Wednesday, September 21, 2005

EXCLUSIVE! Sharon to retire??

This is qualified as a strong rumour at this point, but several excellent sources in Israel have told me that Sharon has decided to retire when his term is up and not seek the Likud leadership. This is big news if true, because it means that Sharon has decided that he has no chance for leadership of the party and will not contest moving the party leadership primary up to December instead of April, 2006. It's also pretty much a given that early elections will result. It remains to be seen whether Uzi Landau or Bibi Netanyahu will end up as party leader and candidate for PM if Sharon follows through.

My sources also tell me that he's going to retire to his ranch and will not seek to create a new political party, and that President Bush has been informed of this decision.


Anonymous said...

Reports in Israel have quoted Sharon as wanting to retain leader-ship of Likud but, in the event that this does not work out, considering forming his own party.

In actuality, Sharon long ago left the platform of the Likud and ruled like the leader of the opposition that he had defeated.

Freedom Fighter said...

I agree, Chana. It would be like Americans voting for Bush and getting Kerry!

Old joke in matter whom you vote for , you end up with Peres!

Anonymous said...

It won't change nothing in Israel.
The whole nation is like zombies - brainwashed with lies about "palestinians", about peeece...
They all stil believe in peeeece, that it's possible.
The more people of Israel want "peace", the more the enemies want the exact opposite.
A new leader will continue the same politics of deception and lies.
It's so obvious what kind of campaing bibi will start - he will be promissing again the same exactly thing as he "promissed" last time - "security" .
I don't remember if he "promissed" peeece as well.
But people become like zombies when listen to his lies.
The political structure in Israel is rotten to the core.

Freedom Fighter said...

Oh I think people are gradually waking up..especially as the `peace' they were promised by making Gaza and the Northern Shomron Judenrein is suspiciously absent.