Thursday, October 29, 2009

Larry David - Leftard Chicken Delite

This is what passes for 'comedy' these days.

Last Sunday on HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm episode, Larry David had a bit where he urinated on a picture of Jesus Christ in someone else's home. This was played for BIG YUCKS when those stoo-pid, Jeezus loving hicks took this as proof they had a real weeping Jesus on their hands....oooh, edgy!

And predictably, as outraged Christians respond, HBO is circling the wagons and defending this garbage:

"Anyone who follows Curb Your Enthusiasm knows that the show is full of parody and satire. Larry David makes fun of everyone, most especially himself. The humor is always playful and certainly never malicious."

Yeah, just get over yourselves, it's all in fun..

But as my friend Greg at that fine site Rhymes With Right points out, would they do this with Mohammed?

There would be riots, fatwas and murder attempts for everyone involved – assuming the show were even allowed to air.{...}

there isn’t much chance of David and the rest of those involved facing any consequences for their mocking of Christianity. We don’t riot in response to such things – we might complain, but then we turn the other cheek.

Why not be really edgy, Larry? Wipe your but with a page from the Qu’ran and see what happens. Not only would it be equally edgy and disrespectful of the feelings of religious believers, but it would also present the opportunity for some of us to set up a “Larry David death pool” so we can place wagers on how long it might take offended Muslims to hunt you down and kill you – or whether you might be able to survive for a few years under heavy guard like Salman Rusdie.

Okay, Mr. David and HBO, full marks for cowardice. But for stupidity too. When you attack someone's faith and ridicule it, true believers may get outraged but a certain amount of what I'll call the swing votes accepts the ridicule and it colors their perceptions.

In today's climate, that's important.

Islam, the only religion the Left respects has a significant number of practitioners who are actively doing whatever is necessary to make it the dominating faith on the Earth, triumphant over all others. And many of those same practitioners have certain feelings about Jews as expressed in the Qu'ran and Hadiths that would not exactly bode well for Mr. David's survival, no matter how divorced he might be from any Jewish belief or observance.

You see, when a pathetic fool like Larry David urinates on Jesus and Christianity, he's really urinating on himself, whether he realizes it or not.


Right Truth said...

This is neither parody or satire. But if that is what they were going for, I challenge them to do the same to the Koran, as Jamie Glazov does. Insult the Koran and Mohammed and Islam... then let's see how the viewing public takes it.

Deborah F. Hamilton
Right Truth

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Deb,
Well said.

Cowards and fools.

Anonymous said...

I thought this was some kind of internet joke until I read your column. How disgusting and disrespectful to do such a thing. What is wrong with these people in Hollywood? They have no respect for anyone or anything but their own arrogance. What a shundah that man is.

Freedom Fighter said...

A ganze shundah, as my grandmother (z"l) would say..

B.Poster said...

FF's last sentence nails it!! I could not have said it better myself. I suppose this is why he blogs and I don't. He has the gift for putting thoughts into words that are easy to understand.

If they did try to this to the Koran, the FCC or whoever regulates this would probably yank their license. The followers of Islam and their friends hold powerful positions in all areas of the United States government. As such, they always receive favorable treatment.

Btw, I suspect Mr. David's like would be quite short if this were done to a Koran or to Mohamed. While I don't suggest killing him, something must be done. Clearly protesting is not enough. As a Christian, I don't like seeing my faith denigrated.

Perhaps nothing can be done right now, however, if the economy and our security situation continue to worsen we may be able to do something. Christians and Orthodox Jews are the only people who offer workable solutions to the problems that vex us. Perhaps then the public may be open to our suggestions. Not that I would want these things to get worse but it seems inevitable that they will, if we continue on the same path.

Anonymous said...

FF, I know that ganze means all, but what is a shundah?

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Anonymous,
Actually 'ganze' means complete or total in this context. 'Shundah' unless I'm mistaken is a Yiddish variation on 'shandah', shame or disgrace.

Thus, 'ganze shandah ( or shundah) total disgrace.

I could also have called David a 'ganze nar' ( complete idiot) or a few other pungent yidishisms my grandmother (z"l) was quite fond of.

It's a highly expressive language my parents and grandparents used when I was a child and they didn't want me to understand what they were saying...sort of the way some other parents spell words out for the same reason.

Of course, like most small kids, that meant that I eventually picked up a decent bit. Not that I ever let on...