Friday, February 06, 2015

The Brian Williams Scandal - When Lying Doesn't Matter

NBC's $11 million per year anchorman Brian Williams has been outed for 'misremembering' the details of a supposed exploit he's been telling for years, about being shot at in combat while he was reporting the news from a helicopter in Iraq.

Over the years, the story expanded and expanded, until it was finally challenged by service members whom were actually there. And even a carefully worded 'apology' ended up being challenged.

Among other things, the actual pilot of the aircraft outed this for a lie..the same pilot Brian Williams told a nationwide audience on David Letterman's show had received 'a purple heart' for being wounded.

Brian Williams began to tell the story, from 2003, that the lead aircraft in our flight had received this ground fire.

This was not true.

Brian Williams then began to give account that the aircraft he was traveling on received this ground fire.

This is not true.

This had led to a number of other revelations about things Brian Williams has said during his his coverage of Hurricane Katrina, and tall tales about rescuing puppies from a fire.

More will undoubtedly surface, but I doubt in the end if it will mean anything.

Journalism, at least at the Alphabet networks and places like the New York Times died years ago. What matters now is advocacy, and for someone like Brian Williams, that means having the right politics and shilling for the Left. His job isn't reporting the news. It's reading the teleprompter and acting - using certain language and phrasing, his tone of voice and his body language to sell a certain point of  view and slant things in the proper direction. And he's good at it.

That's why I doubt NBC will fire him.Instead, they will concentrate on spinning this in several ways:

  • 'Hey, everybody does it!' - They will push the theme that , you know, everybody exaggerates, don't they? We all lie about our golf scores, about how much money we make, about how we did in Vegas, now don't we? And besides, you know, nobody died, it 's no big deal is it? The same tactic was used successfully to turn President Bill Clinton's perjury and obstruction of justice into 'hey, everybody lies about sex.'

    What will be ignored, of course is that lies by someone whom is a nationally known newscaster and supposedly a journalist is supposedly held to a different standard than someone who cheats at golf on on his taxes, just as a president of the United States should be held to a higher standard than your average neighbor hood adulterer...especially when he commits felonies by lying under oath about it and using the power of his office to induce others to lie for him and engage in a coverup.

  • Breaking stories on other anchorpeople if they can find them - can you even imagine the maniacal media frenzy if this was a FOX newscaster? Rest assured they will try to find something to offset this.

  • And of course, simply downplaying it and ignoring it until it goes away. Certainly the other alphabet networks and the dinosaur media will aid and abet on that one, simply because they're also vulnerable.

  • Of course, the real question that needs to be asked, the question about what has happened to journalistic ethics and standards will be ignored. The line between journalism and commentary has been deliberately blurred for quite some time, ever since the Left got control of America's major schools of journalism.

    A free nation needs a free and unbiased press. We have now reached a time when journalism no longer exists and where people make up their own facts based on their pet ideologies. In that kind of atmosphere, it truly doesn't matter if Brian Williams lies like the proverbial rug.

    What matters is how well he sells the good an actor he is.

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    louielouie said...

    there is another possibility that we may consider. this was told to me by someone other.
    you know how ff is always telling me that everything this regime does is all about politics. well i do.
    the story i get is that this is really old news. the execs at NBC have been telling brian to lay off this story for years. that the pilots contacted NBC years ago complaining about this. and that no less than tom brokejaw has known about this for years and told brian to STFU.
    so. why is this story getting traction now?
    what if brian had gotten hold of some really juicy detail that would really seem outlandish, except that is was reported by a journalist of some standing. and this detail would really embarrass some particular person who is a friend/benefactor of someone in the white house.
    well. we don't have to worry about any of that now do we. because brian is a known liar.
    so please keep your job at NBC as a token of our contempt for you, and a sign to others of what will happen to them if they go off the reservation. who knows, maybe it wasn't even brian who got the juicy detail, but was shown what would happen as an example. no one wants to be shown to be a liar.
    and as an aside to monkey boy, do you have any pictures of your sister naked? you wanna buy some?