illegal aliens. The Senate Republicans as I write this are attempting to write up a separate bill to bring to the floor, but it's not certain Harry Reid will even allow it to come to a vote in the event the legislation gets out of committee. And then, even if it passes, it has to go back to the House and be signed by the president, all of which could take a very long time, especially with the president's 18 day luxury vacay at Martha's Vineyard coming up.

I obviously didn't hear the phone call between Netanyahu and Obama, but I would bet my dollar to you dime the subject came up, and that it was made plain to Netanyahu that unless he accedes to Kerry and Obama's demands and enables Hamas to rebuild, Israel might not get those Iron Dome missiles for awhile.

And of course, there's almost certainly another motivation for President Obama here. The biggest beneficiary of the current turmoil in Gaza is none other than Iran,because it takes the eyes of the world off the West's craven caving in on the July 2oth deadline to resolve Iran's rogue nuclear weapons program. Not only did the Iranians get another four months of 'negotiations' while the centrifuges spin, they got appeased for their trouble with a badly needed $2.5 billion bribe in the bargain.

President Obama realizes that like the Saudis, Egypt and the Emirates, Israel was appalled by this appeasement. And he knows that Netanyahu has his eye very much on that situation.In the president's view, it probably works much better for him if Israel still has to deal with a military threat to the south as well as from Iran's proxy Hezbollah in the north rather than to see Hamas defeated and Israel perhaps free to think about doing something about the Iranian threat itself.

So Netanyahu is in a difficult position. If Israel pulls out of Gaza without defeating Hamas and making sure they're no longer a threat, not only does he anger the IDF, the Egyptians and the Saudis, who want Hamas gone, but the Israeli people and his own, now united cabinet. There's a no question his government would fall, and it would deserve to. On the other hand, if he refuses, Israel's civilian population is endangered.

I realize how easy it is for me to say thjis, but if it were my decision not only would I refuse, but I would tell President Obama plainly that if Israel was unable to get replacements for the Iron Dome, I would simply be forced to give the Israeli air force carte blanche to do whatever was necessary to take out the missile launching sites, no matter how many civilian casualties it cost. After all, how many civilians has President Obama killed with his drone strikes? How many Serb civilians did America bomb in Kosovo? And no matter what, whether President Obama blinked or didn't I would immediately put Rafael to work re-engineering the Iron Dome missiles so they can be produced in Israel. Because if Israel gives in to this threat, it will be used again and again by this president.

Let's make no mistake here. The Obama Administration is aiding and abetting a genocidal terrorist group, and funding the rebuilding of their weapons arsenal and their terrorist infrastructure. John Kerry, UN Secretary General Ban ki-Moon and President Obama have become the “Save Hamas Squad,” and that's exactly how they're being referred to in Israel and elsewhere in the region.The relationship between the U.S. and Israel, or for that matter between the Saudis, Egypt and the Emirates has never been worse or more disaffected.

As for Israel, at a time when they most needed an ally, they have been given instead a spiteful betrayal. And it isn't just Israel.

No matter how this ends up, American Jews who voted for Obama are going to have to think about this: that the government and this president they voted for is now using their tax dollars to support and empower a genocidal terrorist group that would happily murder them.


Major Fatah Terrorist Attack On Jerusalem Averted

pal media watch big explosion

Tawfiq Tirawi is the Palestinian Authority's Intelligence Chief and a Fatah Central Committee member. On July 24th. He was on Lebanese TV taking about Fatah attacks on Israel and saying there was going to be 'a big explosion.' Per PMW:

“These are small explosions, which happen occasionally, but the big explosion is coming. The big explosion is coming. After the big explosion, no one will know where it will lead and what its results will be…It is legal to use all means – to shoot, throw stones, to hold a demonstration and a sit-down strike. All these means will be possible and permissible for our people, and let no one say that weapons are forbidden in the West Bank.”

Today, A car loaded with gas canisters and a large explosive charge was stopped by the border police on its way to Jerusalem at the Beitar Ilit checkpoint 6 miles southeast of the capital. Its Palestinian driver approached the checkpoint at a faster than normal speed which tipped off the border police.

When he was ordered to stop, he tried to keep on driving, but one heroic border policeman, Officer Yeshuron Tzoran, jumped inside the vehicle, attempted to shut the engine off himself and finally got the driver to stop by pulling his weapon on him and threatening to shoot him.

The man was arrested and handed over to the Shin Bet General Security Service for questioning. Inside his car officers found pipe bombs, gas canisters, explosives, and detonators, according to a statement put out by the IDF after the incident. The officer who arrested the man said the back seats of the car had been removed and the entire area was full of gas canisters rigged with electric wires.

The incident caused massive gridlock as police shut down traffic in both directions from the junction in order to send in sappers to handle the explosives.

At the moment it's unclear where the man was taking the explosives, though one working assumption is that they were meant to be used for a terror attack in Jerusalem.

The officer who stopped the suspected bomber, Inspector Yeshuron Tzoran, described how he and the other officers in his region have been instructed to be on high alert during the IDF operation in Gaza due to the assessment that terror groups will try to carry out an attack in Israel. Therefore they set up the temporary checkpoint and began stopping cars. On Sunday afternoon Tzoran said he "couldn't feel better, we feel that we saved many lives in Israel and this is our duty."


It's excellent that the driver was taken alive. He was obviously delivering this car bomb and the explosives to someone. The Shin Bet will find out whom they are, believe me.

But if you look at the juxtaposition of Tawfiq Tirawi's boast on Lebanese television and this event, it's obvious they're connected. This is the Third Intifada and Fatah is an active participant.

Illegal Alien With Drug-Resistant TB Goes Missing in CA

eduardo rosas cruz

Yet another scene from a country with no borders...

Eduardo Rosas Cruz, a Mexican illegal alien tested positive with a drug-resistant strain of tuberculosis in a California emergency room but fled without being treated:

Authorities in California are searching for a fugitive homeless man who has refused treatment for tuberculosis and may be contagious.

An arrest warrant has been issued for Eduardo Rosas Cruz, 25, of Mexico.

Mr Cruz was diagnosed with the illness at a local emergency room in March but fled when asked to remain in the area for treatment.

Health officials are concerned he may be infected with a drug-resistant strain of the illness.

“We need help getting him in,” San Joaquin County public health officer Dr Alvaro Garza told US media. “We’ve not been able to find him in places he’s told us he’s going to be.”

It is currently unclear if Mr Cruz is contagious, but he has not completed a nine-month course of medicine required for treatment.

Tuberculosis – spread through air when an infected person sneezes or coughs – can be fatal if left untreated.

In March, Mr Cruz arrived in hospital in San Joaquin complaining of a severe cough, shortness of breath, high fever and weight loss.

After he was diagnosed with tuberculosis, he was told to stay in a nearby motel and wait for a health worker to deliver medication.

He did not comply, prompting government officials to add him to a state-wide law enforcement database and later obtain an arrest warrant.

This happened 4 months ago, and is just surfacing now? And via the BBC??

Amnestia...it's contagious.

(h/t Jim at Gateway)

IDF: Deaths AT UNRWA School Were Caused By Hamas


The press about an attack on an UNRWA school in Beit Hanoun that resulted in the death of 15 children was one of those naturals just made for Hamas groupies in the media. Especially after UNRWA head Chris Guinness accused the IDF of preventing civilians from leaving:

  Chris Gunness @ChrisGunness
Over the course of the day UNRWA tried 2 coodinate with the Israeli Army a window for civilians 2 leave & it was never granted RT

In previous times, the IDF would have simply expressed sorrow for the loss of human life and apologized as if it were at fault. A month or so later, after the propaganda had been published world wide, the results of an IDF forensic investigation would come out showing definitively that Israel was not at fault and that it was yet another Pallywood propaganda coup...but by then it was too late.

Things have changed. Rather than admitting any blame, the IDF said right from the first that their troops were under fire from the school, that they had made every effort to evacuate the school that there was a good possibility that it was Hamas who had fired on the school, and that they would investigate.

Today, that inquiry was concluded and the IDF released a statement.

“The inquiry concluded that during the intense fighting between IDF forces and Hamas militants, the militants operated adjacent to the UNRWA school. The militants fired anti-tank missiles at IDF soldiers, who then responded by firing several mortars in their direction,” the army statement said.

“The inquiry… concluded that a single errant mortar landed in the courtyard of the UNRWA school, when it was completely empty.”

“The IDF stresses it does not operate or target international organizations in the Gaza Strip, and the ongoing coordination conducted via the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) is continuous without change, even during times of combat.”

“In light of the inquiry’s findings, the IDF rejects the claims that were made by various officials immediately following the incident, that people were killed in the school premises as a result of IDF operational activity,” the statement concluded.

An Israeli drone view of the explosion backing this up can be seen here.

It gets better. The IDF also accused UNRWA head Chris Guinness of outright lying when he claimed that the IDF wouldn't allow civilians to evacuate:

Multiple IDF sources rejected UNRWA’s claims and characterized them as outright falsehoods when reached by the Washington Free Beacon.

“For two days we were trying to move people out of that school in particular and the Beit Hanoun area in general,” said an IDF official who was involved in the interactions between the IDF, UNRWA, and International Red Cross (ICRC) leading up to the incident.

The official continued, “This morning we sought a ceasefire in the area and a humanitarian evacuation of civilians, but Hamas refused—because they wanted to keep civilians in the area to protect their fighters who were firing on the IDF.”

The claim by Gunness and UNRWA that the IDF did not respond to their request to evacuate civilians, the source said, is “a flat-out complete and total lie,” the official told the Free Beacon. [...]

An official IDF statement released to the Free Beacon said that “the IDF authorized a humanitarian time window for evacuation between 10:00-14:00 IDT earlier today. Hamas prevented the civilians from leaving it and once again used their infrastructure and international symbols as human shields. In the course of the afternoon, several rockets launched by Hamas from within the Gaza Strip landed in the Beit Hanoun area.”

Again, here's another possibility that could easily account for the carnage. Two UNRWA schools have already been outed as doubling as Hamas missile depots, with large amounts of explosives stored within. In each case, UNRWA, instead of destroying the rockets happily turned them over to their Hamas frends to fire against Israeli civilians. If the Beit Hanoun school was also being used to store rockets, one of the misdirected Hamas rockets aimed at Israeli forces that fell short could easily have hit the school and exploded the ordnance stored there.


As for Guinness and UNRWA...well, let's just say that being caught lying and actively aiding and abetting Hamas is not exactly unprecedented.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Hamas And Israel Agree To A 12 Hour Ceasefire


US Secretary of State John Kerry's attempt to broker a long term truce ended in failure as neither Israel nor Hamas was interested.Israel's security committee unanimously rejected Kerry's proposition, especially when they saw he had changed the original Egyptian formula to favor some of Hamas' inane demands.

Kerry is now attempting to bypass the Egyptians and use Hamas funder Qatar and Islamist Turkey as his intermediaries. Good luck with that where the Israelis are concerned.

The 'humanitarian' ceasefire is ostensibly supposed to be about removing Hamas casualties and allowing humanitarian aid to be brought in. As the Israelis and any other honest person knows, any aid that comes in will go to the Hamas leaders and the fighters rather to the general Gaza population, but they still agreed to go through with it, starting at 8 Am Saturday local time.

You will notice that no one is proposing any humanitarian aid for the Israeli civilian population, some of whom are injured and homeless.Apparently, they don't count for much in the eyes of the 'international community.'

The Israelis insisted on the following conditions. Their forces will stay in position in Gaza, and that they they will continue to locate Hamas' tunnels, although they will not destroy them until the ceasefire is over, or unless Hamas violates this ceasefire as they have all the others.

 Photo: Associated Press

What Kerry and the odious UN Secretary General Ban ki-Moon wanted was a 7 day truce to carry out what amounts to talks about talks, while Hamas regroups. I doubt the Israelis will agree to that, but we'll see.

One sign that they won't  came from  Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon, who along with other Israeli military leaders is briefing the troops to be ready for what he called  a significantly expanded ground assault in Gaza,

The next step,of course is Shifa Hospital in central Gaza, home of the main Hamas command post and it's weapons depots, and the terminus of the huge network of tunnels.The head of the IDF’s Southern Command, Maj. Gen. Sami Torjeman said in an interview Friday that, in a week, the army had managed to destroy half of the tunnel network which took Hamas 4-5 years to build, a major accomplishment but without cutting the head off the snake, it will just be a temporary respite.

Hamas is particularly vulnerable right now. Much to their surprise, the advanced Russian Kornet-E, and 9M113 Konkurs guided anti-tank missiles Hamas received from Iran have so far proven to be worthless against Israel's new Merkava Chariot-4 battle tanks equipped with the Israel's Windbreaker armor. The 401st armored brigade equipped with these tanks has been virtually unstoppable. Like the IronDome, the Windbreaker armor missile defense system is made by Israeli defense company Rafael. If the assault on Shifa happens, it may very well be spearheaded the 401st and its Chariot-4s.


Stay tuned..

French Muslims Using Facebook For 'Hit List' To target Jews

 "Smile, you're caught! JRF watches!" says the caption on a French Facebook page that identified 32 Jews to be targeted for violence. Photo: Screenshot / Facebook.

Muslims in France now have a new tactic. They're using Facebook to publish the names, photos identities and location of French Jews to target them for assault.

The caption above translates as  "Smile, you're caught! JRF watches!" in this FaceBook page that targets 32 Jews for attack.

The Jeunes Révolutionnaires Français, JRF, or ‘Young French Revolutionaries' posted the names and photos of the Jews above on its Facebook page, and one of those listed has already been attacked on Thursday night in Bobigny, Seine-Saint-Denis, a Paris suburb by a gang of 15 Muslims, some armed with iron bars.

According to a France’s Le Monde Juif, three men initially approached the victim, asked his name and then were joined by the rest of the gang in attacking him.When another resident in the building appeared, the men left.

The title page of the group’s Facebook presence features a large Palestinian flag and calls for members to attend a rally on Saturday in connection with the international Al Quds Day protests around the world which the government has already banned.

The Union of Jewish Students of France, the UEJF has filed a legal complaint against the administrators of the Facebook page for incitement to racial hatred and incitement to violence,both crimes under French Law.

I'm certain Mark Zuckerberg is, you know,concerned.

In a statement, the UEJF said: “For several days, many Facebook pages have been created to encourage physical violence against young Jews. Photos were published, with the identities, phone numbers, and contact information. This young man was directly affected by such a Facebook page. It is unacceptable that the Jews are the target of Facebook calls to murder.”

Unacceptable, mais oui, but this appears to be le monde neauveau in France. I honestly don't think the French government understands what's going on or knows how to handle this

France's Muslims are going to do everything possible to drive Jews out of France, even the very left of center Jews in the UEJF. And after that, unless there is severe push back,they will start on the Christians.

Just watch.

Gallup:Israel's Critics Are Younger, Less Educated And Informed, And Mostly Democrat


 Americans’ pro-Israel sentiments remain near an all-time high, according to Pew’s  numbers, and CNN measures public support for Israel’s recent actions against Hamas at a robust (57/43)..which since it's CNN, probably means the real numbers are a lot closer to Pew's.

But Gallup has an interesting new poll out that puts thing in a different light..

While America is still overwhelmingly pro-Israel, the part that skews anti-Israel has a very  interesting demographic. Hamas has very little support, but as Gallup itself revealed in their internals, what brings the pro-Israel numbers up so high is self-identifying Republicans and GOP leaners. They back Israel by a huge 44% margin over those who do not, whereas Democrats backing Israel lose out by 16 points to those who don't.

The profile of those who don't consider  Israel’s  war against  Hamas as “justified” are young people (-26), non-whites (-24), women (-11), and people with a high school education or less (-11) . This is also known as the Democratic coalition.


Another breakdown comes when you look at people following the events occurring closely as opposed to your typical low information voters whom don't and rely on soundbites from the likes of MSNBC:

 None of this is exactly a surprise to me. I've written before that one important goal that President Obama,our first truly anti-Israel president worked hard on was to make support for Israel a partisan issue. He's succeeded.

Anyone who's been paying attention over the last 5 years understands that, and 2012 underlined it. That year saw President Obama, running unopposed for re-election strip out nearly all of the pro-Israel language of 2008 from the 2012 Democrat party platform.

When prominent Jews and others in the party objected and the White House realized it didn't poll well, we saw one of the most amazing moments in American politics. The Obama campaign tried to amend changes in the platform by voice vote on the floor of the national convention in Charlotte,NC, and the nation watched as at least half (and probably more) of the delegates on the floor at the Democratic national convention tried to vote down including references to G-d and Jerusalem as Israel's capital in the party platform. There was a near riot  when those changes were shoved through over the obvious wishes of the assembled delegates in spite of the proposed amendment clearly not getting the required two thirds majority after three futile tries.

Will Jews and other pro-Israel Democrats get a clue from this and realize where the Democrats are moving? That remains to be seen.To my mind, the party is split right now, with much of its older, more establishment members still pro Israel. But the party’s present and future base? They're moving in a very different direction, and those Democrats who consider themselves pro-Israel had better realize it and think about what they're supporting.

The Council Has Spoken!! This Weeks' Watcher's Council Results

Alea iacta est...the Council has spoken, the votes have been cast, and we have the results for this week's Watcher's Council match up.

"One of the critical issues that we have to confront is illegal immigration, because this is a multi-headed Hydra that affects our economy, our health care, our health care, our education systems, our national security, and also our local criminality." - Allen West

"Poor Mexico, so far from G-d, so close to the United States." - Porfirio Diaz, Former Mexican Presidente 1876-1911

"BREATHES there the man with soul so dead,
Who never to himself hath said,'This is my own, my native land!'...
- Sir Walter Scott, Innominatus

Terresa over at The Noisy Room has been all over the story of what's going on at our southern border, and her winning essay, Orchestrated Invasion – The Eradication Of America’s Borders is a great read that examines what's going on in depth and shows exactly how it happened, who's responsible and where we're headed unless we fix it. Here's a slice:

If you had any doubts whatsoever that the whole border crisis was planned, this should fix that. Obama and Biden will meet with Central American leaders next week at the White House to discuss promoting legal, orderly migration. In essence, they will discuss the eradication of our borders, the end of American sovereignty and the furtherance of a collaborative, communist plan to redistribute wealth, people, assets and to create, in the end, a North American Union.

America, you have been betrayed by your leaders and your country is in the final stages of a destructive conspiracy that benefits a few elitist Marxists and destroys your liberty forever. How’s that hope and change working for you now?

For decades, US corrupt officials have sent billions to Central and South America to line the pockets of corrupt officials there. The thought was that it would placate them and keep them from attacking us, but that only makes your enemies hate you more. Virtually every country there is now ruled by a Communist and/or dictator. We have declared the Monroe Doctrine dead and now Russia, China and Iran are moving into our backyard en force.

For those who missed what the Monroe Doctrine was all about, it was basically a declaration that those Latin-American nations which had declared themselves independent should be free from European interference and aggressive colonization. America had only recently achieved her own independence and considered “any attempt on their part to extend their system to any portion of this hemisphere as dangerous to our peace and safety.” Declaring the Monroe Doctrine “dead” basically says, “we no longer care about our national security, so we invite our aggressively colonial buddies — communist and otherwise — to subvert and conquer our Southern neighbors.”

Instead of fighting back against an ever growing terrorist threat, Obama and Biden are enabling them by actively recruiting a precursory invasion force of so-called children in the 10′s of thousands to come across our border, using American’s heart strings as a garrote to strangle us with. Obama is then shipping them to every corner of the country and then the real invasion comes when the families follow by the millions, changing the voting demographic in America once and for all, ensuring Marxist control no matter what happens here. Obama has three years left to finish the destruction of America and it is right on schedule. Now, he goes to meet leaders who have signed agreements to fast-track this atrocity. Faster, faster pussycat… kill.

From Ironic Surrealism:

(The Hill) –President Obama and Vice President Biden will meet with the presidents of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador on July 25, the White House announced on Friday.

Obama and Biden will meet with President Otto Pérez Molina of Guatemala, President Salvador Sánchez Cerén of El Salvador and President Juan Hernández of Honduras, to discuss the recent surge of migrants across the U.S. border.

In the meeting, the leaders will discuss how the governments are “cooperating to promote safe, legal, and orderly migration” between the countries “in a spirit of shared responsibility” including “with respect to the return of family units,” a process which began this week for the three Central American countries, according to the White House.

The meeting is also expected to include discussions on how the countries can work together to bolster economic growth and development along with security in the central American region as well as address the “factors” that are causing the migrants to attempt to cross the border.

Everything about this incursion reeks of evil. Obama is directly involved in human trafficking, the heartless deaths of who knows how many children, rape, murder, the importation of deadly infectious diseases, gangs, drugs and weapons and the furtherance of the spread of poverty and misery throughout the United States. Obama hates America and wants her brought to her colonial knees. This is his gift to us – the gift of death, destruction and slavery.

Much more at the link.

In our non-Council category, the winner was Sultan Knish with It's Another "Death to the Jews" Weekend submitted by The Noisy Room. It's interesting that Knish's piece and the second place winner, Mark Steyn's -Fields Of Blood submitted by Bookworm Room cover very similar ground but from different aspects, with the Sultanfocusing on a more narrow canvas while Steyn broadens his. Great reads and recommended, both of 'em.

Here are this week’s full results:

Council Winners

Non-Council Winners

See you next week! Don't forget to tune in on Monday AM for this week's Watcher's Forum, as the Council and their invited guests take apart one of the provocative issues of the day and weigh in...don't you dare miss it. And don't forget to like us on Facebook and follow us Twitter..'cause we're cool like that!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer Reams CNN For Biased Coverage

An epic beatdown...Israel is handling the media war much better these days.

What Dermer was upset about was that CNN's coverage basically pushed the Hamas narrative..showing lots of pathetic pictures of dead children, seeking to blame the IDF and ignoring the fact that it was Hamas who was responsible. Even more telling is that Dermer cites some easily available facts that this CNN talking head is obviously clueless about.

The Third Intifada - PA Orchestrates Massive Riots To Support Hamas

As Hamas' forces are decimated in Gaza, Mahmoud Abbas and the PA put together massive, violent riots against Israel in an effort to support their Hamas allies.

The festivities started near the Kalandia checkpoint, located in Judea between Jerusalem and Ramallah. An estimated 10,000 Arabs whom identify themselves as Palestinians rioted near the checkpoint, throwing rocks, firebombs and fireworks at Israeli security forces, and setting tires ablaze. Police also had to put up with gunfire, for which credit was claimed by the al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigade, Fatah terrorists on Mahmoud Abbas' payroll. No Israeli police were reported killed although a number were injured. Two of the rioters were killed, and a large number arrested.

 Qalandia: Two killed in anti-Gaza op protest

Riots were also reported in the East Jerusalem areas of Shuafat, Abu Tor and East Talpiot.Arabs allowed on to the Temple Mount to attend services at the al-Aksa Mosque also rioted,throwing rocks, bottles and fireworks at police and down on passersby. Ten of them were arrested,and the Israelis may very well simply elect to close the mosque for the duration of Ramadan, eliminating the celebration of Laylat Al-Qadr (Night of Destiny) which commemorates the day Mohammed claimed to have received the Qu'ran.


Hamas, of course, thought this was an absolutely wonderful development and urged the entire PA to 'join in the struggle.'

As I explained before, what's going on here is the Third Intifada, using a strategy created by Mahmoud Abbas in conjunction with Hamas.While Hamas shoots rockets and engages what amounts to war against Israel (and hopefully picks up a few photogenic bleeders to use as propaganda) Abbas and Fatah will engage in lawfare and gin up massive riots, a few selective terrorist attacks, and civil disorder in the Arab occupied parts of Judea and Samaria as well as in Israel itself.


Want more proof Abbas and Fatah had this planned in advance?  Only two days ago, Abbas and other members of the Fatah Old Guard, who all have Jordanian citizenship and passports sent their families en masse from Ramallah to Jordan.

Don't be at all surprised if Abbas and  Fatah create an 'incident' enabling him to bring the Palestinian security forces, including those shiny new U.S. equipped and trained combat brigades into the fight 'to protect the Palestinian people.'

The idea won't be to militarily defeat the IDF, but to kill as many Jews as possible and create enough international outrage while doing it to try and get the 'international community', especially President Obama to try to enforce a 'Palestine' on th epre-1967 borders including a divided Jerusalem and a massive ethnic cleansing of Jews in Judea and Samaria.

For all the Israeli efforts to make those Israelis whom identify themselves as Palestinians feel full citizens of Israel, for all the attempts as co-existence and political correctness, the fact remains that a significant number of these Palestinians not only have no appreciation for those efforts or of Israel itself and the freedoms they enjoy there.They hang on to the dream of pushing al-Yahudi into the sea and simply want their neighbors dead.

The sooner Israel decides to initiate a divorce on its own terms, with a boundaries of its own choosing, the better. Oslo died a long time ago and  there is no living with rattlesnakes in the house.