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If any of my wonderful fans have been wondering where I've been, here's the answer. I went to the hospital for awhile but now I'm in great shape. I also have spent some time freelancing, and am working on a novel and a book on faith. I'll let you know when they're published and ready.

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Naftalli Bennet Shows his true colors

 Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett attends a cabinet meeting at the Prime minister's office in Jerusalem, on March 27, 2022.



Naftali Bennett was an Israeli politician I once had real respect for. That was until he ran for prime minister and told the Israeli public he would never let the lefty parties or the Arab parties into his coalition. He lied and did both, with the result that Bennett and  Israel's government became something of a slave to MK Mansour Abbas, a man who had ties to Hamas and the PLO. Not only that but he demanded that  Israel's police be forbidden from  searching for the massive amounts of illegal weapons found in Arab towns and villages. 

 What's driving Israeli Islamist leader Mansour Abbas? - Israel News -  Haaretz.com

Since his vote was needed to put certain things through that were part of Bennett's 'new thing' ,He was able  used his position  to blackmail the government into giving money to the PLO and Hamas and to stop homes from being built in parts of Jerusalem and other cities that really needed more housing. 

And believe it or not, Abbas was able to blackmail Bennett and Minister of defense Ganz into refusing to use Israel's defense forces into againt not just Hamas but the PLO's own   'pay for slay' policy, even when Israels generals urged Bennett to allow them to fight terrorism from Hamas and the PLO . This at a time when food prices, paying for heating and other badly needed things had prices raised a huge amount. This left  many families  having trouble managing to keep things going! Imagine that, while  huge amounts of shekels were being given to the PLO and Hamas.

Not only that, but PM Bennett also allowed Joe Biden and the former Obama hands , who were and are  obviously anti Israel to call the shots, even to the point of their ending any Iron Dome missiles for Israel's defense at a time when Iran is only a short time away from having nuclear weaponry. 

The latest? Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has decided to close the Temple Mount to Jewish visits for the rest of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan in response to violence which has taken place on the holy site. And who has the violence come from? Not the Jews, but from the Arabs, who will obviously continue this since they can get away with it. In other words, the Holy  Western Wall and the Temple Mount will be off limits to any Jews for 12 days

  The previous closure period for this  was for a maximum of 3-4 days. Just last Sunday, Arabs attempted to block Jewish visitors to the Temple Mount by placing stones at the passageways used by Jews. Five people were injured when stones were thrown at buses carrying worshipers to the Western Wall. 

The real story is that while Israel eased restrictions for the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, that leniency was used to gather and store stones to throw at security forces and Jewish worshipers and to engage in violent  riots. 

This comes following a string of Arab terror attacks across Israel, including a stabbing attack in Haifa last Friday.

Where will this end? Two Yamina MKs,  have left the government, which may very well mean another election since it will take PM Bennett and his 'coalition below the 61 seats required to stay in power Let's all hope so. If there is an election, the Israeli public will have a chance to  vote again for the kind of government they really voted for last time...a coalition of the Likud, the other  parties on the right and the religious parties.

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