Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dan Rather Wants Obama To Subsidize The Dinosaur Media

Well, it figures, I suppose.

Our old friend Dan Rather is calling on the prevaricator-in-chief to rescue his shills in the dinosaur media from themselves. Think of it as widespread NPR,( or maybe Orwell's Ministry of Truth) only with different initials:

As if the relationship between the Obama Administration and the news media weren’t cozy enough already, former “CBS Evening News” anchor Dan Rather is calling on President Obama to “make recommendations” for the media on how to survive the economic downturn.

Rather spoke at the Aspen Institute in Aspen, Colo. on July 28 and addressed challenges to the news industry, which he described as challenges to the “very survival of American democracy,” and insisted the president should step in.

“I personally encourage the president to establish a White House commission on public media,” Rather said, according to the July 29 Aspen Daily News.

According to the story, Rather said “corporate and political influence” on newsrooms had damaged the industry and was cause for concern

I think Rather is angling for the job of media czar with Obama.



louielouie said...

Obama News Network

Freedom Fighter said...

I like it..."All BS all of the time."

B.Poster said...

Unless this economy improves and quickly no amount of spinning on the part of his sycophants in the media is going to help him keep his job. It really is, as someone once said, all about the economy.