Thursday, July 16, 2015

Jihad In Tennessee - Four Marines Murdered

Four US Marines were murdered and a police officer wounded when a gunman drove up to two military facilities and opened fire on them. Thanks to a Clinton era policy, no arms were permitted inside and the Marines were sitting ducks.

The killer was  Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez, a Kuwaiti who is a naturalized U.S. know, diversity. He was shot and killed in the interchange by a police officer.

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 Chattanooga shooting

The two military facilities Abdulazeez hit are around eight miles apart.First, he did a drive by shooting at an Armyy recruiting building on Amnicola Highway, and then drove to The Navy Operational Support Center and Marine Corps Reserve Center on Old Lee Highway, which sits near Tennessee River Park, near the Tennessee River and just northeast of downtown Chattanooga. That's where the four Marines were murdered.

Believe it or not, the usual suspects are doing whatever they can to label this simply a violent assault rather than a terrorist attack, just like Fort Hood.

Of course, there's evidence that this was a jihad attack that they'd rather ignore, like this tweet from an ISIS affiliated account:

An ISIS-affiliated account sent out this tweet before the Chattanooga shooting. (@K_H_O7777777777/Twitter)

And this one:
isis tweet chattanooga two
You might want to ask yourself just why Twitter allows itself to be used for messages like this, but certainly no one else is.

I can pretty much tell you how this went down. When they finally piece this together, they will find a radical Imam at a local mosque where Abdulazeez worshiped and was encouraged to wage jihad on the infidels right in the middle of it. And just by coincidence, it's the last day of Ramadan.

Move along, nothing to see here.

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