Friday, November 20, 2015

'Reform The Press?' Someone's Really Missing The Point

Here we have dear old Peggy Noonan and veteran journo Carl Cannon weighing in on 'how can the press get its reputation back?' Or as Real Clear Politics titled it, 'how can the press reform itself?'

I absolutely laughed out loud when I watched this.

They're assuming the press wants to reform itself. It doesn't. In fact, most of the guilty parties don't think they've done anything wrong at all. Does anyone think the moderators at that ridiculous CNBC debate remotely think they handled things poorly?

We're not, for the most part dealing with actual journalists here anyway. What we have here are largely political activists for the Left masquerading as news reporters, and in some cases it's so blatant and what amounts to campaign contributions in kind to the Democrats are so obvious that any notion of 'reform' is ludicrous. George Stephanopoulos, anyone?

And let's be perfectly clear about something. We're talking about the alphabet networks, CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, most of the Washington Post, the Associated Press and many of the other slowly dying newspapers in Democrat controlled urban enclaves. And that's without mentioning George Soros's huge, well financed media empire. The only really large outlets on the right, FOX and the Wall Street Journal manage to keep things relatively balanced in their news coverage. And even though their commentary leans right, there are still voices on the left writing columns, issuing on the air commentary and drawing a paycheck. Even smaller ones like NRO, the Free Beacon, The Weekly Standard, The Washington Times, and the Washington Examiner are the epitome of journalistic ethics in comparison to the New York Times.

The only reason the press's reputation is so bad right now, as Rush Limbaugh astutely pointed out, is because of their efforts to cover for President Obama's numerous failures and Mrs. Clinton's serial dishonesty have gotten so blatant that a great people outside the Beltway Bubble looking at what's going on in the real world are finally starting to wake up and smell the foul stench of what's being doled out to them. The act has just gotten dated and stale as more and more people are seeing how the magicians are doing their tricks. Or perhaps turning their tricks is more accurate.

That doesn't matter to these 'journalists' one bit, because they see themselves on a Holy Jihad against anyone whom disagrees with them in the least, and the facts be damned. So they will keep using their media megaphones to scream, 'Yes, the Emperor does too have new clothes!'

Such people are not interested in reform.

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Craig said...

They media in this country has always been biased one way or another. That is their right. One problem today is they are all biased one way. If people are tired of the biased media, then cancel their cable subscriptions and hit them the only place they care about. In the wallet.