Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Britain accuses Iran of supplying arms used to attack British troops..Whaddya know about that !?!

Today a `senior British official' who chose to remain anonymous accused Iran of supplying sophisticated weapons to insurgents attacking British troops. The following is from al-Reuters,but gives the basic info:Reuters AlertNet - Britain blames Iran for Iraq attacks on UK troops

I put this on the level of `sun rises in the East' in terms of a big surprise! However, it IS interesting that this anonymous official drew links to Hezbollah..hey, Brittania, I thought they were a legitimate political party..not mere terrorists!

Interestingly enough,while the al-Reuters article merely mentions a handful of Shiite attacks, the truth is that interrogations of Sunni fighters captured in-country have also revealed that that Iranian intelligence agents posted undercover in Iraq had paid them to attack American troops as well, approaching them with sizeable sums of cash and a list of US targets. Some Iraqi Sunni groups are finding that it pays handsomely to act as contract killers for Iranian intelligence.

These attacks are apparently linked to US forays across the border into Syria, and pressure on the Assad regime. Iran is apparently implementing its obligations under its mutual defense treaty with Syria.

One of my sources informed me that this development was a topic on the agenda of the meeting President Bush held Wednesday with the vice president, the secretary of defense and his top generals.

What I'd love to know is why the Americans are keeping this under wraps rather than using the publicity to increase the pressure on Teheran.

My guess is that the President and Secretary of State Rice still hold out hopes that the talks between Iran and the EU will somehow defuse the current nuke crisis.

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