Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Tears Of A Clown..Abbas 'Losing Legitimacy' Among Palestinians

The capo del tutti d'Ramallah is not doing so well. In spite of the huge amount of money the US and the West has invested to try and launder Abbas and Fatah, he still remains at heart a pathetic thug, more interested in feathering his own nest and that of his cronies than heeding the wishes of the people he supposedly rules.

And now, they increasingly want him out of the picture.

It's always been like that, but lately it's just become more obvious.

With Obama in the House making openly anti-Israel speeches and providing the Palestinians with the kind of largess they haven't ever seen before, they expected great things. At the very least, the Palestinians expected Obama to push the hated Jews back to the pre 1967 lines, and the complete prohibition on any building Obama wanted on Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria as well as East Jerusalem was supposed to be a given.

Instead, the stubborn Israelis insisted on at least basic adherence to the agreement they had made under the Roadmap with President Bush and refused to knuckle under.

And Obama so far has been either unwilling or unable to deliver,

Then, a couple of weeks ago at the UN, Abbas was forced by Obama to show up and participate in photo-op with Obama and Israel's Netanyahu, something he'd publicly sworn he would never do until Netanyahu agreed to follow Obama's diktat on 'settlements'.

Abbas also came under criticism for not supporting Arab riots in Jerusalem.

And finally, in a turn that surprised everyone including me, Abbas had his UN envoy request that the UN Human Rights Council defer any action on the fallacious and biased Goldstone Report damning Israel for supposed war crimes in defending themselves against those peaceful Hamas rocket launchers until next year.

The Palestinian 'street' exploded over that one...especially when it came out that just afterward the Israelis had released access to some cell phone frequencies to the Palestinians that went directly to a TelCom firm owned by one of Abbas' sons. Just a coincidence of course, Sadiq.

The big yuk among Palestinians(when none of Abbas' Fatah goons are listening) is to jokingly refer to Abu Mazen as 'The President of Ramallah'.Abbas has never had all that much support among the Palestinians. He's always been a venal jackal with the soul of a mafioso, and he and Fatah have been propped up by the West since the Bush Administration in an attempt to legitimize what was always a fantasy, the idea of a Palestinian state as Switzerland, living peacefully next door to Israel.

It was never going to happen and it never will.

Having pushed Fatah into an election in hopes of legitimizing them as part of Bush's 'Arab democracy' fetish, the Bush Administration was surprised when democracy actually worked and they got Hamas instead. Instead of recognizing this as a true representation of where the majority of Palestinians were,and because supporting a Muslim Brotherhood offshoot with a genocidal agenda would have been embarrassing, the US resorted to propping up Fatah with money and later sponsored an attempted coup in Gaza, which also backfired in a particularly embarrassing fashion.

In fact, (as General Dayton himself admitted) if the IDF weren't monitoring the security in Judea and Samaria (AKA the West Bank) Hamas would take over easily.

Obama, who cares much less than Bush did about supporting Hamas is pushing the Egyptians to weld together a 'unity government' between Hamas and Fatah, and it appears that it might be pretty close to happening.

In that case Abbas ( who has probably stolen enough by now to retire comfortably to Europe) can be replaced by a Hamas government after the elections, and Obama and the UN can begin pushing Israel to negotiate with with a government that contains people who have the genocide of most of its present inhabitants as one of their major goals.

Again, that won't happen, nor would any reasonable person expect any country but Israel to even consider going along with that kind of diplomatic farce.

But at least its more honest, and those people who support it will have to be a lot more open about their agenda without Abbas for a fig leaf.


B.Poster said...

This is insane. We're supporting a bitter enemy in Fatah who would like nothing more than to destroy us if they ever got the chance. I think a better approach would be to formulate a strategy that would decapitate and completely destroy both Hamas and Fatah.

The Americans will be unable to do this alone. With its military weakened from ongoing operations, its massive national debt, and its struggling economy it lacks the power it once had. We will need help from our Western European "allies." Also, I would expect Israel to be on board our efforts to rid the world of the evil of Hamas and Fatah.

Frankly, I would hope Israel will take out this enemy of America with or without our help. The survival of the "free world" likely depends upon these enemies being defeated or at the very least neutralized.

Btw, why do Israel and America get so much attention when a true and brutal occupation such as the one that Chian excersizes over Tibet gets virtually no media coverage at all. This especially the case because Iraq and Afghanistan have soverign governments. "Palestine" is already for all intents and purposes a soverign state with its own de facto government. Tibet has no such thing.

Finally Israel, America, and the West need to stop propping up their enemies. A better strategy would be to destroy them, neutralize them, or at the very least actually defend our countries against them.

louielouie said...

for the first paragraph of this essay i thought ff was talking about hussein.
i thought abbass was term limited out of office last january 9.
now that abbass has shown him how to do it, i guess hussein will show us how it's done come 2016.
.....or that would be january 2017.