Friday, October 21, 2005

Bush throws some cold water on Abbas

Poor Abbas! He's fast turning into the Rodney Dangerfield of the Middle East, who `just can't get no repect.'

First, he has the deteriorating conditions on the ground and Hamas and al Aksa basically controlling all of the Palestinian territory aside from a small bloc around Ramallah, and apparently shooting and kidnapping Palestinian `policemen' at will.

Second, one of Abbas’s closest associates, civil affairs minister and Pal warlord Mohammed Dahlan (remember him? the great white hope of the Bush Administration to handle Pal security?), touted to be his ally in controlling Gaza takes off with the money he stole from the EU and UN and runs off to Montenegro, where he has settled with his family and gone back to his business activities and tells anybody who asks that he has washed his hands of Abbas for good.

Third, Sharon dials out of the summit that Abbas was touting as an opportunity to squeeze more concessions out of the Israelis.

And now, even Dubbya, the first President to really put muscle behind the idea of a Palestinian state essentially tells Abbas not to look for a Palestinian state `in my term' and that the Pals better start learning to help themselves before expecting more help from the USA, and that the Roadmap is on hold, to all intents and purposes until the Pals deliver on controlling Hamas and the other terrorists now controlling things. Bush refuses to set new Palestinian goal�-�Nation/Politics�-�The Washington Times, America's Newspaper


The Palestinian Liar-In-Chief's fictitious remarks on Bush didn't help either...Ynetnews - News - U.S. scolds Abbas for Shaath's remarks

Ol' Abbas came into Washington with a huge wish list of concessions he wanted Bush to squeeze out of the Israelis. Instead, he basically got bitchslapped. According to a number of sources, the 45 minute meeting was mainly a Bush rundown of what he expects from Abbas if any assistance on further progress towards Palestinian independence is to be expected from Washington.

Aside from the usual hearts and flowers diplomatic tripe, Bush told Abbas plainly and simply that if he wants to have Hamas as part of his government, well and good...but he and the Pals are on their own. A regime dominated by terrorists cannot expected to be treated as a democracy. You pays your money and you takes your choice.

He also rejected Abbas' request to abandon the steps in the Roadmap and proceed directly to final steps negotiations..avoiding little inconveniences like confronting Hamas.

Outside, when they both faced reporters, President Bush drove home his new message in an answer to a Palestinian reporter. Asked if a Palestinian state would come about during his term as president, he replied: `My purpose is to lay the foundations for a state. Whether it comes about or not is up to the Palestinians'.


My personal prediction? Abbas has about reached the end of his usefullness to Hamas, Islamic Jihad, al Aksa and the other terrorist factions. Look for him to run off into exile soon or take a bullet.

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