Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Today's Must Reads, 10/14/09

Feel free to send anything you find that you feel is worthy of a look to me at and I'll review it. This includes stuff you write yourself.Or if you prefer, you can send it to Natasha, our must reads Avatar..

  • The Hill:House dem urges NFL not to let Limbaugh buy the Rams

  • Ed Driscoll :The Left and made up Limbaugh quotes more at Gateway Pundit and Mark Steyn

  • Howard Fineman:ObamaCare, Big Pharma and You

  • AP:Senate Leader Reid hurrying to push Senate health care bill through

  • Ed Morrisey/Hot Air : The new 'mommy tax' in ObamaCare

  • NRO : The Middle Class - Paying ObamaCare's Premium

  • WAPO: Insurance group claims ObamaCare will lead to increased fees, higher premiums

  • Rich Lowry : Why the shock at the Insurance group study?

  • MarketWatch:Obama fails to win Nobel prize for economics

  • Ace: How Democrats Deceived CBO to "Reduce the Deficit"

  • Breitbart: Dollar faces major pressure as reserve currency

  • WSJ :Asian banks intervene as dollar tumbles

  • WSJ: Report- The weak dollar threat to prosperity

  • Breitbart :Russia emphasizes its right for 'pre-emptive nuclear strikes'

  • FOX:0bama to allow Russian visits to US nuclear sites

  • C. Christine Fair/WSJ :Pakistan's partial war on terror

  • Brookings Institute :Pakistan - The next nuclear nightmare?

  • Ralph Peters America's last chance in the AfPak war

  • FOX :Special report- Panel discussion on President Obama's Strategy for Afghanistan

  • WAPO:The Taliban threat to Pakistan

  • Lebanon Daily Star:A critical moment for Iraq's Kurds and Arabs

  • WAPO :US efforts to 'buy off' Afghan insurgents a failure

  • World Tribune The other Iran Story - the Mullah's crusade to Arabize Iran

  • WAPO: Russia - No deal on Iran sanctions

  • Detroit Free Press:Iran says will increase uranium enrichment if talks fail

  • AJ Strata The Left's Fawning For World Acceptance Is Pathetic

  • Benjamin Kerstein/New Ledger:Obama and Israel- Betrayal in the Broken Places

  • James Woolsey/WSJ : Why can't Jews live in Palestine?

  • Atlas : Four House Republicans accuse CAIR of planting spies


    Anonymous said...

    Off subject: I was perusing some Dutch material this afternoon, & I ran across a news item that a British court had ruled that Geert Wilders should have been allowed entry into Britain. I recalled that you had been following that story. I'll try to find something in English for you.


    Anonymous said...

    Part 2 :
    Radio Netherlands Worldwide has 2 stories : the 1st is in re the aforementioned court decision ; the 2d, Wilders' decision to fly to London on Friday. To find the 2d story, you will need to click the ' Birkenhead Society ' link. ( The Birkenhead Society brought the case to court on his behalf. )
    The site is located at triple w dot rnw dot nl slash english.
    All my best,

    Freedom Fighter said...

    Thanks so much DD! Nice to hear from you...


    Anonymous said...

    I was experiencing some sort of repeated JavaScript error message earlier, & I don't think my message went through. Did you receive the questions re : 1) are you the Rob Miller that directed 'The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter' (1968) & the Sandy Dennis 'Sweet November' (also 1968)? (almost certainly you are not, I know, but I have to ask because they are 2 of my faves) ; 2) are you or were you a contributor to Examiner dot com (I read an article by a Rob Miller there) & 3) did you discuss election campaign financing as you once mentioned you were planning to? (I have some thoughts re that.)

    Also, I discussed Sarkozy, Carla Bruni, (thanks for the vid of her,) France, & the reasons (in my opinion) why France was on a different trajectory compared with the US & UK. Also 1965 & 1966. Mods & Rockers ('It's gear,birds!').The TV series 'The Prisoner' being shown at the AMC web site. 'New World Order'. & a lot of other matters from the past 6 months. Did any of that make it through?

    If not, then something went wrong on my end. Sorry. If you received the 2d attempted send, that was purely in re UNESCO with none of this aforementioned stuff in the extended PS.

    Have to run (business) ;
    Best Regards,


    Freedom Fighter said...

    Hello, DD.
    1) No

    2) Yes


    4) Sorry, no.


    Anonymous said...

    For some reason, the internet is slowing to a snail's pace in my area. It's not just my computer from what I've seen elsewhere & have heard elsewhere.

    I thought that the 2d attempt had at least got the mention of the article about the new UNESCO chief through. The article is at the same Radio Netherlands site mentioned before & has the title 'UNESCO chief wants to ban the burka' (the spelling is mine as I can't bring myself to use the politically correct q with no u orthography). The new chairman, a Bulgarian woman, says : 'Personally I'm against the burka. Some women can't even see properly. It denigrates women, causes problems and gives women the feeling that they are not equal to men.'

    It gets even better as the article mentions that she was chosen as chairman in preference over 'Egypt's Farouk Hosni. Many considered him the favourite for the post, but in the end - perhaps due to his controversial anti-Semitic comments - he was not elected.'

    The other stuff I really can't revive out of context. I think I was mentioning how furious I was with that idiotic Emperor Moonbeam we are stuck with & his deliberate concealing of the Kom uranium enrichment facility intel whilst he was addressing the UN. Sarkozy was understandably livid.

    Some people were astonished that France was showing more backbone than the US. They were astonished that France had a backbone.

    But I wasn't. I have had experience with France in the 1960s, particularly 1965 & 1966. Believe it or or not, France under the prudish DeGaulle was more conservative than the US & the UK in all respects -- save women's fashions. They would remain so till circa 1967. In fact, Paris under DeGaulle was considered so restrained that young Parisians travelled to Swinging London to have a wild time, the London of the Mods and the Rockers. (It's gear, birds!)

    I think I went on to argue that the French have a natural herd mentality, that they are slow to adapt to changing world conditions, but, when they do, it tends to be a quick, rapid movement en bloc & en masse. The natural herd mentality has often been expressed as cultural & linguistic pride (sometimes extreme) & patriotism (sometimes extreme & jingoistic). Sometimes snobbery.

    I think I went on to argue that owing to their natural cultural pride, they at least understand what the problem is & are willing to declare it openly. Sarkozy told the French Parliament that the misogynistic head-to-toe garments were unacceptable. No scarfs for the girls in the schools either.

    That doesn't mean that they are in time, but it does show that they at least understand what is happening.

    Let's see, what else was I discussing en passant? New World Order. Yes, that bizarre, ultimate, libertarian classic called 'The Prisoner'. I first watched it in either 1968 or 1969, when it was first shown. I last watched it about 25 years ago. I ran across it by accident a week ago at the AMC web site & watched the entire run again for the first time in a quarter-century for free (I hope that I can mention it without running afoul of some regulation or other). I was gobsmacked by how prescient it was & is. In one scene, the village keeper, #2, complains to 'The Prisoner', #6, that he, #6, does not appreciate how the village is creating the template for a 'New World Order'. I was gobsmacked by that & many other eerily prescient comments re the role of government. It was universally agreed that the 'Village' was a metaphor for the world. It takes a village...

    I think I mentioned that I was angry about the photo showing Hillary Clinton wearing one of those Mahometan scarfs. And I was positively livid when I saw the photo of female Marines being forced to don those scarfs.

    That's most of what I originally covered. This is a very clumsy attempt at reviving it. --dragon/dinosaur

    Freedom Fighter said...

    Hello DD,
    Your point about France is well taken.

    Actually, since Sarkozy came in, they've been much more proactive in deporting Islamists than we have,or the Brits.

    Hopefully this strengthening will continue.

    It's pretty well known that Sarkozy and Obama don't get along at all, and Sarkozy considers the Chosen One weak and naive.

    The burqa and its relative the chador are designed to enforce female submission, IMO. Aside from the sociological impact, it's also a security issue as faces are covered.

    The scarf you're referring to is, I believe, known as a hijab and merely covers the head and hair.

    It's not nearly as radical, and if you're going to have a female SecState in a Muslim country it's pretty much unavoidable..kind of like taking your shoes off when you enter a room in Japan or Korea.

    Anonymous said...

    Didn't Queen Elizabeth wear one of her regular, domestic, small, white hats when she visited Saudi Arabia?

    And, is it my imagination, or didn't visiting Western female officials & representatives likewise simply wear small hats? I have to admit that I'm not sure : I simply do not pay attention to matters milliner. But the wrap-round & tied scarfs on US women seemed to me be a jarring innovation. & don't the female soldiers have plenty of head gear : helmets, berets, et c?

    But maybe I didn't notice the prior use of scarves. (I'll leave it at that.) --dragon/dinosaur