Friday, July 24, 2009

America Funds Hamas..Exactly As I Predicted

You'll remember than the United States agreed to pledge almost a billion dollars of your tax money to rebuild Gaza.

We were told by Secretary of State Clinton and the White House that Hamas, of course, would never get its hands directly on any of it and it would be closely monitored to make sure none of the funds were used inappropriately.

At the time, I said that Clinton's remarks were out and out nonsense:

This jizya from the Obama administration will enable these scum to use all their money and facilities to purchase weaponry, rebuild their tunnels and bunkers and pursue the War against the Jews. It will be used to kill Israeli civilians.

Well, guess what? The genocidal terrorists of Hamas are going to get American money directly after all...and no one is even bothering to hide the fact:

Increasingly concerned that Hamas will steal money donated for Gaza's rehabilitation, the Defense Ministry distributed a document this week revealing that unions affiliated with the terrorist group have set up joint committees with UN agencies that dispense humanitarian aid.

The document was distributed to the Foreign Ministry, Finance Ministry and the Israeli intelligence community, and was also sent to the United States to warn it that the $900 million it has pledged to help rebuild the Gaza Strip could fall into Hamas hands.

"All humanitarian aid sent into the Gaza Strip today needs to receive Hamas clearance," a senior defense official told The Jerusalem Post on Thursday. "Hamas uses violence against international organizations, including UNRWA, if they do not cooperate."

Hamas recently published an ad in a Palestinian newspaper warning that "whoever does not follow its orders will be forced to leave Gaza."

The internal Defense Ministry document revealed that on July 12, a meeting was held between UNRWA, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and Hamas officials who are in charge of the contractors and engineer unions in the Gaza Strip.

The objective was to establish a mechanism which will be responsible for distributing the billions of dollars pledged for the rehabilitation of the Strip by the US and European and Arab countries.{...}

At the meeting, Hamas officials told the UN representatives they wanted to be able to draw up the list of people who would receive the money, according to the Defense Ministry document. The sides decided to set up joint committees and to continue to meet in the future.

"This is an indication to us that there is no effective mechanism that can be established that will bypass Hamas and ensure the money goes straight to the Palestinian people," the senior defense official said.

And UNRWA's response? They're just fine with that.

In response to the report, UNRWA Spokesman Chris Gunness released a statement saying: "UNRWA distributes its aid on basis of need. Humanitarian need dictates the way we distribute aid and nothing else."

That would be 'humanitarian needs' as dictated by Hamas, as well as totally ignoring the human needs of Jews who are going to be targeted by Hamas.

Of course, the big plan of the Obama Administration and the EU is ultimately to legitimize Hamas the same way Yasir Arafat and the PLO were sanitized for the Oslo debacle.

The EU needs to keep its restive Muslim population calm by demonizing Israel and in essence contributing to a second Holocaust. And Obama? He just likes the idea of eliminating any relationship between what he obviously sees as that white colonialist state of Israel and America to appease his friends in the Muslim world so he can concentrate on his domestic agenda. That's simply who Obama is.

You see, Barack Hussein Obama wasn't snoozing in Rev Wright's church all those years after all. No matter what those silly Jews that shilled for Obama during the campaign and continue to fantasize about him being pro-Israel thought.


Amerisrael said...

We have a good law to prevent this. It is called "The Palestinian Anti-Terrorism Act of 2006". It lists criteria the PA must measure up to before it can recieve any funding from the U.S. [Which od course it doesn't]

For example in Section 620K 2[A], it says the President must certify to Congress that the PA has publically recognized Israel's right to exist as the Jewish state. [Which it has publically refused to do.]

The problem is the "National Security Waiver" also contained in the legislation that has been abused by Presidents as a legal loophole to avoid compliance.

The result is that the "waiver" turns a good law into a meaningless piece of legislation. Such as the "Jerusalem Embassy Relocation Act" adapted by Congress in 1995. Since that bill was adapted every President, Clinton, Bush, and now Obama, have abused the waiver to avoid compliance.

B.Poster said...

The Europeans seem to beleve that by demonizing Israel they can keep their restive Muslim populations calm. In additon to what you mention about Obama, America probably feels it needs to keep its Arab oil suppliers somewhat happy as well. The Europeans and the Americans have both gravely miscalculated.

As for Israel, they can do one or more of the following: 1.)rely on the promises found in the Holy Scriptures that guarantee them the land of Israel and spell out their special place in God's plan or 2.)find some way to appeal to the international community.

I think option one is the best, however, if they should go with option two, the best place to start I think would be to appeal to Russia. It is probably to late for Western Europe. Islamists have already virtually taken over.

The United States with its massive national debt and its struggling economy is for all intents and purposes done as a major world power. The massive natinal debt will make it all but impossible for the United States to make the necessary investments in its military and infrastructure to remain competitive with other world powers in coming years.

When the United States is finished, this will bring China down significantly as well. As such, China's time as a major world power is likely limited as well, since it stupidly bought up US debt and now holds these largely worthless assets on its books.

This really only leaves Russia and India. While India is gaining, it will take it quite some time to be able to reach the level of Russia. If we can get Russia to withdraw its support for the two state solution, the whole thing dies. If option two or some variation of this is employed by the Israelis, more efforts should be made to appeal to Russia.

Question: what do you think about this option for America? America could simply print enough money to pay off the national debt. The problem with this idea is that it would render the dollar worthless and would lead to hyper inflation. Obviously the Chinese and other holders of US debt would be VERY unhappy!! They would probably seek to retaliate in some way. At this time, we simply calmly inform the Chinese and others that we still have a large number of ICBMs that we will hit them VERY hard with should they think of attacking us. They are now paid off, so take your payment and leave!! After all, it was these folks primarily the Chinese who were stupid enough to continue lending money to an insolvent debtor. It would serve 'em right.

Finally, the United States government should focus on three areas. 1.)Maintain the nuclear deterrent and expand it, if at all possible. 2.)Seek to maintain the national unity and territorial integrity of the United States.
3.)Where and when possible seek to prevent massive starvation within the United States.

Yokel said...

B.Poster: I wonder if the nations/powers that you mention are some of the ten horns/kings recorded in Daniel chapter 7? If they are, then we have some "interesting" times ahead.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hello Y'all,
Interesting comments!

AmerIsrael, you're entirely correct. I'd go farther and say that the Saudis and their well-financed and influential lobby weighed heavily, at least with Bush and Clinton. In Obama's case, he'll also receive his reward after he leaves office, but he's essentially a true believer already. And America's Jews bear a major responsibility for supporting him in the numbers they did.

Remember a bit of history...after the triumph of the Maccabees over the Seleucid Greeks, the Maccabees decided to leave alive a group of urban Hellenized Jews who had largely collaborated with the Greeks. When Israel was conquered by Rome, these Hellenized, secular Jews were the fifth column for Rome without who's help the conquest would have been much more difficult.

Hello Poster

A few points to consider. First America only receives 15% of its oil from the Arabs, an amount that could easily be made up domestically ( Our biggest foreign oil supplier is actually Canada).

The reason it isn't is because of the massive bribery by the Saudis and the UAE of public officials, usually delivered after their out of office. I call this the Saudi Government Pension Augmentation Plan. Bush and Clinton, along with others have been recipients - just look at who funded their presidential libraries, research the Carlyle group and Clinton's deals with the Sultan of Qatar. They're by no means alone.

As far as the dollar, I think Obama and his minions are already on that path, but the consequences are far more than merely domestic, or hyperinflation.

A huge part of America's economy is based on the fact that the dollar and America is a safe haven for savings in Asia and the Middle East. If we destroy that, a large part of the US economy will simply disappear, never to return.

And oil prices, which are traded in dollars, will shoot through the roof globally, which means that countries lacking domestic oil supplies like India and china wil be forced to take drastic means to obtain them.

Hello Yokel,
It's in G-d's hands, and we can only watch the Divine Plan unfold.


B.Poster said...


I think that is a very real possibilty.

Freedom Fighter,

You are quite right, however, 15% is still a large number. For example, if your income decreased by 15% I think you would feel it. If my investments lost 15% of their value, I would feel it. Actually when they lost more than 15% of their value I REALLY felt it.

You are spot on about the Saudi Government Augmentation Plan. International relations appears to involve the use of both "sticks" and "carrots." This is a carrot. Both the US and the Arabs are no doubt aware that the collective strenght of the Arab world is greater than that of the United States. As such, politiicians sometimes may feel the easy way out is to take the "carrot" rather than risk the pain associated with the "stick."

I think we could eliminate the need to import oil from the Middle East by increasing domestic productin and building more refineries. If we set out to do this, our Arab and Venezuelan oil suppliers would probably be very displeased. In order to get the sensible policy of more domestic drilling, a politician or other decision maker must know that the American people will stand behind him or her when the inevitable "sticks" come from our enemies and the inevitable demonization of them comes from the media. In the long run, we would give ourselves more leverage when dealing foreign nations. Politicians and others may find the courage to do this, if they know the voters will stand behind them and if the voters will push them to do it.

I agree with you about Obama and the dollar. If the US wanted to reamin a major world power, its number one goal in the international arena would be to push policies that will preseve the dollar as the international currency. Adding more debt, as they are doing, is certainly NOT the way to do this. I think it is likely that either Euro or the Russian ruble will replace the dollar very soon, if our current policies are not changed.