Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Trump's The Nominee And Mexico Changes Its Tune About That Wall

Remember this, from former Mexican president Vicente Fox?

Well, now that Donald Trump has won the GOP nomination things have changed. The Washington Examiner is reporting that Vicente Fox agreed Wednesday night with Fox News host Megyn Kelly that the U.S. and Mexico could work together on an effective border fence.

Fox's attitude now, as he told Kelly,is that he believes the U.S. and Mexico could partner up to install a wall on the 2,000-mile southern border.

Of course, Vicente Fox repeatedly tried to shill for the amnesty legislation passed by the senate before any action on a wall, but Kelly responded to Fox by telling him voters have made it very clear this election season that a wall must come before anything else.

F-bombs were conspicuously absent. So was Fox's usual screed about how Trump is Hitler.

Mexico has finally realized Trump isn't Obama, and he's serious. The wall's going up all right, and Mexico is definitely going to pay for at least a significant chunk of it.

I predict that as Trump gets closer to the presidency, you're going to see a lot more about faces like this.


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