Monday, September 21, 2015

Yes, The Iranians Are 'Self Inspecting' Their Sites - Not The IAEA

One of the main talking points proponents of the Iranian nuclear deal have repeated endlessly was the strict inspections and verification involved. Today, we have an excellent example of how that's going to work, courtesy of the AP.

The chief of the UN nuclear agency insisted Monday that a probe of a suspected nuclear weapons research site in Iran does meet strict agency standards, while acknowledging that Iranian experts provided samples from the site for analysis.

Such sampling is usually done by the International Atomic Energy Agency’s own experts. But IAEA chief Yukiya Amano told reporters that Iranians carried out that part of the probe at Parchin, where the agency suspects that explosive triggers for nuclear weapons might have been tested.

But wait a minute! According to Amano, the samples were gathered "under established procedures" with the Iranians monitored by video and still cameras as they gathered the samples.

Who does he think was running the cameras and taking the pictures? It certainly wasn't the IAEA. With this sort of 'procedure' in place, Iranians don't even have to go to the trouble of doctoring photos and editing videos...or even actually taking photos and video at Parchin itself. They could be from anywhere, even from a mocked up 'Parchin' site. How would anyone know except the Iranians?

It gets better. Amano was taken to Parchin on what the Iranians termed 'a ceremonial tour' for one day. Even he acknowledged that there's been a cleanup:

Amano spoke a day after he was taken on what Iranian media described as a ceremonial tour of the military site. He told reporters in Vienna that he was able to enter a building that the agency had been observing via satellite and saw signs of “recent renovation work.”

He appeared to be referring to the building where the agency suspects that weapons experiments were conducted. The agency has frequently said that subsequent renovation work at and near the building could hamper the IAEA probe, a position Amano repeated on Monday.

Parchin, by the way, is where the IAEA suspected that Iran was working on nuclear triggers.

This is the sort of inspection and verification we've heard so much about from President Obama and his minions that America is basing its national security on.

The Iran deal is guaranteed to do one give  Iran all the time, money and space they need to obtain nuclear weapons, beef up their military and foment terrorism in the region.

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