Friday, May 21, 2021

What Happens When the Aliens Land????


 The meaning and symbolism of the word - «Aliens»

Now that many high-powered politicians/scientists are confirming Aliens visiting the Earth. I'd like to ponder the effect on us. I can picture a Spaceship landing...the door opening and out steps the visitor. I guess we'll all expect him to say, "Take me to your Leader." He might preface it with:
"As-salamu alaikum, God bless you, or, Shalom! Now, that's the problem. Would his greeting confirm one religion and negate the others? Maybe he would talk about an altogether different religious belief that is in extreme contrast to what is known here. Do other beings pray 5 times a day, receive Holy communion, study the Torah? Folks may begin to believe that their religion is all a hoax.
 Space-visitors will NOT disprove God, not at all! A divine-intelligence is acknowledged by all, except people who believe in a causeless-cause. But, one doesn't pray to a 'causeless cause' nor find any solace in a dark night of the soul. However, it will put extreme pressure on the random Clergy to explain what it all means? Maybe most will notice that their tithing is inimical to their own financial 
well-being while Ministers live like Kings!
 I read of a trend: Artificial-intelligence Churches. Unsure of the dogma but, it will give people what they really want/need. Someone to talk to and feel they are loved. The computer program will remember your name. When you wake up you'll have a personalized message just for you and, no doubt thousands of other congregants. But, it will feel personal. 
And what is the difference? Your current religion has millions of members and yet you feel that the creator hears your prayers and pleadings. Thus, unless the Space visitors can confirm one religion over another, we will all consider ourselves having been fooled and suckers. I predict chaos, mental illness and violence. Civilization is hanging by a thread. Some may feel that thread is already snapped! Aliens are the sword of Damocles! Like most societal-upheavals it will be a must see TV. 
 I'd like to end this on a personal note. I went to Catholic School. I grew to hate it! Sure, I prayed for my personal salvation. But, I found betrayal all around me there and when I left. Oh! Some excellent times too. My whole life was hardly a horror. But, on dark nights of the Soul I used to ponder the scripture about God creating the world and all its creatures. Murder didn't take long, if you recall Cain and Able. My take was and is, "What is so great about human beings that we are the only ones in the universe???" I do not believe in the innate divinity of Man-kind. So, another creature from outer-space would not at all surprise me. As per affection, with humans My average is a little less than 50/50. The only creatures I love unabashedly are dogs! And, in case you haven't noticed they appear to be irreligious. So, bring on the Space-men! I would not at all be surprised if they open their hatch, peer outside and, a la Bette Davis exclaim, "What a dump!"

By Joe Mack

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