Friday, October 02, 2009

Rio Gets The Olympics, Obama Gets Nada

The IOC apparently was unimpressed by President Obama, Michelle , Oprah and their entourages. They turned their backs on the One and awarded the 2016 Olympics to Rio de Janeiro,where the cariocas are already partying in the streets ( sigh...wish I was there now, believe me).

Chi-town got booted out in the first round of voting, in spite of what al-Reuters referred to as 'eloquent speeches by the president and Michelle Obama'..

Drudge's headline was my favorite: 'The Ego Has Landed.'

Ordinarily, I wouldn't be so happy about an American president getting dissed like this,but in Obama's case I'll make an exception.

Forty American soldiers have been killed between now and the time when General McChrystal first came out with his assessment asking for more troops, and we're still waiting for Obama to make some kind of decision on Afghanistan.

We have a declining economy with record unemployment, massive debt, a major debate on things like health care and cap and trade, not to mention a crisis with Iran's nuclear weapons program.

And our president's response to all this? Voting 'present' - a $10 million dollar road trip at the American taxpayer's expense to lobby for the Olympics so his corrupt Chicago political cronies could make a bundle.

In itself, this is only a big deal because it highlights this president's disregard for his responsibilities. But it also gives us a window into his narcissism and his truly contemptible sense of himself.

(grapic cheerfully swiped from Ace)


louielouie said...

from GoV
“For the first time in my adult life…I’m PROUD of the International Olympic Committee!”

B.Poster said...

Part of this problem is with its declining economy, massive national debt, and crumbling infrastructure that there isn't the money to fix Chicago or any American city never had a chance to get the olympics any way. There simply no reason for the IOC to do it. They can make more money elsewhere. Ordinarily it would be mistyfying why the President would waste time on a fruitless endeavor like this but this man's ego must know no bounds or he is getting horrific advice from his team.

Freedom Fighter said...

hi Louie Ditto !

Poster Good afternoon..

The IOC doesn't 'make money' off the Olympics per se, aside from royalty arrangements for using the logo on merchandise, a sum they make regardless of where it's hosted.

The IOC is actually funded by dues from its members.

As to why Obama went, it was partly to get out of town and avoid some difficult decisions and partly topay back political cronies like Chi-town mayor Richard Daley. he and his friends stood to make millions by looting the city treasury and granting themselves exclusive rights to various aspects.

And yeah, as to whether this man's ego must know no bounds or he is getting horrific advice from his team.I'd say - both.


Freedom Fighter said...

You have no idea what Rio is like when it parties. Think Mardi Gras with better weather, a Latin beat and without the high percentage of belligerent drunks.

louielouie said...

you are correct, i don't know what rio is like when it parties.
that is why i come to J/P.
because i'm sure you and monkey boy do know.
that's where they have carnival instead of mardi gras?

i remember reading where michelle said the gloves were coming off, as her reference to lula from brazil.
i wonder what their next g- meeting will be like?
cat fight anyone?

constant gina said...

This is an obvious decision...who would choose Chicago over Rio De Janero?? wtf