Monday, November 16, 2015

Forum: At This Point, Who Would You Like To See As President?

Every week on Monday morning , the Council and our invited guests weigh in at the Watcher's Forum, short takes on a major issue of the day, the culture, or daily living. This week's question: At This Point, Who Would You Like To See As President?

 GrEaT sAtAn"S gIrLfRiEnD : Aha, I see what you're asking there. Pretty much lay off endorsements til like before Georgia's Primary. Honestly, still keeping my powder dry. I like SEN Graham a lot and SEN Rubio bunches too.

Yet, Paris changes everything doesn't it? In the heat of l'moment perhaps - yet those attacks pretty much elected Donald Trump.

And au courrant - I'm cool with that.

Laura Rambeau Lee,Right Reason : At Florida’s Sunshine Summit in Orlando this week, Ted Cruz was the only presidential candidate to sign his name to Florida Parents Against Common Core’s Stop Common Core Pledge, which reads as follows: “I, Ted Cruz, pledge to the students, parents, teachers, and concerned citizens of the United States of America that I will stop federal involvement with Common Core and that I will oppose any efforts by the federal government to mandate, impose, or influence standards, assessments, or curriculum.” As someone who understands the very real threat of a federal mandate on our educational system and believes the education of our children should be a local and state responsibility, his signing of this pledge is another confirmation that Cruz understands the limited role the federal government has over the citizens of this country.

While I may not agree with him 100%, I do consider him extremely intelligent, highly principled, and as president he would govern within the limited powers entrusted to a U. S. President per the Constitution. I believe a Cruz administration would “take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed” and restore certainty in the rule of law for all Americans.

  Maggie's Notebook: My choice is Senator Ted Cruz, and I'll double my enthusiasm if he chooses Senator Mike Lee as his Vice Presidential running mate. Cruz was my choice long before the announcement and campaigns began. He is consistent, informed, understands and believes that the US Constitution and the Rule of Law is what makes our country exceptional. He has long stood for term limits, and has signed the August 2015 pledge to do so. He is inspirational, and a great orator, who unlike our Teleprompter President, will believe, and be convicted about, what he says on the campaign trail, all the way to the end of his term.

Perhaps Most Important: I believe a Cruz presidential cabinet will be filled with those of his own mindset. More than any other candidate running, I have confidence that Cruz will demand every department clean house, all the way to the basements, where official documents are illegally and routinely shredded.

I am just coming to the realization that Cruz might, just might, have a chance to allow us a glimpse of the establishment (including Karl Rove) pounding sand. I live for that day. I understand the goal is to beat the murderous, lying, despicable, under-FBI-investigation Democrat, and to do so, we "support the most conservative candidate who can win the general election." On my blog, my early policy has been not to discuss (much) the Republicans I believe are pure, sometimes thoroughbred, RINOs. We need to win, and I desperately want that win. I'd even vote for Lindsey Graham, if I had to, but we will all be spared that humiliation. As the field narrows, I hope to hit the issues, per each candidate, hard. When the time comes, I will vote for the Republican candidate. Period.

Endorsement: Above all others, Senator Mitch McConnell hates Ted Cruz, as does most of the establishment, but only McConnell is Senate Majority Leader. It's the best possible endorsement. Cruz kicks McConnell's self-absorbed butt by speaking the truth.

I put former Congressman/Colonel Allen B. West in the same category as Senator Cruz, but he isn't running. Maybe after Cruz and Lee clear the decks?

JoshuaPundit: There are  main three issues that I considered in thinking about this; the illegal migration issue, national security and our economy. In the Republican fold, that rules out everyone except Ted Cruz and Donald Trump.

Marco Rubio  supports a bill designed to massively increase H1B visas, a key factor in keeping unemployment high and wages static in the tech sector.  He was not only  co-sponsor of the Gang of Eight Bill, but he allowed himself to be totally manipulated by Democrat Chuck Schumer. One can only imagine how he'd allow himself to be bent and shaped as president on other issues.   I also find him lacking in integrity in continuing to accept a senate paycheck after already announcing he's 'done with the Senate.'  A more honest man would have resigned.

As for Ben Carson, I frankly think he lacks the demeanor and the skills to be president. And Mike Huckabee has little chance of being elected.

If I had to personally hire someone for the job, it would be Ted Cruz. Aside from being scary smart, he has, I think, the ability to inspire Americans, something we're going to need in the times ahead. He appears have a lot of what I call the right instincts, and to be both ethical and principled, something refreshing after the last 7 years, He also has a fair amount of fiscal common sense, something I find lacking in most of the candidates from both parties.

I think his one major weakness is needing to learn how to avoid alienating people by going public and to make deals with the people whom disagree with him. Reagan was a master at that.

I also must admit that Donald Trump is growing on me. Part of that is because he comes from what  has been called 'the country class' as opposed to America's self-appointed elites and political class, and he reacts to things much the way average Americans do on a gut level. That's precisely why the media can't lay a glove on him, because they can't understand him. Sarah Palin acquired the same gift once she realized that the ethics she learned in journalism school and practiced in her career in media didn't apply to anyone with an 'R' after their name. Like Sarah Palin, Donald Trump means ratings, so the media has to dance to their tune and both of them know how to exploit that.

He also knows how to hire talent and how to negotiate with difficult people, both  major pluses for a chief executive. And, as his supporters say, he can't be bought. And he's also likely to have been ethical in the past,

His minuses are that if he does get the nomination, the GOP establishment is liable to do their best to sabotage him. And that he's  used to dealing with business rather than government. Many of his proposals, while common sense, would be fought tooth and nail and tied up for years in the courts by well funded and organized groups of 'advocates' and their lawyers. He will need someone whom knows the law and how to implement his policies using existing statutes and policies to get them through and frame them to eliminate most legal challenges.

As I've written before, what strikes me about both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz is how their abilities and weaknesses complement each other. Both have strengths, knowledge and skills the other needs to learn. I think a Trump-Cruz ticket, especially since Donald Trump will likely only serve one term could be a very successful partnership.

Well, there you have it.

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