Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Syria equipping Palestinian Battallions; Israel continues assault on Gaza after renewed strikes..

After more Qassam missle strikes hit Israel on Wednesday (remember, that was yesterday there) Israelis renewed their attacks on Hamas missle sites
and weapons factories.

Apparently Syria is getting into the game. My intelligence sources indicate to me that Syria is equipping Palestinian battalions recruited out of the refugee camps in Lebanon and Syria like Ein al Hewar..half are destined for half are destined for the southern port town of Sidon (and ultimately Gaza) and the rest for the Beqaa Valley. The estimated 1,200-1,500 men are operatives of Hamas, the Popular Front, the Democratic Front and the Abu Mussa splinter faction.

Syria's benefit includes distracting attention from the ongoing UN investigations and also sparking unrest and violence with the Israelis for the benefit of Damascus and Teheran.

In reality, the Iranians and Syria have long have a hand in Palestinian affairs, as Hezbollah and the iranian Guards have been involved inarming and training the Palestinians. A classic example was the Karina A armship...Iranian arms purchased by the Palestinians through Hezbollah and sent to Arafat on a Hezbollah chartered ship with a Palestinian crew.

Al Qaeda is also inviolved and has already established itself in Gaza. A major figure in this linkup is Imad Mugniyeh, one of Al Qaeda's cheif lieutenants and an ex-member of Arafat's Force 17 before he hooked up with bin-Laden. He is now reported to be working as al Qaeda's liason with Hezbollah at their stronghold in Lebanon's Bek'aa Valley.

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