Thursday, October 29, 2009

The North Hollywood Synagogue Shooting

Los Angeles' Orthodox Jewish community was shaken today by the shooting of two Jewish men in a North Hollywood synagogue parking garage today on their way to morning prayers.

The two men were both shot in the legs and are undergoing surgery.

The synagogue, Adat Yeshurun is in the heart of an Orthodox community filed with kosher markets, synagogues, Jewish schools and yeshivas.

My son goes to a yeshiva high school not too far from where the shooting took place,and while extra precautions are being taken, like most of the schools,larger synagogues and community buildings in the area their security is already pretty decent.

There is some value in knowing that you're a target.

Police are still viewing the surveillance cameras and looking for suspects.Based on what I know so far, there are two possibilities.

The least likely is that this was a lone wolf jihadi looking to shoot some Jews and he panicked and fired low.

The most likely possibility IMO is that one or both of the men are involved in a business deal with some rather interesting associates and this was intended as a warning or a reprisal.

You can indeed kill someone by shooting them in the leg if you sever the femural artery. But most shooters seeking to kill a man would go for a body shot ( the biggest target area) or follow that time honored credo:

"Two in the head, you know they're dead."

Either way, best wishes to the victims and their families.We'll see what develops,


louielouie said...

with all due respect to the two individuals who are the victims of this incident, i have read ff describe incidents similar to this in previous essays, and believe me, when he starts describing the actions of shooters/assailants as he does in the last few paragraphs, like he did, the descriptions just seem to flow waaaaay to easily.
kinda creepy.
i would go with the lone jihadi theory.

B.Poster said...

I would go with the lone Jihadi theory to. It seems he the person who shot them did not intend to kill them. Some bullies like to intimidate and humiliate their victims before pulverizing them. While Jihadis are not playground bullies in the classical sense, how they behave is much the same. Shoot the victim in the legs now. Shoot them in the arms later then kill them at a later time. That's what I think happened here.

Can we trust the police to properly investigate this? With as many pro-Jihadist sympathizers and anti-semites as there are at all levels of the federal, state, and local governments in the United States my confidence in them to do a proper investigation is not inspired. Frankly I think they would love to reach FF's conclusion as quickly as they can. "Move along now people. Nothing to see here."