Monday, August 22, 2016

State Department Warns, Iran Now Looking To Capture American$

Well,this is what happens when you pay ransom and otherwise appease fascists encourage them,because you've shown them it pays.

Today, the U.S. Department of State issued a warning advising U.S. citizens not to travel to Iran. According to the announcement, the advisory is intended to “highlight the risk of arrest and detention of U.S. citizens, particularly dual national Iranian-Americans.”

It says that Iranian authorities continue to "detain and imprison U.S. citizens, particularly Iranian-Americans, including students, journalists, business travelers, and academics, on charges including espionage and posing a threat to national security."

"Iranian authorities have also prevented the departure, in some cases for months, of a number of Iranian-American citizens who traveled to Iran for personal or professional reasons," the warning continues. "U.S. citizens traveling to Iran should very carefully weigh the risks of travel and consider postponing their travel."
"But, ummm...I thought if we, y'know, paid the ransom they'd be nice to us from now on."

"The Infidel made a funny!!"

If I was Rouhani, I'd be laughing too, because there's probably another big payday coming. Iran's fascist regime has confirmed that Iranian-American Robin Shahini has been imprisoned. He was arrested for no one knows what charges on July 11 and that he has not been heard from since. He was there to visit his family.

I seem to remember President Obama making a huge deal out of the fact that Thomas Jefferson owned a Qu'ran. A pity he had no clue about how Jefferson actually felt about Islam or how he handled the Muslims known as the Barbary Pirates when they started to make a business out of taking Americans as hostages.

But then, Thomas Jefferson was a very different kind of man from the one we have in the White House today.

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