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France's Election - A Vote For the Failed Status Quo

The choice has been made, France's election is over and the French have chosen the status quo. Emmanuelle Macron won in a landslide over Marine Le Pen by better than two to one.

Marine Le Pen's astute and piercing observation, that France was going to be ruled by a woman regardless now has an answer. Rather than Marine Le Pen, France's new ruler will be Germany's Angela Merkel.

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The joke is that while Merkel has a fairly subservient French president again, Macron's ascendancy to the Elysee Palace may actually do more than a little to help dissolve the EU. He's already seriously angered Poland by accusing them of being in cahoots with Putin to hack the French Election, something anyone even vaguely aware of Poland's history with Russia knows is an absolutely ludicrous idea. And his support for Merkel's threats of sanctions for any EU member that refuses to take in massive amounts of Muslim 'refugees' has angered Visograd EU members like Poland and Hungary as well as countries like Denmark.

France's election was noted for a record low turnout. Over a third of the voters simply sat home or turned in blank ballots as a protest vote. Abstention like this is unheard of in French elections.

France's socialist government did its bit with a certain amount of dirty tricks not seen before in French presidential elections, but in the end, they weren't really necessary. Macron not only had the government on his side but the media, which consistently described the long time socialist as a 'centrist' while always referring to Marine Le Pen as 'far-right.' For Marine Le Pen to win France's election, she would have had to attract a large chunk of Mélenchon's anti-EU far left followers, 19.5% of the voters in the first round. Instead, most of them decided sit home. So they will be stuck instead with an Eu-friendly banker in Macron.

What France's election was really about was a choice between a new, independent path and the Socialist status quo. In the end, they chose the status quo, which means increased outsourcing, increased globalization and open doors for a lot more Muslim 'refugees.' Macron actually said that the terrorist attacks in France were simply 'the price we must pay for a truly multicultural society.'

After numerous attacks and terrorist incidents, Macron still got almost 90 percent of the vote in Paris...encroyable!

One of the oddest things about this particular  election is that the winning candidate essentially has no political party! France's parliamentary elections come in about a month, and Macron's En Marche (Onwards) party has no list of candidates competing for seats. This again is something unheard of in any of France's elections.Most of the other parties except for the National Front and Mélenchon's followers endorsed Macron, but that was essentially a tactic to defeat Marine Le Pen at any cost. Now that's done, Macron will need to put together a coalition to govern effectively, and it remains to be seen whether he can do it, because the price is going to be high, mais oui. This is a recipe for sheer chaos.

And Marine Le Pen? She can console herself that she did better than any other National Front candidate by taking almost 34% of the vote. And she's already looking to the future.

Macron is essentially the failed Hollande government's second term. He will not improve France's security. In fact, he will worsen it considerably, since like Hollande he will likely be unwilling to risk alienating a key voting block that supported him in this election by taking real steps to do so. Outsourcing and globalization will continue, along with high taxation...Macron may be described by the media as a 'centrist' but he was a member of the Socialist Party until he decided to run for president and realized that running as the candidate of France's incumbent and now deeply unpopular Socialist Party was a quick road to failure.

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If, as I expect, Macron is essentially Hollande II and events unfold as a consequence of that, France's Right is going to stand to gain quite a bit of political power. And Marine Le Pen's reaction to France's Election? That this was the start of new movement, one which would not be called the National Front. We haven't seen the last act of this play quite yet.

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