Sunday, July 05, 2009

Qu'rans Burned By Israelis

Aw come on, you know better than that. It's only Muslims that treat other religions with that kind of disrespect:

Arabs raided the yeshiva of Homesh in Samaria {AKA the Northern West Bank- rm} on Wednesday and torched dozens of books of the Talmud and of the Five Books of Moses, leaving behind a pile of ashes. The arsonists ignored personal equipment, including beds, tables and chairs, and concentrated all their energies on Jewish texts.

“It was a horrible sight to see dozen of holy books of the Talmud and Bible burned almost completely,” said Rabbi Elishama Cohen, head of the yeshiva that has been the stronghold of the community the past two years. {...}

“The Arabs did this very thoroughly and carefully,” Rabbi Cohen added. “We succeeded in saving the remains of some of the burned books and several pages where the letters still are recognizable, the same pages we learned the past several days.”

Return to Homesh leader Yossi Dagan said that the yeshiva students gathered the remains of the books to bury them according to Jewish law. “We demand that the Prime Minister establish a community larger than the original Homesh. This needs to be the answer of the government to this desecration and national humiliation."

Again, this is far from an isolated incident. The Palestinians have made a point of defiling or destroying any Jewish Holy sites that are in or near the areas of Judea and Samaria (AKA the West bank) that they occupy, Like Rachel's tomb and Joseph's tomb. even synagogues inside Israel have been deliberately targeted

As for religious sites the Jews have magnanimously attempted to share with Muslims, it's been a failure. The Muslim Waqf in Jerusalem routinely destroys any Jewish artifacts in come across in its illegal exacavations on the Temple Mount. And at the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron, where the Israelis attempted to allow Muslims equal access with separate scheduled times, the Jews returned during their Holy Days to find that the Muslims had urinated on the Jew's Torah scrolls and decked out the desiganted Jewish area with Hamas flags and anti-Semitic grafitti.

In fact, this behavior is characteristic of virtually every area controlled by Islam or situated on Islam's aptly named 'bloody borders.' From Nigeria to Pakistan to Indonesia, non-Muslims, their religious edifices and their Holy books are a target.

For all the constant Muslim whining about intolerance and Islamophobia, it is overwhelmingly Islam and many of its adherents that are the major culprits when it comes to religious bigotry..because for the most part, Islam simply doesn't play well with others. The sooner we realize that and take the appropriate steps to enforce demands upon Islam for the same tolerance and respect towards non-Muslims that it demands from them, the better.

As for this particular ugliness, the Israelis would be smart to publicize it worldwide and use it as a rationale for widening Israel's security buffer, expanding the size of Homesh and expelling some of these Arabs away from the vicinity.

Eventually, they're going to end up having to do it anyway.

(hat tip, Pam)

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