Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Is Obama An Anti-Semite?

President Barack Obama had something to say about that in a servile interview with the Leftist Jewish magazine Forward:

President Obama challenged critics who suggested that he was anti-Semitic as he continues to promote his nuclear deal with Iran, ignoring Israeli leaders who are expressing concerns about it.

“There’s not a smidgen of evidence for it, other than the fact that there have been times where I’ve disagreed with a particular Israeli government’s position on a particular issue,” Obama said in an interview with Forward.com when asked how he felt about the accusation.

Of course, one shouldn't expect the Forward to do much in the way of a real interview with this president. To show how hilarious the whole thing was, after allowing President Obama to repeat his usual talking points about how wonderful the Iran deal is, they finished up with this idiocy:

Q: Thank you. One last question. One of my daughters wants to know, what’s your favorite bagel flavor?

THE PRESIDENT: I was always a big poppy seed guy.

Q: Poppy seed.

THE PRESIDENT: So the poppy seed bagels at H&H Bagels — which somebody told me they closed —

BEN RHODES: They closed.

Q: It’s closed, yes.

THE PRESIDENT: Which is shocking.

MR. RHODES: My school was a block from H&H bagels.

THE PRESIDENT: I mean, I would walk down from —

MR. RHODES: Columbia.

THE PRESIDENT: — Columbia just to get H&H bagels on Saturdays or on the weekends.

Q: And what do you like on a poppy seed?

THE PRESIDENT: Just a schmear.

Q: Just a schmear.

THE PRESIDENT: Lox and capers okay, but generally just your basic schmear.

Yes, one of those tough, hard hitting interviews.Notice how he had to be prompted on Columbia University by his director of strategic communications Ben Rhodes, who apparently sat in on this?

But let's address the question seriously, shall we? The first thing that caught my eye was the president's language about there not being a smidgen of evidence that he was anti-semitic or anti-Israel. Now where did we hear that before?

Oh, now I remember! It was back when this president told us that there wasn't a smidgen of corruption in the IRS after allegations that the IRS targeted the president's political enemies or conservative groups. Oddly enough, one of them, Z-Street is a pro-Israel organization run by a friend of mine, Lori Lowenthal Marcus, a Pennsylvania lawyer.

They won a suit against the Obama IRS last year for exactly this kind of targeting. And Z Street was by no means the only one targeted. Admittedly, we have, shall we say, a less than effective Republican leadership and caucus, so this never got pursued to its logical end. But there was obviously more than a smidgen of corruption based on what we now know and how the White House chose to stonewall things.

So, when this president talks about a smidgen of anything, what should we assume that means?

Since we can't know what's in Barack Obama's heart and he's not exactly the most truthful of men, let's examine this in another way and see if we can get a clue.

Suppose, hypothetically, a public figure is accused of racism against blacks, which he of course denies.

So you look into his background. And you find that from his earliest days, his closest associates have been people like Tom Metzger, Willis Carto, David Duke, Sam Bowers,Bill Church, Larry Payne, Stormfront's Don Black and Chloê Hardi and Bo Gritz.

Let's say that his pastor whom he described as his 'spiritual mentor' was Thomas Robb and his church for two decades was Robb's Christian Revival Center.

Let's further assume that this man was our president, that his administration includes a number of people with questionable views on Africa and on American blacks, and that his administration has policies toward African nations that appear to be hostile.

In fact, let's imagine that Black and Hardi are regular visitors to the White House and help in determining political strategy. And that this president is clever enough to have a number of self-serving blacks in his employ or in a bogus 'civil rights' organization he created as a cover for any accusations of racism.

I think many people might describe this politician as a racist, or at the very least someone with racist tendencies. After all, if you hang with those folks, there's obviously an affinity, no?

Let's examine President Barack Obama with that same criteria. The comparison isn't totally workable, since racism against blacks is socially unacceptable in much of the world, not well organized and hardly funded while anti-semitism, sometimes disguised as 'anti-Zionism' is well organized, socially chic and thriving, but let's try and see what we can do.

Let's see...closely associated with Jew haters and Israel bashers his entire life, including Frank Marshall Davis, Edward Said, Rashid Khalidi, Khalid al-Mansour, Al Sharpton, Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers (who dedicated one of his books, Prairie Fire to Sirhan Sirhan) and George Soros, to name just a few.


Participated in and helped organize the Nation Of Islam's 'Million Man March' with Louis Farrakhan, one of the worst public exhibitions of Jew hatred in American history.


Spent two decades in a rabidly anti-Israel church with a harshly 'anti-Zionist' pastor.


Has noted anti-Semite Al Sharpton as an intimate who is frequently at the White House and whom helps in determining political strategy. And has a number of servile, secular Leftist Jews in his employ, including the folks at J Street, the anti-Israel organization he created with George Soros as a cover.


Gave out the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Jew haters like Bishop Tutu, and to anti-Israel UN functionary Mary Robinson, who officiated over the the infamous Durban Conference and did nothing to stop it.


On record as saying he wanted to create 'daylight; between America and Israel, and insists on creating 500,000 Jewish refugees and moving Israel back to indefensible borders. And best pals with Samantha Power, who wrote that the US should send its army to impose this and forcibly evict the Jews. Also, has said publicly that Israel has no rights to its religious sites in Jerusalem and must give them up to 'Palestine'. Refused to honor guarantees made by the Bush Administration as part of the Road Map to include Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria as part of Israel in any peace settlement as a quid pro quo for Israel's disengagement from Gaza. Openly lied and said they never existed.


Gave out more money to the Arabs whom call themselves Palestinians, including Hamas, than any other president in history. Armed and trained two combat brigades under the PLO and armed and trained Hezbollah, an officially designated terrorist group.


The only president since Israel became an ally in 1970 ever to hold up arms
shipments during a shooting war. And actually put in place an arms embargo on Israel for his first three months in office.


illegally Interfered directly in Israel's last election with money and operatives, and threw a tantrum when that failed.

And finally, put together a farcical deal with the genocidal Iran that will
allow them to have a clear path towards nuclear weapons. And has used
anti-semitic themes and buzz words against people who opposed it.


Hmmmm...it does seem like a pattern is emerging, doesn't it?

In the end of course, it doesn't really matter if President Obama claims to like an occasional bagel or has a nice smile and a warm greeting for certain Jews he finds useful.

It's the overall pattern of actions and associations that count, and I will let you decide what that signifies. Especially when it comes to his obvious hostility towards the only Jewish country on earth, whom he obviously treats differently than any other, and not in a good way. There's a word for that.

it was Jesse Jackson (yet another Obama associate with less than complimentary views of Jews) , who has known the Obamas for decades who famously said in 2008 " Now that Obama's elected, the Zionists are going to lose all their clout."

It does seem he knew what he was talking about.

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