Monday, April 12, 2021

Colorado massacre!

By Joe Mack 

 Ahmad Al-Issa: Passed Background Check before Shooting ...



Rob Miller has pretty well analyzed the Colorado massacre. I have nothing to add to the facts, just random observations. I too listened to the early reporting. MSM talking heads were gleeful! The perp appeared to be a Caucasian! Nowadays, unless of Wasp (white Anglo-Saxon variety) it is considered bad-taste to notice violent/racial/religious horrors.

 Not that color is never mentioned! The get-away car, clothing will be noted in depth. "All points bulletin for a, Featherless biped." The criminal must have a 'wacky' first name, or, identification is tantamount to impossible! Speaking of names...I met an Afghan fellow on Facebook. His name is, Waheedullah. After many conversations, I consider him a righteous Muslim. I hope I didn't insult him too much, but, I said when most Americans think of Muslims they picture a guy on a tank with a machine gun yelling, "Death to America!" He swears it is not so and Islam is truly a religion of peace and tolerance. He did say his getting home safe from School each night is a 50/50 proposition.

But, back to our own problems...

So, the Syrian refugee Ahmed Al Issa has been described by teachers and friends alike as hating white people. It should come as no surprise that all ten of the victims were white. He IS being excused. Mental illness? Hey, maybe he was just nuts! But, has anyone else noticed? When some white guy kills a minority, especially if it's a policeman who did the killing even when being attacked by a career criminal, isn't it true the media describes them as Trump loving, racist white supremacists? This atrocity in Colorado and many other crimes being ignored or under reported illustrates how crucial the need is for an alternative press.




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