Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Hamas kidnap murder factor in aborting Abbas/ Sharon Summit

Along with near constant rocket attacks and the virtually unimpeded flow of weapons and armed terorists from Sinai to Gaza, the release by Hamas of a Zarqawi-style CD Rom of kidnapped Israeli Sasson Nuriel and his subsequent murder appears to have been a factor in curtailing the planned Sharon/Abbas summit.

The bloody and obviously beaten Nuriel is shown blindfolded against the background of a large green Hamas flag. They also display his driving license. Hamas in Ramallah has a new `special unit' which it claims abducted Nuriel, father of three, aged 50, last Wednesday, Sept. 21, in Jerusalem. The late businessman lived in Pisgat Zeev in northern Jerusalem. They claim to have more plans for kidnapping Israelis.

The CD Rom is of poor quality and appears to have been made in haste, possibly because Israeli forces were hunting for the missing man in the vicinity of their hideout.

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