Tuesday, September 27, 2005

`Protesters' on the Washington DC Mall

The `protesters' that appeared in Washington DC and elsewhere have a perfect right to voice their opinions..but I have an equal right to consider those views despicable and to call `em like I see `em. Far from being a spontaneous, grassroots protest, this was a well organized event funded and promoted by Stalinist groups like ANSWER and the SWP and Islamist symphatizers like the ISM. And by giving hope and support to our enemies, these people have endangered the lives of innocent Iraqi citizens as well as every one of our troops fighting the Jihadists.

These people label themselves as `progressive' and `anti-war'. In reality, they are merely jihad supporters who have chosen to place themselves on the side of the beheaders, the terrorists and the bombers. Lenin's pithy phrase about useful idiots comes to mind.These photos speak for themselves:

Yup. It's ALWAYS the Jews fault! Right!

Well, I guess it's just a matter of supporting the CORRECT fascists - the ones from the Middle East blowing up innocent people.

Yeah, Bush ain't Hitler..he's Bull Connor, just like Charley Rangel said!

Socialism is good...all hail the proletariat.

AHHHH..now here's a regime these good people DO approve of!

Yup..like I said, it's all about Israel and the Jews. Just ask Cindy Sheehan

Who would Allah bomb? That's a better question.

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