Monday, October 19, 2009

SecState Clinton caught 'mis-speaking' again

Ah, well. You start lying early on, it just becomes a habit and before you know it, you believe your own stories...

The US Secretary of State was in Belfast addressing the Stormont parliament when she embellished things by stating that Belfast’s Europa Hotel was devastated by an explosion when she first stayed there as First Lady back in 1995. She told the assembled politicians “When Bill and I first came to Belfast we stayed at the Europa Hotel ... even though then there were sections boarded up because of damage from bombs.”

Now the Europa Hotel was indeed bombed a number of times during Northern Ireland's sectarian conflict.

Unfortunately for Mrs. Clinton, the last time it happened was in 1993, two years before President Clinton and his wife stayed there. And the last time the Europa underwent renovations because of bomb damage was in January 1994, 22 months before the presidential entourage checked in!


This whopper is on a par with her claims to have landed in Bosnia under sniper fire. Just embellishing a story to inflate yourself if you know what I mean...and always a sign of extremely low self-esteem, which explains a great deal when you look at the Clinton's marital history.

Now, as a wanna-be presidential candidate, this sort of habitual lying is one thing. As a matter of fact, I'd even be prepared to entertain the notion that of the two front runners for the Democrat's nomination, Mrs. Clinton's 'mis-statements' were far less substantial than the ones issued by the man who defeated her.

But the problem is that she isn't merely running for office now. She holds the title of US Secretary of State, and this kind of nonsense doesn't only belittle her, it effects how she and American foreign policy are perceived.

Not good.


B.Poster said...

Not good is correct. Might things like this be the reason that America is the most universially despised and least respected country in the world today. Its obviously a bit more complicated than simly this, however, I think things like this play a huge role in making America the most hated and least respected country on earth right now.

Alinosof said...

The right is really desperate. Lol, all the wingers have been pushing this non story like there's no tomorrow. Why don't you do a count of the number of times the Republican leaders have mis-spoken with tragic consequences? Let's start with George W. Bush, shall we? Hillary may be confused about her dates and events, but no body died as a result of that.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hello Alinosof,
You obviously aren't very familiar with this site.

Citing George Bush's errors sounds remarkably like the eternal 10 year old's cry when caught in a misdeed - "He did it too!"

We could certainly discuss George Bush, especially your interesting contention that 'Republican leaders have mis-spoken (sic) with tragic consequences' but let's deal with the issue at hand.

Mrs. Clinton is a serial liar.She always has been, from the time that she was the attorney for Whitewater and forged legal documents (and believe me, she'd have been in jail if the Feds had been able to prove intent or if Susan McDougal and Webb Hubble weren't willing to sit in jail and keep their mouths shut in exchange for an eventual presidential pardon and goodness knows what else), through covering for Mr. Bill's serial bimbo eruptions through her various caterwaulings on that Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, through getting illegal campaign financing directly from the Emir of Dubai through Mr. Bill's business dealings with him.

When someone does this as a candidate for office, that's one thing.

When someone does this sort of silly thing as Secretary of State, it sends a bad message to our friends and a worse one to our enemies. And yes, Alinosof,history is full of instances where people have died from that.

This goes beyond any childish 'left wing' and 'right wing' posturing and effects th ebasic security of the country, like it or not.


Freedom Fighter said...

I don't think America is the most 'universally despised and least respected' country in the world today.

Our friends have seen that we have amateurs in charge at present and are a bit bewildered and scrambling to adjust, and our enemies are likewise scrambling for advantage.

But don't confuse the opinion of our current leadership by either for 'lack of respect'. A simple change towards strength and the merest demonstration of the sort of power the American military can generate would change any perception of 'disrespect' overnight.

Alinosof said...

@ Freedom Fighter. If you had done a little bit of research instead of repeating your talking points, you would have found that, work was being done in some sections of the hotel while Clinton was visiting in 1995.Context is every thing or haven't you learn that? As for the rest of your post,the republicans and the pervert special prosecutor Starr wasted close to $100 of tax payer money on a wild goose chase called Whitewater and could not find zip on either Clintons. All we got for all that money was a pornographic novel authored by Starr in 1998. I would choose a president that lies about sex over one that repeatedly lies about issues of war. At least we had peace and prosperity with Clinton. What did we get with Bush? Two wars with no end insight, deficits as far as the eye can see, torture, chronic lies and incompetence.

Freedom Fighter said...

I see that courtesy isn't your strong point.

Read carefully and take notes. The article clearly mentions that the last renovation from bomb damage took place 22 months before the Clintons set foot in the hotel. Even if they were reconstructing it from scratch, it wouldn't have taken almost two years!

As for Starr's 'wild goose chase' I suggest you actually read about Whitewater. You'll find out that what I said in my previous comment is substantially correct. Lawyers who forge documents go to prison, provided intent can be proven.It wasn't because witnesses chose jail rather than testify.

Speaking of talking points, you also use the old wheeze about Clinton 'lying about sex'.

In fact what he was indicted for was perjury and obstruction of justice ( which included inducing others to perjure themselves and suborn witnesses), and I suggest you look up what those terms actually mean legally.

Because the Democrats in the Senate put politics over justice and refused to impeach him ( in clear violation of the Constitution) Mr. Bill became the only convicted felon to serve out his term in the White House.

We don't put presidents in jail, but Clinton was disbarred over this and was the only president who's State of the Union address (his last one)was ever boycotted by the entire Supreme Court. Including the justices he appointed.

As a contrast, Richard Nixon committed obstruction of justice over actions of his associates, not him personally. When push came to shove, it was the Republicans in the Senate, led by Barry Goldwater who marched up Capitol Hill and insisted he resign, which he had the innate decency to do.

And he was never indicted or disbarred.

The rest of your rant about George Bush is too ridiculous to deal with, frankly. You're correct that he was a mediocre president, but I doubt you have a clue as to why.

I particularly got a giggle out of your distress at 'deficits' considering the conduct of the current occupant of the White House...who I have a feeling you voted for.

Give it'll catch on.