Thursday, September 29, 2005

Pretty Please?? Hughes asks Saudis to curb hate literature in US mosques.

You like me, don't you?

Karen Hughes has had a heckuva week. First, she meets with Saudi women in an attempt to get them to push for things like being able to drive a car, go out without a male relative or testify in a court of law and gets told in no uncertain terms to mind her own business!

As if she expected people living under the thumb of this kind of tyranny to actually level with her.

I guess she didn't understand that after she leaves, these women have to remain behind and deal with any loose statements they made.

Then, she politely asks the Saudis to plee-eze watch the jihad literature in the mosques and madrassahs they fund here in America and around the world.

Daily Times - Site Edition

I'm sure they'll take it under advisement.

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