Thursday, July 30, 2009

Today's Must Reads...

Here are today's must read links. See something interesting out there? Send me anything you want me to review for this section at

  • Ann Coulter: How About a National Conversation on Race Hoaxes?

  • Moshe Dann/Jerusalem Post:How The Settlements Became 'Illegal'

  • Obama Retreats: No Health Care Vote Until October

  • Hugh Hewitt All The President's Guarantees

  • Wes Pruden:A teaching Moment In Class Warfare

  • John Bolton: Crunch Time - Israel May Hit Iran Before Year's End

  • Thomas Sowell :Obama On Iran - A Disaster In The Making

  • Pam Geller/Human Events: More 'Honor' Killings In The West, Yet No Outrage?

  • Michelle Malkin Bully Boys: A Brief History of White House Thuggery

  • Rasmussen: Obama Approval Falls To 48%

  • Mark Steyn:Crying Uncle - Jacko,Uncle Walter And The Mass Media

  • Diana West:Cronkite's Offensive History

  • Karl Rove: Obama's Great Health Care Scare

  • National Post (Canada):Selective Multiculturalism

  • Dr. Paul Rahe/Powerline:Sobriety And Hope - Reclaiming Post-Obama America

  • Clifford May:Obama Treats Allies Worse Than Enemies

  • George Friedman/Stratfor: Russian Economy and Russian Power

  • Michael Yon:An Artery of Opium, a Vein of Taliban.

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