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Forum: What's Your Reaction to Mueller's Indictment?

Every Monday, the WoW! community and our invited guests weigh in at the Forum, short takes on a major issue of the day, the culture, or daily living. This week's question:What's Your Reaction to Mueller's Indictment?

Don Surber
: Indicting Mueller could not come soon enough.

All joking aside, this latest batch of indictments -- timed to draw attention away from the president's trip to Britain and Peter Strzok's bizarre behavior before Congress -- are useless. None of those indicted will be extradited, thus Mueller can make whatever wild and baseless charges he wants and have the press parrot his unbelievable tales and outright lies.

The DNC computer was not hacked. It was leaked. An insider leaked it. After the leak became public, the DNC immediately purged its staff of potential leakers, including Seth Rich who was murdered days later.

Mueller is an abusive coward who should have been fired after the botched anthrax investigation. He went after the wrong man for 5 1/2 years and we had to pay the victim of his vendetta $5.8 million to settle litigation. President Bush failed America by not firing Mueller. Now President Trump must take out this trash.

Federal judges need to rein in prosecutors.

Rob Miller: As I watched the video of Rothenstein reading the so-called Mueller indictment, I started laughing uncontrollably, I really did! There's nothing in here that's remotely indictable. Russia and the U.S. don't even have an extradition treaty. And even if we did, all foreign intel agencies spy on each other's computers, including, of course, the good ol' USA. Putin isn't going to turn over any of his highly trained intel agents to us any more than we would turn ours over to him.

Anyone interested in exactly how ridiculously funny this 'indictment' is ought to read my parsing of this nonsense here. Of course, we also know that finally, Mueller has admitted that that no Trump campaign associates were involved in the hacking effort, that there was no collusion by the Trump campaign or that any Americans were knowingly in touch with the Russians. And he also had to admit that no vote tallies were altered by the alleged 'hacking.'

And by the way, in order to prove hacking Mueller's corrupt team would have had to examine the servers. But those were all wiped clean or destroyed a long time ago while the Famous But Incompetent stood by and did nothing, remember?

Whatever hacking took place involved classified intel Hillary's illegal unprotected bathroom server and on her chief aide Huma Abedin's laptop, the one she shared with Anthony Weiner. The DNC was released by a leaker, and to Julian Assange who made most of the WikiLeaks on the DNC public his source was not the Russians but someone inside the Clinton campaign. This was almost certainly Bernie supporter Seth Richards, who was murdered in what police branded as a robbery attempt...even though the body had $5,000 in cash and jewellery on it when it was found. The NYC cops confiscated his laptop as evidence and are still holding it, unless they destroyed it clandestinely. Since Julian Assange offered a $100k reward for info leading to the capture of Rich's murderer, it's implausible that Seth Rich wasn't involved in the leaks in some fashion.

OK, so we now know that there never was any evidence of Trump's collusion with the Russians. But we also know that a Democrat president misused the FISA apparatus and weaponized the FBI to illegally spy on an opposition candidate during a presidential campaign. That we know for a fact.

For me, that's far more serious than Russian intel agents doing what intel agents from all countries including ours do, especially when a secretary of state commits felonies by having classified documents on an unprotected server in a bathroom, and on a laptop owned by her chief aide and her wacko husband. And the hypocrisy is compounded by the fact that President Barack Hussein Obama illegally intervened in several elections directly...the UK, Israel and Nigeria among others.

For me, the unfunny part of this is that is was timed to poison a badly needed summit conference between President Trump and Russia's Vladimir Putin. President Trump himself has remarked about how this idiocy has made any agreement s between America and Russia difficult. We have common interests with Russia to be worked out, especially now that Putin is realizing that Russia can't control the Iranians any more.

James Kirwin
:I agree with Don.

As for my interest in the indictments themselves I’ll quote the illustrious George S. Kaufmann:

" Mr. Fisher, on Mount Wilson there is a telescope that can magnify the most distant stars to twenty-four times the magnification of any previous telescope. This remarkable instrument was unsurpassed in the world of astronomy until the development and construction of the Mount Palomar telescope.

"The Mount Palomar telescope is an even more remarkable instrument of magnification. Owing to advances and improvements in optical technology, it is capable of magnifying the stars to four times the magnification and resolution of the Mount Wilson telescope."

" Mr. Fisher, if you could somehow put the Mount Wilson telescope inside the Mount Palomar telescope, you still wouldn’t be able to see my interest in your problem."

Fausta Rodriquez Wertz:More kabuki

Patrick O'Hannigan
:The Mueller indictments look a lot like a nothingburger. Twelve Russian intelligence officers, none of which will ever be convicted of anything in an American court, and note, please, that every computer system they either hacked or supervised the hacking of was in the possession of Democrats. The Mueller indictments prove that Trump was right about the whole Mueller investigation being a witch hunt aimed squarely at him.

After almost two years in the headlines, trying to gin up support for overthrowing the electoral will of the American people, Mueller had to indict at least the proverbial ham sandwich to justify all the money he's spent. Meanwhile, Debbie Wasserman-Shultz is not yet in jail for handing Democrat servers and email accounts over to IT experts from Pakistan (Were they "doing jobs Americans won't do"?). Hillary Clinton has not been convicted of the money laundering and obstruction of justice charges that she so richly deserves. James Comey still plays "holier than thou" on a book tour. And the FBI's executive leadership continues to disgrace itself.

Dave Schuler:The most recent indictments, of a dozen Russian intelligence officers, actually contained two interesting points. First, to the best of my knowledge it's the first official claim that the DNC was actually hacked by the Russian government. That's actually a pretty important disclosure.

Second, there is still no evidence of collusion between the Russian government and the Trump campaign.

As I have said repeatedly over at my place, I'm content to let the Mueller investigation play out. And I think that just about everybody will be disappointed by its outcome. President Trump and his campaign won't be exonerated outright; he also won't be impeached as a consequence of the investigation's findings.

Laura Rambeau Lee
:The Mueller indictment insults the intelligence of we smelly, Walmart-shopping hillbilly deplorables. In an interview on Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business, Rep. Devin Nunes stated the House Intelligence Committee released this information in March, only to be mocked by the Democrats and the media. There was even more information in the committee report than in the Mueller indictment. Rep. Nunes stated they essentially wrote this indictment for the Mueller team.

The longer this investigation goes on the more it becomes clear what a waste of time and money has been spent by Mueller and his team. Whatever Russian interference occurred had little impact on the outcome of the 2016 presidential election. And after nearly two years there is no evidence anyone connected with the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians to influence the election, which was the whole reason for the appointment of a Special Counsel investigation.

These indictments of Russian intelligence officers will go nowhere. And we know we will never discover the truth with these circuses like we saw last week with Peter Strzok. President Trump must instruct the DOJ to declassify documents related to the Russia investigation so that Americans can see the House report in its entirety without redaction.Most importantly we need to know if our counter intelligence agencies were utilized by the Obama Administration to obtain questionably legitimate FISA warrants to spy on individuals in the Trump campaign. This is supposed to be provided by the DOJ to the committee by July 31st. And so we continue to wait.

 Well, there it is!

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Forum: Are Sanctions On Countries Trading With Iran Wise Policy?

Every Monday, the WoW! community and our invited guests weigh in at the Forum, short takes on a major issue of the day, the culture, or daily living. This week's question: Are Sanctions On Countries Trading With Iran Wise Policy?

Don Surber:Yes. Given that the Iranian protests are in their second month, there is a chance for a regime change. Women are doffing their headgear, and drivers are parking their trucks. The Grand Bazaar in Teheran shut down. 40 years ago, merchants in the Grand Bazaar backed the Iranian Revolution. Now they seem to want a regime change.

The only influence the United States has is in commerce. President Trump wisely is avoiding too much public support, and I doubt we are doing clandestine operations, as well. Why risk being associated with the rebellion? Any conection betwen us and them will end the revolution. The one thing we can do is not trade with Iran, and tom punish those who do.

This is the latest sign that the New World Order failed. Brexit, Trump, Macron, AMLO in Mexico, and now this. There are many other examples of regime changes because the old order failed The People.

Patrick O'Hannigan:I wish I could be more original on this question than to say that I agree with Don, but -- I agree with Don!

Deterrence does not have to be exclusively in the military realm. The sanctions game (and it is a game, of sorts) amounts to "Leave the gun --Take the cannoli" writ large.

Rob Miller
: Oh, I think it's imperative. Iran's economy is in free fall. No one wants the rial, inflation is rampant and the prices of food and other necessities is skyrocketing. That's a big part of what's behind the protests. Iran will not be able to continue to financially afford adventures abroad in Yemen, Syria or Lebanon for too much longer, and even Iraq's kingmaker Muqtada al-Sadr is inching away from Iran somewhat. This will get even worse once Trump's sanctions on countries buying Iran's oil and natural gas take effect. Iran also my not have the funds needed to continue to be Hamas's pay master along with Erdogan. The EU, BTW are looking like they're reluctantly going along with the sanctions. They need our markets far more than Iran's, and their choice will boil down to paying Putin's atrocious prices or buying U.S. LPGD.

I also think our President and his team members are making a mistake by NOT informing the American people what a hideous regime this it brutalizes its own people, the corruption of the Ayatollahs, and that Iran is not in any sense a 'democracy. They need to explain that Iran has been in a state of war with America since 1979. They need to tell the American people that Iran never actually even signed th eso called 'Iran Deal.' They need to remind the American people about Iran's complicity in 9/11, and how the rhetoric of both Ayatollahs Khomeini and Khamanei focus on the Twelver Sect's open embrace of apocalypse as a necessity for the Hidden Imam to return to rule the world for their brand of Islam.

The days of Iran's despotic regime aren't over yet. That won't happen until the Army turns. But this is a great way to get the ball rolling.

I'm going to be so original that I'll say I agree with both Don and Patrick! Honestly, I'd love to add some unique, wonderful insight, but I think they said it all.

What I will tack on, because I'm petty, is that one of Obama's most significant failings as president happened early in his administration when he refused to give the Green Revolution any moral support. As we know now, the self-centered Obama had his own grand dream of "solving" Iran and was content to let people die in the streets rather than risk losing the halo he envisioned for himself.

Laura Rambeau Lee:I must say I agree with everyone, also. Sanctions hit them where it hurts most and can often lead to cooperation where and when we need it.

Well, there it is!

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Mexico's Election And What It Means

Image result for Amlo

Andrés Manuel López Obrador, or Amlo as he's colloquially known is Mexico's new president, having won a landslide victory on July 1st. Obrador is essentially a far left populist. A former mayor of Mexico City who twice ran for president and lost, in 2006 and 2012, Obrador won the presidency because of outrage over the corruption of incumbent President Enrique Peña Nieto and his Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) and the conditions in what is rapidly becoming a failed state.The conditions of poverty, corruption, and high crime as well as their governments inability to deal with these problems is what caused Mexicans in desperation to vote for Amlo, their first leftist president since 1934.

Given that Mexico shares a 2,000 mile border with America, this development is worth looking at.

Many observers are warning that Obrador is a radical and will turn Mexico into Venezuela north, leading to even more illegal migration into the U.S. That is by no means outside the realm of possibility.

Victor Davis Hanson declared last week that Obrador is “anti-American” and will push the idea that Mexicans have a “human right” to illegally enter the United States. Again, quite possible.

But there's another factor worth considering; Obrador has a limited ability to control any of these factors.

The cartels all but run the country on the basis of their enormous profits from drug sales, human trafficking, extortion, enforced prostitution, kidnapping for ransom and other unsavory activities as well as their willingness to resort to the most extreme violence if they're disobeyed or crossed. A common cartel tactic is to offer judges, politicians and law enforcement a choice of 'silver or lead,' co-operation and acceptance of a bribe or death.

And the cartels have branched out. Aside from the above, they now make money from fuel theft, illegal fishing, mining, and logging.Many Mexicans, especially in rural areas, are often have to work for the cartels if they're going to have any employment, period.

The big problem isn't Obrador, but that Mexico is becoming ungovernable—a failed state. And we're already experiencing the effects, and then some as the violence and crime spill across the border. It will only get worse unless we adopt some very protective policies.

Actually, from what I know of him, Obrador and President Trump might even get along relatively well. Both have larger than life personalities and both men described the initial conversation when President Trump called Amlo to congratulate him on his victory as friendly. Amlo supposedly even offered Trump a deal involving increased cooperation in border control and curbing illegal migration in exchange for U.S. financing of development projects for Mexico's economy.

The problem, of course is that the Mexican government has no real control over illegal migration nor is it in Mexico's interest to stop it even if it did. Illegal migrants send to Mexico almost $40 billion dollars a year, as well as money these migrants get from social welfare benefits and what amounts to outright tax fraud in many cases. It also has another bonus, as a social safety valve where the American taxpayers foot the bill to take care of the needs of people Mexico is unwilling to.

Presidente' Obrador has very few cards to actually play, unless he turns out to be a man of extraordinary courage with ability to defeat the cartels. Given that this is unlikely, America's policy towards Mexico has to be based on the realization that it is a failed state, unfortunate as that is.

That means the border wall, increased border security, selective repatriation to Mexico of a significant number of illegal migrants here and a realistic, closely controlled guest worker plan somewhat similar to the bracero program of the 1950's, with perhaps a number of H1-B temporary work visas for more skilled, non-agricultural workers. And of course. fighting the cartels and their allies here in America and cooperating with Mexico to give them whatever help we can to regain control over their country again.

Gettysburg - A Fourth Of July Long Ago


Two years, ten years, and passengers ask the conductor:What place is this? Where are we now? I am the grass.Let me work. - Carl Sandburg

One hundred and fifty five years ago today, brave men fought in and around a small town called Gettysburg in Pennsylvania to determine whether the Union would endure or whether it would not.

The Battle of Gettysburg broke the tide of the advance of Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia and while the war itself didn't end for another 22 months, Gettysburg decided the outcome.

Lee's objective was psychological as much as strategic. By 1863 there was substantial sentiment in the North to allow the Confederacy to go its own way and end what had become an increasingly bloody, unpopular and costly war. By subjecting the North to the same sort of invasion the South had been subjected to - in essence, bringing the war home - Lee hoped to increase this sentiment and force the North to negotiate a settlement.

Gettysburg was very much an accidental battle. Neither side was really looking to fight here, but the armies accidentally collided, largely because Lee was deprived of Jeb Stuart's cavalry in the early stages of the battle and thus lacked his usual awareness of where the Union forces were. Once the initial impact was made,on July 1st 1863 in a battle between Brigadier General John Buford's Union cavalry division and two corps of Union infantry and two large Confederate corps that attacked from the north and northwest under General Richard Ewell, the armies came together and the battle was on.

An astounding fact about Gettysburg is that the victorious commander of the Union forces, General George Gordon Meade, had only been in command of the Army of the Potomac for a scant three days, after General Joseph Hooker was relieved of command. Meade was caught by surprise with the sudden collision of the two armies, but he reacted with coolness and unexpected courage at several points when the battle could very well have been lost with a different sort of general in charge.

The missing man at Gettysburg, one who might very well have altered the course of the battle and of history was Confederate General Stonewall Jackson, who was accidentally killed by his own troops after his amazing victory at Chancellorsville.

The key to Gettysburg was the control of the high ground, the hills and ridges outside the town. After Gen. Buford's troops were scattered into the hills that first day of battle, they could easily have been driven out of the high ground with an assault by the victorious Confederates, and had Stonewall been in command there's no doubt he would have driven his troops to do exactly that, digging them in on the high ground and reinforcing them with Longstreet's divisions to wait for General Meade's Union Army to come at them. Gettysburg would then have been a very different battle. But the troops Jackson would normally have commanded were under the command of General Richard Ewell.

General Ewell, even after he was ordered by Lee to take the Union position on Cemetery Hill "if practicable" chose not to make the attack. When he finally did, on the second and third day of the battle, it was the Union forces who were reinforced and dug in and the Confederates who were forced to assault them. Ewell's hesitancy likely cost the South the battle.

On the second day of the fighting, July 2nd, General Lee sent General Longstreet's divisions against the Union Left flank in an attempt to roll it up and knock the Union forces off of the high ground. Meade sent reinforcements to the Left flank to shore up positions that later became legendary - the Peach Orchard, the Wheatfield, Plum Run Valley and the Devil's Den. The Union forces held on in spite of horrendous casualties. One of the most amazing exploits of that day happened in the defense of Little Round Top, where Colonel Joshua Chamberlain, a former college professor in command of the 20th Maine maintained a precarious hold on the Union's extreme left flank under assault from General John Hood's troops.When the 20th were almost out of ammunition, Colonel Chamberlain led them in a surprise bayonet charge downhill that swept the Confederates off the hill, saved the position and likely the Union, a deed for which he later won the Medal of Honor.

On the third day, July 3rd, Lee decided to risk everything on a frontal assault on the right center on the Union lines, and 12,500 Confederate troops advanced from the ridge line three-quarters of a mile (1,200 meters) towards Cemetery Ridge in that gallant attempt to reverse fortune known to history as Pickett's Charge.

It was a slaughter. The Union artillery had deliberately held its fire during the Confederate bombardment prior to the Charge, but as the Confederate troops approached they were hit with fierce artillery fire from Union positions on Cemetery Hill and north of Little Round Top, and from the Union center. Nearly one half of the Confederate troops who participated in the Charge failed to return from the attack.

Somehow, some way, Confederate General Lewis Armistad's brigade managed to make it through the withering fire and briefly breach the Union lines at a place called the "Angle", a place with a low stone fence near a small wooded area. But they were quickly hurled back, and with that, the battle was essentially over.

After the battle it rained, something that occurred frequently enough to give rise to a belief among soldiers on both sides that the smoke and gunpowder somehow brought on the weather.

The two armies, both licking their wounds and having been through almost more than men should be able to bear gazed at each other across the field of battle on that long ago July Fourth. On both sides combined, there were over 50,000 casualties from three days of battle.

Late in the evening, Lee began the torturous retreat southwards. Did he understand at that point that the war was lost? We have no way of knowing. But on that July Fourth, one nation's hopes for independence were doomed and another nation's hopes reaffirmed.

After the battle, there were huge amounts or corpses that needed to be disposed of, and the Union decided to make the site a national cemetery, for convenience as much as anything else. Four months after the battle, on November 19, the cemetery was dedicated, and a ceremony was held.

The main speaker was a nationally known orator, Edward Everett. In those days of oratory as a national sport, he was expected to deliver a real rip snorter of a speech, and he reportedly did just that.

Oddly enough, Everett's isn't the speech that's remembered.Almost as an afterthought, the organizing committee invited President Abraham Lincoln to participate a scant two weeks before the ceremony, where they requested that he appear and "make a few brief remarks to honor the occasion".

So after Edward Everett finished his speech, which clocked in at close to an hour, the President rose and delivered those few brief remarks, ones that started with "Four score and seven years ago" and have come down to us through the mists of history.

Gettysburg today is a living version of Sandburg's poem. The grass has done its work, much of the original landscape has been altered and it takes some effort to visualize what happened there.

To do that, you have to go there when its quiet and listen to the ghosts. Trust me, they're there in abundance and they'll tell you the whole story if you feel like listening.

Have a wonderful July Fourth...and take a moment to remember and honor the ghosts of July Fourths past. They deserve that much, at least.

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Germany Update: Angela Merkel Surrenders On Migrant Policy

Faced with having her government collapse, Angela Merkel surrendered entirely to the demands of her interior minister, Horst Seehofer. Here's the agreement, in English and then in German:

In order to better regulate, control and prevent secondary migration, we come to this agreement:

1. We agree to a new border regime at the German-Austrian border, which ensures that asylum seekers whose asylum procedures are the responsibility of other EU countries, will be refused entry.

2. To do so, we will establish transit centers, from which the asylum seekers will be directly sent back to the responsible countries (refusing entry on the basis of the legal implication of non-entry). We do not want to act in an uncoordinated fashion, but come to administrative agreements, or establish communication, with the countries concerned.

3. In those cases where countries refuse administrative agreements, the rejection at the German-Austrian border will be on the basis of an agreement with the Republic of Austria.

The original German version:


Like I said, complete capitulation. Hort Seehofer had the best weapon possible in this kind of negotiation, the willingness to walk away from the table and take his CSU party with him. Needless to say, he was attacked ferociously by the Leftist German press, but he stood his ground, a man with courage and conviction.

Merkel’s facesaver in this agreement is one single sentence: “We do not want to act in an uncoordinated fashion, but come to administrative agreements, or establish communication, with the countries concerned.”
 Since the 'countries concerned' have already said no to more Muslim migrants, that question is essentially settled anyway, nicht wahr? But it looks nice on paper.

The true issue here was whether Germany actually has national borders and can refuse people entry or not. Merkel wanted to have a Germany with no borders and no real nationality, just a province in a non-democratic EUSSR.

This is a great day for both Germany and Europe, a victory for the German people's right to self-determination, and a major setback for the forces of multi-culti and slavery.

Don't be surprised if Seehofer ends up as the next German chancellor.

Forum: What's The Best Response To Leftist Assaults on Their Political Opponents?

Every Monday, the WoW! community and our invited guests weigh in at the Forum, short takes on a major issue of the day, the culture, or daily living. This week's question:What's The Best Response To Leftist Assaults on Their Political Opponents?

Scott Kirwan: Interesting question. My first instinct is to punch back twice as hard but considering how hysterical the Left is getting I’m thinking another course of action might be called for:


I never thought the Left would become more unhinged than it was in the lead-up to the Iraq War, but Trump has pushed them passed that point years ago. I’d be embarrassed to be a Democrat today. The party has lost its collective mind, and I find that hilarious. And now they are trotting out a 20-something as their standard-bearer, a girl who wasn’t around for Communism the first time but who just knows it’s sooo cool. Yeah, that Brezhnev – what a fashionista.

That said if we are going to laugh at them, we should do so while heading to the polls this Fall. Normally I don’t vote in non-presidential elections but I’ll be doing so this year.

Don Surber: Vote.

Rob Miller: By all means, vote...unless you've had your votes made meaningless because you live in a blue run state and your neighborhood has been gerrymandered to be safe Democrat no matter what. I think more is called for.

Two things I haven't seen discussed too much, certainly not by the usual suspects in the media. Almost all of these incidents have two things in common. First, they all occur in blue run jurisdictions, where the police, who take their orders from the local politicians can be told not to interfere. Second, they mostly involve mobs descending on smaller groups or even single individuals.

They're not only totalitarian barbarians but cowards. What's called for is what I refer to as puppy training. That means consequences for misbehavior.

Once the president gets rid of Jeff Sessions and gets a real attorney general, there are a lot of corrections to be had. You'll notice that a bunch of 'resistance' punks in Portland, Oregon surrounded and blockaded an ICE office and the mayor and the police did nothing...and then, all of a sudden, after a day or so of this, the police moved in, cleared away the 'demonstrators' and arrested some of them. Perhaps someone at the White House called the Mayor and mentioned that impeding federal officers from carrying out their duties s a felony, and so is impeding a federal office from carrying out their normal business. And so is aiding and abetting.

Former president Barack Hussein Obama got away with weaponizing federal agencies like the IRS to go after those he considered his political opponents. Things like that can also work both ways if necessary.So can lawfare. And Dick Tuck style pranks. These people have no sense of humor and get literally hysterical when they're mocked.

And on some occasions, simply standing up to these people can bear fruit,when the odds are right. It's time the Left learned that there's a price to pay for their antics.

Laura Rambeau Lee:The proper response seems to be just keep calm, keep speaking the truth whenever and wherever we can, grab some popcorn and watch it play out. Follow the growing #WalkAway Campaign founded by former liberal Brandon Straka. People from all “identity groups” are waking up to the lies they have been told by liberals and the Democrat Party and are walking away. Their testimonials on Facebook are powerful and enlightening to read.

And I agree with Don. We have to vote and get others to vote. That’s how we win!

Well, there it is!

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Germany - The Fiction Finally Cracks

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Angela Merkel is in deep trouble, and has a very good chance of being ousted from power. And Germany itself may be making a long overdue change for the better, as the German people finally tire of the Muslim migrants and the rapes, the murders, the crime and the huge financial cost most of them bring with them.

Even the Germans it seems, with their almost inbred preference for social order at almost all costs seem to have finally reached their limit. Even Germany's pro Merkel Leftist press and what amounts to near censorship of opposing views aren't hiding things anymore.

Mutti Merkel's original plot involved saving Germany's out-sized social welfare system. With the Germans no longer having children as they used to, she decided to open the gates to thousands of Muslim 'asylum seekers' and migrants. The majority were Muslim men between the late teens and mid-forties, which of course includes a lot of Muslim men who claimed to be children to gain asylum and benefits but were proven to be much older, usually in connection with various criminal trials and investigations.

Merkel's idea was that these men would both increase Gerany's population by impregnating German women and would work in Germany's industries, increasing the tax base.

Well, part of the plan worked, at least in theory. These Muslim migrants were quite happy to try and impregnate German women and girls, whether those women or girls were willing or not. And as in Britain, Sweden and other countries, the new migrants saw these infidel females as prey and treated them accordingly, to the point where over a third of Germany's women admitted that they were actually afraid to go out at night...this in what used to be one of the safest countries in Europe!

Related image

Even German institutions like public swimming pools, trains, train stations, Christmas markets, and Sylvester Night and Oktoberfest celebrations became far less safe if you were a German female.

Related image

Even worse was the Merkel government's response, which essentially was to make a few public statements and do absolutely nothing except to do their best to brand anyone opposed to these suicidal polices as 'racist,' something that worked well in Germany for some time because of its past. And to censor news of these events as much as possible. And insist that it was a minor problem that could be overcome with a little education. I won't even bother to tell you how little those efforts worked. Unglaublich.

The new migrants, who were almost entirely unskilled also found out quickly that they had no real reason to work, because of the German government's incredibly generous benefits they received. So much for the rest of the plan.And as more and more of them found out about the gravy train waiting for them, more and more of them surged into Germany. Since they have to have housing, German families are actually being moved out of their apartments and migrant encampments are being erected in German towns whether the populations wants them or not. As these towns and cities experience this sort of cultural enrichment, a number have simply refused to accept any more of it.

Think of the irony...instead of the Muslim migrants becoming tax slaves for the Germans, the exact reverse is happening!

And that's not Merkel's only problem. She also has a major scandal on her hands because a number of Germany's asylum processing centers have been caught taking bribes to grant people asylum status for money. And then, there's the problem of President Trump, who has not only raised tariffs on German goods. Infuriated by the refusal of Germany to stop empowering the hideous Iranian regime with trade that actually includes chemical weapons technology, the US president has doubled down and said there will be significant trade sanctions against any country importing Iranian oil.That means a trade war Germany can't win, and the Germans know it.

Chemical weapons from Germany to Iran to be used to shoot poison gas at Israel and the Jews? Sounds like the bad old days, nicht wahr Frau RiechsKanzler?

President Trump's new ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell is also mentioned in the above linked article, which brings us to the matter at hand. You see, Grenell has formed bonds with Merkel's new EU problems, the new, nationalist and anti-migrant governments in Austria and Italy both of which are outspoken Trump admirers. And with Merkel's chief German political problem, German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer.

Seehofer is also the head of the the Christian Social Union (CSU), Bavarian sister-party to Merkel's Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and a major coalition partner. You might recall that Merkel's CDU needed months to be able to form a working coalition in order to govern and had to go to bed with the Socialists,FDP and Greens, an unwieldy partnership at best.

Seehofer is concerned because in the last election, a lot of CSU votes went to Alternative für Deutschland(AFD)instead, making the nationalist, anti-migrant party the third largest in Germany. And with another regional election coming up, he wants to staunch the bleeding. Bavaria, like most of Southern Germany is much more right leaning then say, Berlin. And AFD is polling even higher than it did when the last election was held.

This latest showdown between Merkel and Seehofer involves a dustup in the EU itself, because the Muslim migrants keep pouring in.With several EU members refusing to take any more, and in some cases haing always refused to take any at all, Merkel used Germany's power in the EU to try and force compliance. An early attempt at an alliance with France's President Macrom failed when his ideas were even more unrealistic then Merkel's. Another idea, putting 'asylum registration compounds' in places like Libya at a cost to the EU of 20-30 billion euros annually failed because those countries refused to allow the compounds on their territory. Merkel even claimed at one point that 'an EU deal has been made' only to be contradicted by several EU leaders like Hungary's Victor Orban that nothing like that had even been discussed,let alone agreed on.

Seehofer wants a stricter migration policy in all regards, but the specific disagreement was Seehoffer insistence that migrants who originally land in say, Greece or Spain and who had already been registered elsewhere cannot travel to Germany because of the higher benefits and apply for asylum in Germany. Merkel refuses to budge, so Seehofer can either defy her because he controls the Federal police and implement the policy, which means she would have to fire him. Or he could simply resign.

Either action would man that the long alliance between the CSU and CDU is over, and that Merkel's coalition wold fall to pieces, forcing a new national election.

It's not impossible that the CSU and AFD would even form a political alliance, which would give them almost enough seats to govern.

This scenario should play out very soon.