Monday, September 19, 2005


North Korea says it will give up nukes and dismantle its current weapons

In a surprise move today, North Korea announced that it will give up its nuclear weapons programs and dismantle its current nukes in exchange for aid from theWest. Drudge has a good overview: linkurl>

This is signicant, though as President Bush said, while the news is good, the West needs a way to verify compliance. The talks withNorth Korea proceeded along the lines of Kaddafi's decision to exchange Libya's WMD's for access to the West.and it apears that North Korea has made a similar decision.

This isolates Iran as nuclear transgressor on the day that the IAEA meets in Vienna to consider referring Iran to the UN security Council for sanctions..and Syrian and Iranian scientists working in North Korea will have to return home. Iran will lose a fellow rougue naton's assistance in getting the bugs out that continue to dog it's nuclear weapons program, and Moscow will also have to limit its nuclear contacts with Teheran as one of the six signatories to the deal.

All in all, a significant development if all goes well...we'll see...
Blast hits UK Embassy in Zagheb

letter bomb exploded inthe mail room of the British Embassy in Zaghreb today, injuring one worker there. One of my M15 contacts says there is reason to believe that the attack originated in Kossovo and was a dry run for a larger and more destructive attack in the future.

Teheran has significant ifluence in the Muslim communities in the Balkans. And according to the current UNDP report. Kossovo is armed to the teeth with illegal weaponry:


Hamas holds `victory parade' in Gaza

Over 10,000 armed Hamas terrorists staged a victory parade today in Gaza City Sunday with rockets, assault rifles and anti-tank missles, defying the PA's ban on public displays of weaponry. It was the most open display by Hamas in years and a direct challenge to Abbas' feeble efforts.

Israel has said that it will not make further concessions or resume peace talks until Hamas is disarmed.

Hamas leaders vowed to continue jihad against Israel.

"We will not rest and we will not abandon jihad and martyrdom as long as one inch of our land remains inthe hands of the Jews" said Raed Saed, Senior Hamas leader in Gaza City.

"We are celebrating our victory in Gaza and now we are headed to Jerusalem, Akko, Haifa, the Galilee and all of Palestine."

Doesn't sound like disengagement=peace to me!

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