Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rush Limbaugh gets lynched

The news came over this morning that Rush Limbaugh had been summarily removed from the investment group he was part of that was attempting to bid for the St. Louis Rams NFL franchise.

As I mentioned earlier, his participation in the group trying to buy the Rams attracted the attention of professional race pimps like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, who mounted an orchestrated campaign to get the NFL to reject any bid Limbaugh was a part of because of 'racially tinged' and 'divisive' statements.

All of the ones they cited, such as Limbaugh stating that slavery had its positive side and that Martin Luther King's assassin should get the Congressional Medal of Honor were simply bogus, but were repeated ad nauseum by dinosaur media outlets like CNN, even after the alternative media totally debunked them.

Watch below as Bill O'Reilly takes apart sports columnist Drew Sharp from the Detroit Free Press as Sharp repeats some of these Urban Legends as Gospel:

Basically, what we had here was an electronic lynching. And I'm rather surprised that Nobel Prize honoree President Obama, who's concern over racial matters extends even to a simple disorderly conduct bust in a college town didn't see fit to weigh in here.

One person who did was Texas Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee ( D- Looonytoons) who took time to lambaste Limbaugh and his attempt to be an NFL owner on the floor of the House at taxpayer expense.

At any rate, Limbaugh was named 'too controversial' by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, and the other members of the bidding group led by Dave Checketts that Rush Limbaugh was a junior member of simply kicked him out.

I found it interesting to get an actual look at the NFL's standards on whom may be involved with them.

Aside from convicted felon and dog torturer Michael Vick, there have been 470 arrests of NFL players and counting since 2000, on charges ranging from DUI, narcotics offenses and reckless driving to assault, robbery and rape. Most of them are still with the NFL in one capacity or another.

As an aside, Vick had his agent make inquiries to the Canadian Football League at the time of his arrest about playing there if and when. They told him to get bent.

Obviously the NFL has the Canadians beat when it comes to appreciation of certain qualities.

And 'divisive comments'? The last time I checked NBC still had Mess NBC's resident spittle soaked wack job Keith Olbermann doing NFL commentary.

Now, Rush Limbaugh will do just fine. The American people have a basic sense of fairness, and every time the Left demonizes him, his audience and his influence simply grows because people tune in out of curiosity to see what all the fuss is about, get hooked and end up becoming fans.

I can testify to that out of personal experience, because that's how yours truly started listening to him.

But there's a bigger issue here, and this is more important than it seems.

What we have here is someone being prohibited from lawful private commerce based on his perceived political views.

This is a mainstreaming of something that has been going on behind the scenes in certain industries for years, as anyone who works in the entertainment business, many universities or certain news outlets will tell you.

It's not too far a step from that to stopping people from buying property in certain areas, opening businesses or being hired for certain jobs because of their race or ethnicity. Or their perceived political views.

For those of you who agree that this is important there's a Punt the NFL Facebook Group formed with the idea of boycotting the NFL and letting them know that you find this unacceptable.

The principle involved is an important one.

If the NFL and its sponsors choose to make certain choices, well and good. But choices also have consequences.


louielouie said...

i have a somewhat different take on this issue.
i believe it was just once again the msm showing that it has the clout to do as it pleases.
what it reports is the news and nothing else matters.
just ask katie.
the msm media elected a president.
the msm can prevent someone they don't like from doing anything they don't want.
the conservative blogs don't matter.
the truth doesn't matter.
it's just another example of the msm flexing their muscles and showing who matters.
they do this from time-to-time 'ya know.
where i differ from ff thinking is the after effect of rush.
he will be alright, for sure, as long as he stays in his place. on the radio talking, because what can he do there.
he sure can't garner enough support to buy a football team can he?
you think he'll sue for libel?
no way.
and those partners of his, they showed some real backbone now didn't they. you think it'll do them any good in the long haul if this comes down to a bidding war?
maybe in about another 60-70 years rush's influence will be such that he can buy an NFL franchise.
that would be the:
Fools &

louielouie said...

i know while writing this that ff is having sabbath, so it won't go up this week, but i just had a couple of second thoughts about this rush thingy.
my first second thought is that the owners used the msm to do a hatchet job on rush because they didn't want to be seen as the bad guys in the rejection of the ownership team. you see the owners have a real cushy deal with all the local politicians that milk the taxpayers to keep the arenas/stadiums in tip/top condition. the expense is passed off to the taxpayers and the owners/league get the profits. read this as jerry's world in arlington. a natural conservative like rush just might upset the apple cart and make public some of the under the table deals that the owners have with respective politicans. read this as al (been dead five years) davis.
my second second thought is there is no way in hell daniel snyder would allow rush into the owners fraternity. in the nation's capital there is too much pork going around and daniel would not want any of it trimmed.
my third second thought is that after the 2009 season, the collective bargaining agreement is running out. the CBA as it currently exists is unconstitutional. this fact came out when that kid from ohio state tried to enter the nfl a couple years ago, before his third year in school. apparently, justice suitor wrote the CBA for tagliabue years earlier, before tagliabue became commissioner. as suitor was now a supreme, he had veto power over this particular venue of cases to be reviewed. i think we all know how that one came out. after the 2009 season there will be a labor lockout. the whole 2010 season, it is rumored my just not be. if a radio talk show celebrity were on the inside of the information being bantered about in those discussions, the good 'ol boys network may be exposed for what it is.
my fourth second thought is why doesn't george soros just buy the nfl.
i'm sure i'll have more second thoughts over the weekend, but i can hear monkey boy telling me to keep them to myself.
and you know what i'd like to tell monke...............

Anonymous said...

Rush is disliked by a large percentage of the country--certainly a large percentage of NFL players; not just the "left."

Odd that you would mention the drug charges against NFL players in the context of Rush, an admitted former drug addict.

Freedom Fighter said...

Well, at one point black folks were 'disliked by a large percentage of the country' because of their perceived characteristics.

Many of those perceptions turned out to be as true as the racist remarks attribute to Limbaugh.

Should blacks have been denied opportunities for commerce because of those inaccurate perceptions?

As for the NFL players, since when does labor have a voice in selling a poart or all of the business they work for...unless they're stockholders or partners?

Try and get beyond your disagreement with Limbaugh's views and think about the implications of what you're saying.