Friday, June 12, 2015

A Few Words On The Defeat Of ObamaTrade

While today was a victory, it underlined some unpleasant truths.

The Republican Establishment can talk all it wants about how the TPA (the fast track authority given to the Obama Regime)needs to pass, that the ObamaTrade bill will be debated properly, and that this is all a good thing.

Horse manure. The Republican Party is no longer to be trusted, no matter what they say.

The Republican Establishment has betrayed its base at every turn. The RNC did nothing positive in 2010 to get a GOP majority in the House. That was Sarah Palin and Jim DeMint's doing, and at least 3 very gettable Senate seats were lost as well because the RNC allowed the buffoonish Michael Steele to run it for his own fun and profit instead of doing anything positive. And Palin and DeMint's reward for taking the GOP off of life support was to essentially be run out of the party by the Establishment.

Having gotten a majority, theRepublican leadership allowed themselves to be manipulated into doing whatever Obama and Harry Reid wanted. On the budget, on ObamaCare, on all of President Obama's diktats they refused to use their constitutional power of the purse to block anything. Their excuse was 'oh, we don't control the Senate', as if Harry Reid couldn't be controlled and stopped from using the Nuclear option to appoint radical judges and apparatchniks by cutting off funding for the Regime's policies.They had the power. They just refused to use it.

In 2014, with the American people fired up over President Barack Obama's amnesty by executive order, we gave them the senate. Did they use that power to stop amnesty? Or ObamaCare? Or the takeover of the FCC and the Internet? Or Obama's EPA program? Or the appointment of radical judges?

No. Because they lied to us at every turn and continue to lie to us.They lied willfully and knowingly, because to them, their real constituency are their corporate donors. They look upon us as easily duped, contemptible fools, as serfs made to serve them, the Ruling Class.

Boehner is pledging to bring this to a vote Tuesday. His plan is to give Obama time to bribe and bully Democrats while Boehner threatens conservative Republicans.

Here's something Boehner, McConnell and anyone who caves needs to know. Win or lose, we will neither forget nor forgive this. We gave you power, and we will take it away.

This is a tipping point. We are sick and tired of being deceived and held in contempt. And we are tired of being ignored.

Watch how quickly you become today's Whigs and a new party forms unless you make serious, concrete amends. We will do it even if it means a venal creature like Hillary Clinton gets elected, because while she doesn't represent us, neither do you...and while we expect her to lie to us at every turn, we trusted you. Oliver Cromwell's famous adjuration to Parliament comes to mind..."You have sat too long for any good you have been doing lately... Depart, I say; and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!"

The exact same words were said to British PM Neville Chamberlain 287 years later, when he was deposed as Prime Minister and kicked out of office in disgrace in 1940.

Because that's essentially what we're dealing with here. Treason, appeasement and betrayal.



Sadie said...

The two-party system is no longer (D) vs (R)- it's We vs DC.

Anonymous said...

Sadie is a smart woman. The author is spot on.