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If They Win In 2020, The Left Will Steal Your Home And Destroy Your Neighborhood

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The American Dream has always been to own a home of your own in a decent neighborhood.

Do you own a home? Like your neighborhood? Guess what?  The 2020  election will decide if you are able to keep your home and what happens to your neighborhood.

The radical Left which now controls the Democrat Party has some plans for your home and your neighborhood if they get elected.

Let's start with Joe Biden's 2020 platform. It calls for ending suburban American communities by flooding them with forced low-income housing into every neighborhood and flooding them with immigrants, legal or otherwise.

This is the Biden-Sanders Unity Task Force Recommendations, which would  give instant amnesty and a pathway to U.S. citizenship for the 22 million illegal aliens now living in America. And guess what, it would  also give legal status to any 'refugees' that want to come here whether their claims are legitimate or not.

But wait, there's more.

The Biden platform will also put Barack Hussein Obama's Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing rules into practice. It would force communities receiving any federal funding, including FEMA disaster aid  to abide by strict rules mandating  "proactively examine housing patterns and identify and address policies that have discriminatory effects.”

The AFFH was a rule added by former President Barack Obama to the 1968 Fair Housing Act. Once revived by Joe Biden if he's elected, it is going to radically undercut the political and economic Independence of America’s suburbs...and that includes your neighborhood.

Or in other words, if your neighborhood doesn't pass their mandatory diversity  test, (and I'm sure you can imagine what that entails) you will be forced to do so...and this could include eminent domain on private houses, including yours,  to ensure that they're available for the government's preferred groups. Need I say more?

President Trump managed to curtail and make certain reforms to most of this, but of course those changes would all be rolled back in a Biden administration.

Think I'm kidding?

AOC Called Out Border Patrol Over Detention Conditions and ...

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez attacked “homeowners” just yesterday,  saying that they are hurting people that can’t afford to own land. Her rant comes as her fellow squad member congresswoman Rep. Ilhan Omar proposed a bill that would strip property owners of their property if the federal government deems it necessary. 

The law will put control of nearly every small town, local, municipal, and state powers and responsibilities under the power of federal control. That includes schools, police, housing and much more. It destroys zoning laws. If local governments don’t go along, the government will cut off all funds and very probably will use the Biden Department of Justice to file suit aganst communities and evenindividual home owners to make them comply.

The bill would also cancel all rent and mortgage payments regardless of income or employment throughout the duration of the Corona  pandemic.

And a  fund would be created “to fully finance the purchase of private rental properties by non-profits, public housing authorities, cooperatives, community land trusts, and states or local governments — in order to increase the availability of affordable housing . Guess who's going to pay for are especially if you own a home. You are.

As socialists and communists like to say, 'Property is Theft...unless it belongs to us'!

You see, the Left doesn't like single family housing. They want people in multi family dwellings to give them more control of how you live. Essentially, they see middle class homeowners as Kulaks.*

The platform also states Biden would: “Ensure effective and rigorous enforcement of the Fair Housing Act and the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act. Hold financial institutions accountable for discriminatory practices in the housing market.

As the platform states:

"Democrats will vigorously enforce the Fair Housing Act and the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act and hold lenders accountable for discriminatory practices. We will use the federal government to enforce settlements against discriminatory lenders, and require communities to proactively review housing patterns and remedy local policies that have a discriminatory effect. Democrats will give local elected officials tools and resources to combat gentrification, penalize predatory lending practices, and maintain homeownership, including exploring targeted rental relief when exorbitant rent increases force long-term residents from their communities and tackling persistent racial bias in appraisals that contributes to the racial wealth gap.

As someone who made a successful career in Real Estate, allow me to translate what this will mean.

Home loans used to be underwritten based on the borrower's credit record, what were known as 'ratios' meaning what  the amount of the mortgage payments would add to already existing debt the borrower had and whether the borrower would b e able to afford to make all of his payments and not default. Another factor was the borrower's overall credit record...things like consistent late payments, items at collection agencies, foreclosures, repos, things like that. Job history and length of time on the job would also be looked at. In other words, to avoid having to foreclose, lenders would underwrite to make sure the borrower was likely to  repay the loan and had the income to afford to pay the mortgage along with any other debts they had. It was sound, common sense and it worked.

That ended thanks to changes in the laws during the Clinton and Obama Administrations that forced lenders to make loans to people who didn't meet sound underwriting standards and had poor credit. These new standards were based a great deal on exactly what the Biden platform plans to base it on....the borrower's race and/or ethnicity.  As I'm sure you'll remember, this led to a lot of  bad loans and foreclosures. And when these bad loans were bundled with other loans and sold on the secondary market (Which is what banks do with them normally) it contributed a great deal to the 2008 recession. And the banks didn't pay for it, you did. President Barack Hussein Obama simply raised the maximum amount Government financed FHA and  similar loans could be financed at to allow a lot of these bad loans to be refinanced at little cost to the owners, but at the expense of  the taxpayers.

Let's look at the rest.

'Gentrification' merely means that as a neighborhood gets nicer and more desirable, the price to live there increases. The Biden plan is to allow Left wing goons like the current mayors of various blue controlled cities like Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles legal tools to prevent those neighborhoods they and their cronies don't live in from becoming nice and desirable places to live. What they will use is forced low income multi family dwellings, housing projects, mandatory rent control where it doesn't already exist and eminent domain to take over houses occupied by people they feel aren't entitled to 'privilege.' They will then use their own city employed  appraisers to decide what the owners will be paid and I guarantee you, it will be less than market value. Some of this has already occured in some Blue run cities.

Picture how your own  your own neighborhood will change once this goes into effect. Living in the same area with a housing project and what that usually brings in terms of crime, vandalism, a drop in property values and a general lower standard of living...and especially think about it in terms of defunding your police department, something that's also on the way if these people get in power.

It will also result in a lot more difficulty in even finding housing, unless you're one of the preferred groups of people this is aimed at. And thanks to corporate America gobbling up homes and renting them out, owning your own home might just become a dream denied. 

A Trump administration might abrogate this. A Biden Administration assuredly won't.

Even though the voters in California voted down  a proposition on the ballot for mandatory rent control, the Democrat controlled state legislators simply voted it into law. Ask anyone you know who lives there how hard it is to find housing. Also, since the new Biden program will be exploring targeted rental relief when exorbitant rent increases force long-term residents from their communities.   In other words, if you have rental property you will not be able to decide what your property will rent for, whom you may rent it to or whether you can increase the rent to compensate for increased property taxes. Which are definitely on the way

Another thing about appraisers...notice this: tackling persistent racial bias in appraisals that contributes to the racial wealth gap.

Appraisers are trained and licensed  professionals. They use standardized  methods to come to an opinion of value which includes using other similar property sales in the area to determine value of the property in question, and they are strictly regulated.   What the new Biden platform plans to do is to force them to lower sales values so that the favored ethnicity can buy your house...because it's racist for you to own property anyway, right? And of course you will have to settle for what these diversity appraisers say your property is worth, even if the house next door almost exactly like yours sold for a lot more before the Dems took over.

This is part of what's at stake in the next election among other things. Think about it when you vote, not just for president but for congress and your state legislators and governors. Your home and your neighborhood are at stake.

*Kulaks are what the Communists called the prosperous middle classes of professionals, artisans, shop keepers and  wealthy and successful farmers who employed hired labor or their own possessed farm machinery. They were treated as oppressors and class enemies and were forced to give up their 'privilege.'

Rob Miller

Rob Miller writes for Joshuapundit. His articles have appeared in The Jerusalem Post, The Washington Examiner, American Thinker, The Los Angeles Times, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The San Francisco Chronicle, Real Clear Politics, The Times Of Israel, Breitbart.Com, Yediot and other publications

Monday, July 27, 2020

Murder Most Foul- Black Trump Supporter Murdered Execution Style

60-year-old Bernell Trammell owned a small store in Milwaukee. He was kind man, well liked in his neighborhood, a religious man who did some street preaching. He was also a Trump supporter. That got him murdered. 

This is a man who worshipped G-d and a man of faith. You can hear it in his voice. In a video shot near his store, Bernell Trammel said the following: “I am Bernell Trammell, I am at my office at the Expressions Journal publication, and I am encouraging afro-Americans from all walks of life and culture here in Wisconsin, particularly here in Milwaukee, to vote Donald Trump for this year, Trump 2020.” This was just a few hours before he was murdered. He also made a Facebook post showing him carrying the same 'vote for Donald Trump sign.'

Here's what one of his neighbors posted onTwitter about him. " Bernell Trammell was shot in the head execution style broad daylight yesterday in front of his store. He was a God fearing Trump supporting man. Was it because he was a Trump supporter? He didn't look for fights, he lived a good life. Sick and sad! "

Wisconsin Senator RonJohnson also had something to say about this:

Bernell Trammell was known to many in Milwaukee. My condolences to his family and friends. I hope they get answers and justice soon.

Will they? Perhaps. But since no one else had any reason to kill Bernall Trammel, he was obviously murdered because of his political beliefs. They simply decided he was one Black life that didn't matter and since he was well known and respected in his part of Milwaukee and might influence people, they killed him.

We live in an age when expressing your views freely, the basis of our First Amendment only applies to
the Radical Left. Even in our neighborhoods, people realize that supporting President Trump with a bumper sticker or a lawn sign can get your car or home vandalized. Even worse is the way sports teams, colleges, certain city and state governments, many corporations, Hollywood and most of our media cowardly adhere to this Orwellian punishment for thought crimes.

Not only can it get your property vandalized or get you socially ostracized, it can get you fired from your job for the least infraction. It can even get you seriously injured or killed.

This needs to be stopped, or it will destroy our country and melt away our freedoms.

On Bernall Trammel's sign in front of his store, one of the signs mentions Matthew 16 verse 3 and urges us to discern the signs of the times:

And the Pharisees and Sadducees came, and to test him they asked him to show them a sign from heaven.  He answered them, “When it is evening, you say, ‘It will be fair weather, for the sky is red.’

And in the morning, ‘It will be stormy today, for the sky is red and threatening.’ You know how to interpret the appearance of the sky, but you cannot interpret the signs of the times.

Very appropriate. We had better start learning to interpret the signs of the times....and start taking action accordingly

Rob Miller

Rob Miller writes for Joshuapundit. His articles have appeared in The Jerusalem Post, The Washington Examiner, American Thinker, The Los Angeles Times, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The San Francisco Chronicle, Real Clear Politics, The Times Of Israel, Breitbart.Com, Yediot and other publications.

Monday, July 06, 2020

Gettysburg- A Fourth of July Long Ago

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Two years, ten years, and passengers ask the conductor:What place is this? Where are we now? I am the grass.Let me work. - Carl Sandburg

One hundred and fifty five years ago today, brave men fought in and around a small town in Pennsylvania to determine whether the Union would endure or whether it would not.

The Battle of Gettysburg broke the tide of the advance of Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia and while the war itself didn't end for another 22 months, Gettysburg decided the outcome.

Lee's objective was psychological as much as strategic. By 1863 there was substantial sentiment in the North to allow the Confederacy to go its own way and end what had become an increasingly bloody, unpopular and costly war. By subjecting the North to the same sort of invasion the South had been subjected to - in essence, bringing the war home - Lee hoped to increase this sentiment and force the North to negotiate a settlement.

Gettysburg was very much an accidental battle. Neither side was really looking to fight here, but the armies accidentally collided, largely because Lee was deprived of Jeb Stuart's cavalry in the early stages of the battle and thus lacked his usual awareness of where the Union forces were. Once the initial impact was made,on July 1st 1863 in a battle between Brigadier General John Buford's Union cavalry division and two corps of Union infantry and two large Confederate corps that attacked from the north and northwest under General Richard Ewell, the armies came together and the battle was on.

An astounding fact about Gettysburg is that the victorious commander of the Union forces, General George Gordon Meade, had only been in command of the Army of the Potomac for a scant three days, after General Joseph Hooker was relieved of command. Meade was caught by surprise with the sudden collision of the two armies, but he reacted with coolness and unexpected courage at several points when the battle could very well have been lost with a different sort of general in charge.

The missing man at Gettysburg, one who might very well have altered the course of the battle and of history was Confederate General Stonewall Jackson, who was accidentally killed by his own troops after his amazing victory at Chancellorsville.

The key to Gettysburg was the control of the high ground, the hills and ridges outside the town. After Gen. Buford's troops were scattered into the hills that first day of battle, they could easily have been driven out of the high ground with an assault by the victorious Confederates, and had Stonewall been in command there's no doubt he would have driven his troops to do exactly that, digging them in on the high ground and reinforcing them with Longstreet's divisions to wait for General Meade's Union Army to come at them. Gettysburg would then have been a very different battle. But the troops Jackson would normally have commanded were under the command of General Richard Ewell.

General Ewell, even after he was ordered by Lee to take the Union position on Cemetery Hill "if practicable" chose not to make the attack. There's no question that Stonewall Jackson would have ordered his troops to take the high ground and dig in to wait for the main Confederate forces which were coming to the ridges from the  west. In that case, it would have been the Union forces attacking uphill at an entrenched Southern army backed up by dug in  artillery. The battle coud verywell have ended quite differently.

When Ewell finally did attack, on the second and third day of the battle, it was the Union forces who were reinforced and dug in and the Confederates who were forced to assault them. Ewell's hesitancy likely cost the South the battle.

On the second day of the fighting, July 2nd, General Lee sent General Longstreet's divisions against the Union Left flank in an attempt to roll it up and knock the Union forces off of the high ground. Meade sent reinforcements to the Left flank to shore up positions that later became legendary - the Peach Orchard, the Wheatfield, Plum Run Valley and the Devil's Den. The Union forces held on in spite of horrendous casualties. One of the most amazing exploits of that day happened in the defense of Little Round Top, where Colonel Joshua Chamberlain, a former college professor in command of the 20th Maine maintained a precarious hold on the Union's extreme left flank under assault from General John Hood's troops.When the 20th were almost out of ammunition, Colonel Chamberlain led them in a surprise bayonet charge downhill that swept the Confederates off the hill, saved the position and likely the Union, a deed for which he later won the Medal of Honor.

On the third day, July 3rd, Lee decided to risk everything on a frontal assault on the right center on the Union lines, and 12,500 Confederate troops advanced from the ridge line three-quarters of a mile (1,200 meters) towards Cemetery Ridge in that gallant attempt to reverse fortune known to history as Pickett's Charge.

It was a slaughter. The Union artillery had deliberately held its fire during the Confederate bombardment prior to the Charge, but as the Confederate troops approached they were hit with fierce artillery fire from Union positions on Cemetery Hill and north of Little Round Top, and from the Union center. Nearly one half of the Confederate troops who participated in the Charge failed to return from the attack. Somehow, some way, Confederate General Lewis Armistad's brigade managed to make it through the withering fire and briefly breach the Union lines at a place called the "Angle", a place with a low stone fence near a small wooded area. But they were quickly hurled back, and with that, the battle was essentially over.

After the battle it rained, something that occurred frequently enough to give rise to a belief among soldiers on both sides that the smoke and gunpowder somehow brought on the weather.

The two armies, both licking their wounds and having been through almost more than men should be able to bear gazed at each other across the field of battle on that long ago July Fourth. On both sides combined, there were over 50,000 casualties from three days of battle.

Late in the evening, Lee began the torturous retreat southwards. Did he understand at that point that the war was lost? Perhaps, since he was recorded as telling his troops "This is all my fault." We have no way of knowing. But on that July Fourth, one nation's hopes for independence were doomed and another nation's hopes reaffirmed.

After the battle, there were huge amounts or corpses that needed to be disposed of, and the Union decided to make the site a national cemetery, for convenience as much as anything else. Four months after the battle, on November 19, the cemetery was dedicated, and a ceremony was held.

The main speaker was a nationally known orator, Edward Everett. In those days of oratory as a national sport, he was expected to deliver a real rip snorter of a speech, and he reportedly did just that.

Oddly enough, Everett's isn't the speech that's remembered.Almost as an afterthought, the organizing committee invited President Abraham Lincoln to participate a scant two weeks before the ceremony, where they requested that he appear and "make a few brief remarks to honor the occasion".

So after Edward Everett finished his speech, which clocked in at close to an hour, the President rose and delivered those few brief remarks, ones that started with "Four score and seven years ago" and have come down to us through the mists of history.

Gettysburg today is a living version of Sandburg's poem, in a way. The grass has done its work,but much of the original landscape has been altered and it takes some effort to visualize what happened there. To do that, you have to go there when its quiet and listen to the ghosts. Trust me, they're there in abundance and they'll tell you the whole story if you feel like listening.

Best wishes for a wonderful July Fourth...and take a moment to remember and honor the ghosts of July Fourths past. They deserve that much, at least.

Rob Miller

Rob Miller writes for Joshuapundit. His articles have appeared in The Jerusalem Post, The Washington Examiner, American Thinker, The Los Angeles Times, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The San Francisco Chronicle, Real Clear Politics, The Times Of Israel, Breitbart.Com, Yediot and other publications.