Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Commentary:Just so you know what's coming..

Israel and the Jews have the unfortunate position of being the canary in the coal mine.

As we've seen, the Jihad tactics used there against Israel's civilians are now used in Iraq, America and Western Europe with increasing frequency. While the Israelis have had a degree of success in walling themselves off from the jihadists, they have lacked the will to actually deal with the problem once and for have we.

According to the Shin Bet after five years of Jihadist warfare, 1,061 Israelis have been murdered in 26, 159 attacks. That breaks down to 5,231 attacks per year..over slightly over 14 PER DAY. That's the equivalent of 51,000 Americans KILLED, or over three 9/11's per year over the past 5 years.
Jerusalem Post |

Of course, that doesn't include the 300 or so Israelis murdered by Arafat prior to the intifadeh during the Oslo era... or the hundreds that have been maimed.

Here in America, we deal in sideshows..what this particular political clown said, what kind of idiotic rhetoric can be ramped up, who can be blamed for things like hurricanes..when all the while, Jihad is being preached in mosques, madrassahs and prisons right here in the good ol' USA.Daniel Pipes: L.A.'s thwarted terror spree

And money gets siphoned off of every dollar used to fill our gas tanks to fund it, courtesy of our pals, the Saudis. And the Iranians get closer to making useable nukes to use against the Great Satan every day.

Jihad is a disease that needs to be eradicated, before it destroys the freedom loving peoples of the world. It's high time we woke up.....Don't you think so, Mr. President?

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