Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Is President Obama A Christian? Does He Love America?


Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani created a press-fueled tempest in a teapot when he raised those issues at a private dinner. As you know, only Democrats and Leftists are entitled to  private conversations and secrecy even the Mafia would envy. And of course, to the freedom to express their opinions  no matter how bat sh*t crazy they are. Rudy Giuliani obviously doesn't qualify for that kind of protection.

Of course the press leaped on this. The current administration and its minions are free to refer to 'right wing Tea Partiers' as  terrorists and to deride a serving US General commanding a combat operation as 'General Betray Us' in the New York Times,  but again, the rule for Democrats and the Left is that you may never question  their patriotism under any circumstances, no matter what they say or do.

Having pretty much struck out trying to smear GOP front runner Governor Scott Walker for not undergoing four years or more of Leftist indoctrination at someplace like Harvard, Yale, Columbia or Princeton, the Obama media decided to grab at another straw and make a point of asking Governor Walker if he thought this president was a Christian.

His quite sensible reply was that he didn't know, and as Byron York pointed out, a fair amount of Americans don't know either. I suppose it all depends on whether you consider Reverend Jeremiah Wright's Trinity United Church with its radical politics and its  anti-Semitic and racialist overtones 'Christian.'  Or whether you're confused about a president who defends Islam and Islamists at every turn while dissing Christianity and standing by and doing nothing while Christians are being  ethnically cleansed from the Middle East by those peaceful Islamists.

But at any rate, the only way to know for sure would be to look inside this president's head and heart, and Walker was astute in simply saying he wasn't going to attempt that.

Now, does this president love America? Again, like the question about Christianity, it all depends on what your definition of loving America is.

In his memoir about his time as Secretary of Defense in the Bush and Obama Administrations, Robert Gates chronicled his struggle to contain his rage as former Democrat Senators and 2008 presidential candidates Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden chuckled to Gates about how their efforts during the second Bush administration to sabotage America's war effort in Iraq and the Surge in particular while our troops were under fire were 'hah hah,just politics, ho ho.' As Gates related, these efforts along with their calculated attempts to insult and emasculate its commander General Petraeus literally cost American lives.


Now again, some people are going to say 'what difference does it make?' Others would be outraged at this and a lot of other things that have happened in this administration.

So you see, it all depends on your point of view.

But walk with me a minute.

Let's say,just for giggles, we elected a president who actually didn't love the country, but whose agenda could more accurately be described in one word - payback.

How would such a president behave?

Would he openly openly defy the Constitution, use government bureaus like the IRS and the EPA to attack people he perceived as his political enemies and devote significant resources to spying indiscriminately on his fellow citizens to a greater degree than any other president in history? Would he violate the separation of powers doctrine with dictatorial 'executive orders' and make a constant show of his contempt for congress?

Would he use rhetoric and take actions deliberately designed to foster division and friction between Americans, especially racial enmity? Would he use his appointees to try and control education and opposing voices in the press?

Would he and the people he surrounded himself with allow our borders to remain unguarded for political reasons, even though that's a severe national security risk?

Would he run up huge debts? Would he waste billions of taxpayer dollars on a totally unnecessary war that provided vast stockpiles of arms to our enemies? Or on pushing through a dysfunctional 'healthcare' program that actually made healthcare less affordable and led to a loss of jobs and cuts in full time jobs and income for many Americans? Would he take steps resulting in higher costs in food prices, fuel and utilities for the average American?

Would he severely downsize our military and our anti-missile defenses? Would he release dangerous terrorist from a secure facility, even though the evidence was clear that a number of these people who'd been freed went right back to terrorist activities? Would he openly protect anti-American groups like the Muslim Brotherhood and its various front groups here in America and abroad?

Would he markedly and openly alienate traditional allies of America while attempting to appease countries that openly declare themselves our outright enemies?

In short, if, say, President Barack Obama didn't care all that much for the America he was elected to lead, if he thought that there was no such thing as 'American exceptionalism', if he thought America needed to be somehow punished for what all his closest associates for decades have told him are America's sins....

What exactly would he be doing differently? And just to add to the mix, it's worth noting President Obama had a model for making America bankrupt, sharia respecting and virtually defenseless.

Again, this all very much depends on what your definition of what loving America is. So I'm sure all of you can answer that question for yourselves, each in his or her own way.


plf5403 said...

Obama loves America like OJ loved Nicole.

ed starke said...

Does America love Barack Obama? Not the America that I love.