Thursday, February 21, 2019

The  2020 Census citizenship question is one of the  battles taking place in congress right now that isn't being publicized.

Simply put, the Trump Administration wants a citizenship question on the 2020 census, something the Democrats are fighting tooth and nail.

If anyone needed proof that voter fraud exists and that illegal migrants are voting in Democrat ruled fiefdoms like California and a number of cities, there it is. There's no other reason to oppose census workers asking that question. What we're seeing here is nothing less than the flagrant use of non-citizens, including illegal migrants to increase the political power of the Democrat party so that it can decrease the choices, freedom and political power of other Americans.

What's even more comical is that the proposed law itself is useless as it stands. Let's say you're an illegal migrant and the census worker comes to your door. Maybe you just jumped the border awhile ago. Or maybe you were a beneficiary of catch and release who conveniently forgot about that court date and are now in another state. Maybe you're getting social welfare benefits in addition to your off the books job in a restaurant as a busboy.

When you get asked if you're a citizen, what would you say? Would you jeopardize the nice deal you have going?

Of course, you'd say yes, or refuse to answer the question. After all, when you registered that car you bought, you left that box at the DMV unchecked and now you're getting campaign adds and sample ballots.* So why not say yes? Or refuse to answer?

So we've established that both sides of this Census Citizenship question for 2020 is ridiculous. Is there something that would work far better to tell citizens from non-citizens?
Sure there is, although it would be a real hell raiser.

First, require the courts to release the names of all catch and release beneficiaries who either skipped out on their court hearings or have hearings scheduled on the court's calendar. When these names are cross referenced with things like DMV records, the census workers would thus save time knowing where not to ask the Census Citizenship question and ICE would know where to find people who skipped out on their court hearings.

The State Department could likewise required to release the names and IDs of all Visa overstayers.
Second, an old idea of mine. Require all illegal migrants to register with ICE within 60 days. Those who registered would have a pending status and would be considered for residence permits, depending on their conduct here in America. Those who did not would be deported with no right of appeal. Compare those names with the voter registration lists and you go a long way towards solving two problems, illegal migration and voter fraud.

*The official policy of the California DMV is that if an applicant for a license or someone registering a vehicle fills out everything but leaves the box asking if they are a citizen unchecked, it is considered a 'mistake' or 'omission' and they are automatically registered to vote unless they specifically ask not to be.
Rob Miller

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