Wednesday, November 30, 2016

An Open Letter To The Democrat Media

The Democrats -and especially the Democrat media- are still roaring in pain over Donald Trump's victory and the GOP's control of congress and most of the state governments. They still haven't come to grips with what happened and especially, why.

The latest meme for a lot of them is plotting  what they refer to as 'new strategies for covering Trump' (read 'defeating and marginalizing Trump') as if this were a tactical problem rather than a transformational change in the making. They're all about, you know, fighting back by any means necessary. Who gives a rip what those stupid hillbillys in flyover country voted for? We're the elites, we know best and  this is how we will teach them what to think!

One of the most inadvertently funniest screeds of this nature was written by Jack Shafer, formally of the ultra left Slate and now Politico’s senior media writer.

It's called 'The New Rules For Covering Trump' and was such a viciously superb, clueless sample of where the Leftist Democrat Media is right now that it actually touched my kind and genteel nature. So I wrote the following in the comments section, addressed directly to  Mr. Schafer but something that can certainly be shared by his Lefty friends, because I'm always here to help:

Cute lil' article..'Here's how you tame that wild,alpha male chimpanzee.' I have to wonder how you would have felt and what you would have written if someone referred to Barack Obama like that.

You still don't get it, do you? Maybe I can help clue you in.

You, CNN, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, the WAPO, the NYT and the rest did exactly what you always do. You threw everything you could at Donald Trump, from ridiculous stories 'factchecked' by paid shills working for you and coordinated with the Clinton campaign to the ridiculously biased talking heads the Democrat dominated debate Commission allowed you to you appoint to 'moderate' the debates. The only moderator that actually did the job properly without making it a two on one against Trump or Mike Pence was Chris Wallace of FOX, a Democrat but someone who still has a semblance of journalistic ethics. Poor Matt Lauer got banished to the outermost circle of Hell because he actually had the temerity to ask Queen Hillary a question about her illegal private servers and all those e-mails she deleted.. You even went to the trouble of furnishing Hillary with the questions beforehand before the debates. In essence, all of you were part of the Clinton team making what amounted to what the FEC would term a campaign contribution in kind.

This stuff all worked so well for you before. Did you ever bother to try and figure out why it didn't work this time? Think about this one, Jack. Did you ever get screwed over? Did anyone you really trusted ever lie to you? Did you ever have a cheating wife or girlfriend, or a car dealership, mechanic, insurance company or other company lie to you and screw you over? Ever trust them again?

Yeah, I know. This was the year you prog-facists were gonna win it big and take over the country once and for all. So you went all out. But you got greedy and that made you stupid and clumsy. You were too blatant this time, too smug, too contemptuous of us peasants and too unapologetic about that contempt. Between that and what Wikileaks put out, every bit of trust and credibility you ever enjoyed was flushed down the toilet except for the terminally credulous. Also, for the first time since Ronaldus Magnus you were facing someone who refused to kiss your behinds, knew how the game was played going in and had the smarts to hire people who knew how to play the game even better than you did. So not only did you lose an election, you got exposed for exactly what you are.

That's why these cute little tricks you list above won't work any better than they did during the campaign, Jack. Oh, you'll still reach the True Believers. MSNBC survived that way for awhile after 2004. But remember, things are different now. More people believed what you were selling back then, didn't they? And Bush, aside from being no great shakes as a Prez was the kind of guy you could kick at will without him being man enough to hit back and make you look like the propagandists you are. New reality now, Jack. As a recent Nobel Prize winner once wrote. the times,. they are a'changin'. And it'll be even more evident once Trump actually takes over. Wait'll one of you publishes classified intel the way Pravda-on-the-Hudson did during Bush's two terms and see what happens. I guarantee you, it's not going to be limited to an upset comment or two.
Imagine how much fun it's going to be if  Trump revokes your press credentials and includes alternate media instead like Breitbart, Drudge and FrontPage. Think how it's going to be if he gives Julian Assange a pardon and allows him to set up Wikileaks here, and starts giving interviews and access to real journalists like Sharyl Attkisson, and James O'Keefe? Imagine being marginalized.
You made this bed you're lying in (in more ways than one). There's an audience for your shtick at least for a while, so you could just keep that going, which I admit amuses me on a personal level. Of course, you could also start being real journalists and work on getting your cred back....oh, never mind. Telling the truth isn't exactly in your job description, now is it?
Ah hard feelings, here's a little something to make you feel better...

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