Friday, December 15, 2017

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Unknown said...

Bravo! Absolutely correct about the UK's notoriously slamming the doors shut to one of the only escape routes open to Europe's dying Jews. European Jews were practically being chased out of the continent and Britain caved to Arab pressure to limit "immigration" to "Palestine." This was a death sentence, pure and simple. What made it particularly appalling was the fact that the UK had previous (via the Balfour Declaration) committed to allowing the Jews to live in a far great amount of land -- virtually all of modern-day Jordan had been slated to them by the UK.

And again, you're absolutely correct about the British soldiers purposely looking the other way and putting their hands over their ears for at least an hour or more when the Hadassah hospital massacre occurred. Upon reading this in detail I was frankly shocked at the culpability of the British soldiers. I had previously held them in higher esteem.